Sunday, April 28, 2013

No room on the couch!

I can't believe I've left it so long between posts. Well yes, actually I can. The last couple of weeks have just flown by. When I was young, before I turned 18, someone told me it's all downhill from 21 and that it goes faster every year. I didn't believe them. I surely do now!

I've been back to the doctor to discuss the results of my sleep test. Apparently I suffer from a moderate sleep disturbance. I've researched this on the web and that information indicates that "moderate" means up to 30 disturbances an hour. That's not good, but not too bad I guess. The sleep clinic phone me back to arrange a CPAP consultation and fitting. I decided not to go with the machine; doctor and I are examining other options. Like weight loss *eep, never done this before so no real idea how to start* and a CT scan of my nasal area. Perhaps I have an underlying problem there that is contributing?

News from Ma hasn't been great with D'niece beginning to act out. Elder phones me to tell me she's worried that Ma is not coping well. She has had to move into Rabbit's house to monitor the situation and prevent escalation. This is not good. Elder is worried that the stress levels are too great and if things don't improve her health will deteriorate quickly. Can I come and lend a hand? She offers to pay for the plane tickets.

I ask for two weeks off work. They aren't pleased because we are in the middle of preparing for a conference in May but they let me go. I make arrangements to do a little work while I am away. This isn't too difficult although there are some things for a big project I hope I can get up and running while I am out of the office. They won't let me use the work wireless USB just in case there is a power outage. Luckily MOTH reminds me that he has one I can use. He hasn't had it very long so I had forgotten about it.

I realise that working out of the office is fine but not when you are waiting for information from a third party who only works part time. It's been two weeks now and I still don't have the information I need. Time is a-wasting people! I need to get this information before I can give it to the graphic artist and then send it to the people doing the set up for me. Ridiculous!

I'm a little nervous before I fly out. I always am when I leave my comfort zone. About five minutes after leaving home a text message appears to tell me my flight is cancelled. Tch, first time that's happened. I make arrangements for another. It leaves an hour later. Elder is there to greet me on arrival at my destination. We grab some lunch and head to Rabbit's. Ma is surprised. She wasn't expecting to see me till Friday. I'm surprised. The house is really quite nice for Government housing. It's lowset brick. There's no carpet in the house, just painted concrete. Her oven doesn't work. It hasn't since Rabbit and the kids moved in back in January. Complaints to Housing have produced no results.

I've discussed the issue with Elder who wants to help. She's approached some electrical outlets to price a new one. It can't be done I tell her, Housing will prosecute if anything in the house is touched without their permission. Bummer. I tell her to approach one of the Council members to see if they can offer assistance. They can't but provide her with a phone number.

It's a full on visit. I am staying with Pa. We've made arrangements to take Ma for a girly day with the Teen as well. We drive to her place. It should have taken about an hour and a bit, but it's taken nearly two. Danged road works. We have lunch at Sizzlers. It's a really great day. Ma had some things to pick up from the store. She said she told me but I have no recollection. Elder and the Teen want to visit the zoo.

We take a little time to visit a couple of shops while Ma looks for some kitchen canisters for Rabbit. Then off to the zoo. I haven't been here for years.

It's not large but there are animals to look at. The day is hot and I'm not liking it. Ma and I sit in the shade while Teen and Elder explore a little further. The day ends and it's time to drop Teen off and head back home before D'niece and D'nephew get home from school.

I spend time there most every day to offer support. Elder provides Ma with a phone number to contact about the stove. Ma calls the number and tells them about the stove. It's not Housing so we aren't sure if they can help. Later that morning, an electrician appears to look at the stove. She writes it off and calls to see if it can be replaced. She has to wait for them to call her back. Eventually they do and within a couple of hours a new stove has been installed. As MOTH says, it all comes down to who you know.

Friday I spend the night at Mouse's place. She cooks chicken mornay without the cheese. I am impressed. It still tastes good and the sauce is thick. One of her friends is there and we share a bottle of wine with dinner and laugh a lot. I can't even remember what we watched on tv that night.

I spend the night with Rabbit and the family so Ma can head home for the night. They are relatively quiet this night. Ma sleeps on a couch while she's here and I find it's too short. I don't know how she does it, it's so not comfortable!

I'm spending some time with Elder the next day. I haven't had much of a chance to see her. But that's ok, it's not what I'm there for. I get a call from Ma to ask if I will baby sit that night. I'm a little reluctant and I have to check to see if one of the "ring in" children still wants to catch up. He doesn't get back to me in time so I tell Ma that yes, go out to dinner.

They aren't out long and the chance to catch up with relatives is very appreciated. I've found it exhausting today. D'nephew was in a non cooperative mood and wasn't pleased to miss out on his ice cream dessert.

All too soon it's time to come home. Back to a house full of kitties and an excited MOTH. I'm happy to see him but when I get home the house hasn't been tidied. He's not been well lately so I guess I can't expect too much. But I so missed coming home to a clean house. I never realised how much of a difference it makes to my mental state.

I have used the last couple of days to wind down. At least, I think I have tried to. I don't think I'm fully wound down yet. I've napped a bit and even the kitties have been wanting to lie all over me. There's no room on the couch lately as all three have been spreading themselves all over it.

Work is looming again and I don't really want to go. I wish I could spend more time with Ma. At times like these I wish I lived closer. I dunno, I keep hoping this is my year for change....

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy Talky Talk...

No, I have no idea why this song is stuck in my head. Considering it's a work day and the last thing I normally do on a work is day chirp happy songs to myself.

It's been a strange week, pleasantly interrupted by Easter. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I think I needed the break.

Once again, my incompetence at work was subtly hinted at so that was an exiting way to begin the day. I couldn't tell which receipts were cabcharge and which were not. Not everyone gives me the blue stubs, plenty of people leave mystery items on my desk. I have since worked out how to tell the difference but that still doesn't tell me who the receipts belong to.

A letter arrived for me. Advice of my sleep test results. I still have to see the doctor to discuss them further; apparently I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The letter doesn't indicate the severity. MOTH and I are somewhat confused and I guess I will have to wait for the discussion with the doctor. According to the things MOTH has noticed I would have thought that Central would have been the go. I don't awake unrefreshed, that sets in a couple of hours after I rise. I don't snore or on the odd occasion I do, it's very very light. Instead I breathe very slowly and very shallowly. I occasionally awake with a sore throat or dry mouth but not often. I don't wake up with a headache. The irony is that ever since I received the letter, I've not slept well.

Easter Friday is good to be home. The Teen and Elder are not visiting so all will be quiet over the long weekend. There are a couple of gold Lindt bunnies waiting for me in the freezer. Do they mock me each time I open the door? I'm beginning to think so.

The stores are open for trading on Easter Saturday. I go with MOTH to join the Club. MOTH takes his coffee with him this time. It's good to see the regulars since it's been some time for me. Even Wombat is in a good mood. Special K asks how my Easter has been. I tell her pretty damned good. Wombat pipes over the top that it's been boring. Hold on, I say while grinning madly, she asked how MY Easter was going. He chuckled and kept quiet, Special K giggles hysterically. She giggles again when sometime during the conversation I roll my eyes skyward. She's busy giving everyone a hard time today and I spend a lot of time laughing.

MOTH decides to do the lawn this afternoon to make it look presentable for tomorrow. I don't mind because I like the way it looks when it's done, but there really are other parts of the yard that need priority. We've discussed this before. Sure, it's the entertainment area but then again, there are fallen bricks from the retaining wall, bits of cut down trees gracing the front yard and the yard at the back looks like a jungle. The shrubs are overgrown, the grass is beyond knee high and the weeds have taken over. I think he leaves it go because it's not used *because he refuses to use the clothesline out there and i don't do washing often* and it's not easy to mow. Too many ants he says. But if it was kept tidy the ants probably wouldn't be so keep to make homes there.

Easter Sunday I spend time cleaning house. And munching on one of those gold bunnies. Yeah! John and Special K are coming over for coffee so I need the table cleared, the cat tray clean and the floor vacuumed. Gotta pretend I do housework occasionally. I also bake some scones. They don't stay long but I laugh along with Special K, especially when she butters her scone over her coffee cup. Guess where part of it went. She digs it out, we laugh some more, and then she continues to butter the scone. Over the cup. I use the term 'butter' rather loosely, it was actually jam and cream.

They head home and the house is quiet again. The rest of the afternoon is relaxing. In a tidy house.

Dr Who returns tonight but it's up against Grimm. I'll watch that one as I can catch Dr Who later. I hope. Yes! It's on iView and I soak up the zany adventure. I really like Matt Smith as the Dr and whoever has been writing for this incarnation has made him quirky and quick witted. It's my favourite so far.

One of the ex GTs sends me a message to find out if we'll be up for a visit. Him to ours, or us to his. Eventually we decide him to ours. Most of the day passes before he arrives. He arrives bearing gifts - an iced bun. We sit and talk and he stays for dinner. We chat about his health, we chat about my health, compare notes, discuss possible causes and cure the world. We talk cars, we talk relationships and it's so good to catch up. Several times he says he has to go but still we chat. Eventually I chase him home to his puppies.

It's the season return of Game of Thrones. I'm looking forward to seeing it. We don't do daylight savings so is it on at 8:30 or 7:30pm? I check and discover it's 7:30. Luckily I haven't missed much!