Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy days ...

and Monday's always get me dowwwn. Well, I don't have much of a chance today then.

We have another new addition to the GTs starting this week. A new one only started a couple of weeks ago. Two new faces in such a short time, but I don't think we'll ever get back to where we were at our most productive.

The Teen is desperately unhappy with her situation at the moment. Her job has her rostered for weekend after weekend, with little in between. They are very short staffed so today she works a double shift. With a five hour gap between shifts. With no car and no lift available, she can't go anywhere between times. She doesn't get to see Harry much anymore because he works during the week. Even with all the extra shifts, her pay rate is just enough for her to pay her bills and nothing else. She wants an office job and is busily applying everywhere, but as an adult with no office experience her chances of getting anywhere are very, very slim. MOTH tends to think that perhaps Admin wouldn't be the thing for her. She's just too active. If she didn't suffer from Anxiety, I think she'd make a great promo girl!

Anyway, I think she desperately wants to come home for a while but Harry simply will not budge.

I've seen The Hunger Games again. I think I enjoyed it just as much this time round as I did my first viewing. It makes me want to buy the books. I um and ah, and eventually I do. All three volumes. Electronically of course.

When visiting here last, Elder noticed her concert tickets were missing. They weren't pinned to the notice board. Uh oh. We've no idea where they may have gone. I get a call from her this week. Have you looked? Have you found them? Where did you look? I'm sure they were pinned on the notice board. MOTH and I are equally sure that she went to pin them there, was told Sheldon would take them down if she did and they were put in a "safe place". No one has a clue where that place could be. That's how safe it is. Eventually we decide they just aren't going to make an appearance and she decides to see if she can get them replaced. Luckily she can, but it will cost an extra $20 a ticket. Very, very expensive concert tickets these are!

I get the pan off layby and I can't wait to use it. The instructions that come with it are impossible to read. At least for me they are. Why do people make the writing so darned small? Even with my glasses I can't read it. I end up taking a photo of the page and enlarging that. I've seasoned the pan and it's good to go. Hopefully if I treat this one right it will last for ages.

It even has mittens! I can use it stove top, cook top, oven. I'm not sure about gas cooktops though!

The end of the week is here and I'm exhausted. My favourite part of the week is the 'couch collapse' on Friday afternoons. Just knowing there are two days off ahead of me is magic.

Elder and Burrich are due to arrive tonight ready for the concert tomorrow. She managed to get the tickets replaced and has to collect them from admission when they arrive at the venue. Even though it's only been two weeks since I last saw them, it is good to catch up with them again. It was getting a bit quiet.

The weather this week has been rainy and muggy. A most marvellous combination ... NOT! Saturday dawns beautifully, a bright blue sky. It's sticky again by day's end. Elder and Burrich have left for the day. They won't be back till well after dark. I go with MOTH up to the juice bar for a coffee before we join up with the Baby Sitter's Club. While having coffee, Elder and Burrich walk past. Burrich has purchased himself a new tee. I like it. I want one. Elder is busy telling me that they were nearly rear ended in the car park. Someone waited for the car in front of them when reversing out of the parking space, but didn't wait for them! I buy the tee. They're in men's sizing, but the M fits well and the material is soft. I like it already. And at $12, who am I to complain. The wording on the shirt was written for me. I'm sure it was. "I'm only wearing black until they invent a darker colour".

Sheldon, the walking flea magnet, is at it again. I decide to try something different and use an oral treatment this time. The vet suggests something called Capstar, a course of tablets for six days. They are $29 for the course. Fair enough, I'll treat them all this way. But when I arrive to pick them up, the assistant puts them against Jerome's name and sticks a label on the box. Six tables for six days, followed by one tablet a week for six weeks. What? That wasn't part of the deal! So, maybe I'll just dose one cat then! At least the others don't eat their flea treatment off their backs. If only pets weren't so expensive!

We leave the vet and reverse from the parking space. As MOTH changes gear to Drive, there's a terrible crunching noise. It seems we have been rear ended! MOTH tells me to get the plate number but he calls it to me before I can even see the car ... driving out of the car park. They didn't stop, or even get out of the car to check damage. Luckily we've managed to get off pretty easily, just some grey paint on the boot lid and some scrapes on the bumper.

I know the xBox will be going soon. I have a last little bit of time with Fable 3 before it's good bye. I finally eject the disc from the console and pack up the games ready for tomorrow.

Elder and Burrich are due to leave today. They start packing the car and sorting through belongings. They can't take everything of course. It starts to rain and I dive out of the couch. The tailgate and both back doors of the car are open and not a kid in sight. That's it, that's my exercise for the day. I unhook the xBox. Good bye old friend. However, Elder has agreed to replace it with her PS2 which she won't be taking with her. How odd it is to use a console with wired controllers! So old fashioned. She's left me her games as well, so there will be plenty of look at. She leaves her copy of Guitar Hero Wii on the drum kit. What good is that? And they aren't taking it with them, they don't have a working Wii. ... ... ... and it slowly dawns on me that I've been looking at the kit as a piece of junk stuck in the corner when I could have been playing it... Not slow, me. She digs the guitar from behind the couch and now I have a drum kit and a guitar to play with. And no one to collapse in hysterical laughter when I stuff up. Which I will. Excellent!

They leave in the afternoon and all is quiet again. I look at the spare bedroom. It's still a mess. Dang. Not quite as messy as it was, but still messy. The jumble of boxes in the garage have been put back in some semblance of order. She's made some comment before she left so I check her room. And nearly collapse in the doorway. It's practically spotless and the bed is made. Wow!

I flick the last page and ... I'm done. That's the Hunger Games trilogy finished. Why oh why do I have to read so fast?? Now what will I do?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes...

Well, a project I've been assigned at work is turning out to be quite a deal bigger than first thought. It's keeping me busy... to be honest, I just want it over an done with.

Dr visit this week to check results of some recent tests. Iron levels are low *surprise surprise* but this doesn't require injections. I need to lose weight *again, no surprise* and I gain a referral for a sleep study. Darn, I'm not sure about that one.

The Teen takes me to task about my spelling of Moscato and Crouchen Reisling. Working in a bottle shop, she would know! I don't hear from her much, she keeps quiet. No headlines to let me know she's been up to mischief. She's getting good hours at work, but too many weekends. I read somewhere that she, Elder, Burrich and a friend managed to catch up for lunch. Lunch at Sizzler and all I hear about is fish pooing in the tank...

The Elder is excited that she has finally managed to get some work using her security license. She will be joining the crew monitoring a function for employees of one of the big industry employers. She's happy. The night goes well. The drunks love me! she tells me. The crew tell her it's the smoothest exit for a long time. She has been on a short list for more security work, but the industrial partner needs to coordinate an induction. This is taking forever, and she's been promised and ignored by this bunch before. I christen them "Useless Trev". Burrich has picked up some casual work with his old employer.

Saint Valentine's Day. MOTH and I don't usually celebrate but we notch up 30 years together this year. Maybe I've mentioned planning to go out to dinner previously? Well, ok, we will. And did.

I think riding the bus into the city will work best. What is the point of driving halfway to destination to pick me up, driving home and driving back in again? No point, that's the point. So, I'm bussing into the city.

And why is it I only ever see interesting stuff when I'm on the bus?

We come around the corner. A very tight corner. And there are birds. Everywhere. Galahs. Pigeons. Lorikeets. All chasing seed in the gutter. They scatter as the bus comes around the corner, but only just.

The streets are winding and the corners tight. We have to turn right across the traffic and up the hill. Drivers can be impolite here, and leave just enough gap for the bus to come through the line. But it doesn't leave enough room for the bus to turn up the hill. A car sits there and the driver watches the bus come closer and closer to his bonnet. Finally he seems to realise that something has to give and begins to turn the wheel to get out of the way. The bus creeps through. It might have worked a bit better if the car driver had reversed up the hill a little. Especially when the bus first appeared at the intersection!

The main road into the city is busy, though not nearly as busy as it could have been this time of day. Oh look. The coppers have some driver pulled up in a bus stop. Lights are flashing. Huh, silly. They'll get you if you misbehave in peak hour!

I've arrived in the city in plenty of time. No rush but I decide to check out where the restaurant is. Oh, there it is. Nice and close to where I told MOTH to park. I'm about to text to let them know where I will be waiting and ... Elder pounces on me from behind. They're already here. And parked way further down in the car park. *shakes head*

We've an hour to kill so spend it sitting al fresco at an ice creamery, drinking lemonade and watching people walk by. Eventually it's time to leave. The restaurant is empty - it's only 6.20pm or so after all. We're seated and already MOTH is giving the kids and the waitress a bit of cheek. It's going to be an interesting night.

The setting is modern and quite upmarket. I can't really say we are though! Those of us partaking of the "Romancing the Stone" menu are sectioned from the main dining room. The price is excellent for a 3 or maybe 4 course dinner. Amuse Bouche, Entree, Main, Dessert, and a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival. All $75 a person. The reservation was for 6.30pm and at 8.30pm we've dined and left the restaurant.

It's raining. We dash across the street and pause to catch up under the shelter. I didn't see the balloon man, but he saw us! Elder ended up with a balloon flower, Burrich a bow tie, I had a crown. MOTH was the only one who escaped.

Parking costs $24 - delayed by the balloon man!

Early Friday morning, Elder and Burrich head back up north. A rush visit home to go out to dinner and collect some gear. Weird, isn't it. They can't find a place to live so come back here. They can't find jobs. They go back for a visit and land part time work and camp out in the downstairs bedroom of Burrich's parents. They assure me *or is that warn* they will be back in a week or so to attend a concert.

I head up the road with MOTH this morning. I need to buy some new apparel for the sleep study. For which I have yet to make an appointment. The local Robin's Kitchen has specials. So many good things! I would like a pie dish. A deep one as I have in mind to make a chicken pie. If I buy a Maxwell Williams, I can get a second piece for half price. I buy the dish, and after some consideration *cough. MOTH came looking for me after half an hour* I decided on Turkish glass cups and saucers.

But there is other stuff on sale too. Baccarat pans. They're already drastically marked down with another 25% off the marked price. I'm so tempted, so so tempted.

Sunday morning and I'm off with the oldies again. Don't know why. Oh yes. I want to check out the sale... I layby one of the pans. Back home and I offer to buy lunch for MOTH and I. While he's out, I vacuum the rumpus room floor. I contemplate rearranging the contents of the pan cupboard but it's going to be a big job and I change my mind. I nap in the couch. I move to the bed for some more nap, but Penny interrupts me. I play a game on the Wii for a while. I think I should get in some xBox time before it disappears next time the kids come back, but then again, maybe I should be getting used to the Wii.

I think of playing again this evening, but Sherlock is on and he wins out. Bennedict Cumberpatch is the best Sherlock I've found so far. Robert Downey Jr is a close second. Heh.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mmmm. Wine. Where are you?

Whoops. It seems I missed paying a bill. That's been happening a bit lately! Just plain forgetting. The brain is meeeeelting!

This has been a week of dragging myself off to work. And when I'm not doing that, I'm dragging myself off to my doctor. Or maybe it just seems that way? I'm busily trying to convince my GP that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She is busy trying to convince me I have sleep apnoea. It's all swings and roundabouts really. But just stop and let me off, I want to leave the playground!

An ultrasound on Monday, a phone call from the surgery to make an appointment to discuss the results from the iron study she ordered. Par for the course I should think as this surgery is good at follow up.

I really need to try to get my head into gear so I can work up the enthusiasm to try for another position. I think it's time for a change but I'm too tired to string a coherent sentence together. I'd much rather be sleeping.

Off the wall dinner tonight. I am having garlic prawns and since MOTH won't eat prawns *doesn't even like the smell of them cooking* I will have to find an alternative for him. Done. Kransky it is. MOTH decides to cook them himself though. I let him go wild in the kitchen first so he can eat and run away.

Bestie notices that my get up and go has gotten up and left. Have dinner at her place! I think about it. Boxing Day was our last visit. Well, alright, I think I will. She's promised yummy drinks after all. We rock up around 3pm and I warn her of my little garlic self. She laughs it off and greets me with a big hug anyway.

I've no sooner walked in the door and put my phone and glasses on the bench when The Lad is proudly presenting me with his Lego dragon and Ninjago. The ones we were having trouble building on Boxing Day. It's now complete. We promptly plonk ourselves on the floor and he drags the rest of his lego tin out as well. Bestie joins us after a time and I chat and play and chat some more. Before we know it, it's dinner time and we send the men out to the bbq. The Lad is a little reluctant to come to table until I mention it looks like he's sitting next to me.

Dinner is some tandoori chicken, some sausages, and tomato with spring onion. Nothing special and yet, it goes down easy. Especially accompanied by a glass or two of muscato. And then crouchen and riesling for dessert. The kids wander indoors, MOTH and Bestie's man wander off to watch the football, Bestie and I are left to talk.

It's a great way to spend the evening and too soon it's half time in the match and time to head home. I look at the clock and realise it's 8pm. It's been a great afternoon and this bear is sleepy. I think I needed the down time.

I've even managed to muster enough get up to put on a small load of washing and vacuum the kitchen floor.

Oh my! I've missed last night's episode of Murdoch Mysteries! Thank heavens for Foxtel and their need to repeat stuff. I can catch it today. I carefully check the guide so I know when it's on. 2pm. Right. Set. I make MOTH's lunch around 12.30pm. I flip the channel to make sure I'm ready and .... WHAT? It's already started? And not only that, it's nearly finished??? And I allowed for daylight saving too! What happened there??? Wweeeeehhhhh!

I've reconciled myself to the fact I've missed it. I finish making my lunch and browse the guide again. Oh wait! 13th Street +2. Maybe I'm in luck. Yes! Yes I am! *happy dance* I bring my lunch to the couch and settle in to watch.

And that's more or less me gone for the rest of the day. It's too difficult to dig myself out of the couch. Sounds like an excavation, doesn't it. Close enough. It's an old couch and the 'suspension' isn't quite as it may have been. I don't fall asleep but it's a close run thing. MOTH is cooking dinner tonight so I really don't have to move for a while. Some sort of roast pork, but it's precooked. I've never seen it before.

The pork is nice but I miss the crackling. The rind is there but it doesn't crackle. He also informs me that I will have to eat as much as I can. *it's a big piece, that could be a big ask!* Why? Because once it's cooked, it cannot be refrigerated or frozen. What kind of crazy darned idea is that!?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Save all your kisses for me...

Yesterday seemed to be a day of kisses.

An early morning fast and when I was allowed to eat again, off to the bakery to get me a pie. A very healthy pie ... NOT! But it was filling. Trying to eat a hot pie quickly so I can get to work takes ... work. I manage to spill heaps of pastry flakes everywhere. MOTH talks to the Club while I eat. A guest is there today. It's the first time I've seen him for a while. He's very sick and only appears occasionally when he's in the area. A lovely old gentleman, friends with Stan. Softly spoken, gallant and has yet to say a bad word about anyone. Or anything.

I stand to leave and he blows me a kiss. I blow one back.

In to work and in the course of a very speedy conversation, one of the GT's has returned to the office from holiday. He air kisses while he's chattering and we head off to the morning tea table. A morning tea to welcome a new addition to the GTs. Or perhaps it is to commiserate his decent into purgatory...

But on the whole, as I look back and try to remember the little things I did, it begins to occur to me that I am really ... don't remember the week. Like I woke up Monday morning and then again Sunday night, ready to go to bed so I could be refreshed for another day at work. I do recall being awake for a doctor appointment on Thursday to check results of my annual blood tests. Surprising to me was the fact that I have problems with my iron levels yet she didn't schedule an iron study. Oh dear.

All is not necessarily quiet at home, and yet at the same time it is. Elder and Burrich are still away up north, waiting for the highways to open and payday to arrive so they can return. Sheldon seems to be missing them, roaming the house and calling. He's become ... snuggly and picks on Jerome mercilessly. I heard Penny hiss at him the other day.

Having expected them back earlier, my freezer is stocked with meat divided into packs to suit four. Trying to decide what to do with the larger packs is proving to be a challenge. I don't like left overs much, a situation that may just have to change soon.

I've slowed down the playing of Fable 3. Three Heroes have completed the main task, there is only questing left now. Even now that I have no story to drive the game and nothing I do changes the outcome, I continue to want to play. Just not quite as much. It's like delaying the completion of a good book you never want to end.

Elder suggests I take up Gunstringer, a game for kinect. It means ... *gasp* ... I'd have to get off the couch and actually move. Not sure I'm up to that yet!