Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh yes, I knew I forgot something....

I boiled the jug to wash my mug and make a coffee. And I have not.

A very quiet week while I've been off. Haven't really gone anywhere. I've been sleeping a lot. Up at 6am, dozing by 10 am and then an hour minimum again in the afternoon. And back to bed again by 10pm but usually earlier.


An adjustment to my medication left me feeling alright the first three days or so but lightheaded on day four. It's gradually worn off over the rest of the week. But I am still tired enough to drop off at a moment's notice. Narcolepsy, here I come.


Froggy has been busy at work so we haven't had a chance to chat much. Which works out well I'm supposing since I would have been asleep for most of it.

She will be coming for a very quick visit next weekend so in the course of conversation I asked if she was bringing pillows. Nope. Dang. Going to have to do something about that.


Off to Target to investigate their specials. Buy a single pillow and get the second for $5. Excellent timing, thank you Target. I dash out and buy two pillows. Now the bed looks complete.


I remake Elder's bed while she is away. Chances are high that she will not be returning except for a weekend dash to pick up some belongings and possibly Fred. She has been living at home since March and only managed to grab 2 or maybe 3 job interviews. She goes away for the weekend and manages 4 job interviews and 4 job offers. Now she needs to decide which one/s she wants. None of them are full time I believe.

The bed is a mammoth task. I can't move the bed and it's close to the wall. It feels like it takes almost an hour to get it done, and after that, I'm done for the rest of the day.


I settle in to watch something on the Crime Investigation channel. Foxtel or cable if you will. But when it comes on, the tv is set to ABC. I don't know why. A program is on that catches my attention. It is The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, based on books by Alexander McCall Smith. I've read some of them and really like them. An hour and a half later it finishes and I'm still watching it.

Sunday night's crime didn't get a look in this week.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Has it really been a week?

Has it really been a week since Elder finished the course? Wow. That's hard to believe.

Back to riding with Zman this week. He's finished his holidays and is back to work.


A new team mate is making things difficult. One of the GTs has become the back up person for one of my tasks. Which would be fine but he spends way too much time checking up on what I'm doing instead of leaving me to get on with it. Admin 2 and I have come to the conclusion he thinks he's being helpful but ye gods, I just wish he would leave me to get on with it.


Zman handed in his notice today. Sigh. Guess that means going back to the bus each day. Or maybe the train. Which in a good way might give me a little fodder to write with here. A lot more expensive as I don't get off easy with just a little for emergency bus rides and $20 a week for Zman.

I think he finishes up in a week or two. He tells me the GM hasn't spoken to him much since he resigned. Which doesn't surprise me really.


We see a lot of army vehicles cruise past on their way out to the range. This morning there are some troop carriers. Zman and I think they are. Not long after there follows some different types of vehicles. Mobile antenna farms complete with helmeted personnel with heads out through the hatches. I haven't seen many of those pass by before!


Appointment with the doctor to follow up blood test results. Iron is still very low although not yet at the point of deficient. At this point she's happy to keep up with supplements instead of another round of injections. *breaths sigh of relief* I am still so very very tired though. It could be a number of things. One possible scenario is that I am too stressed at work and it is bringing me down. *sorry froggy! i know you are too* I have next week off work, and a change in my blood pressure medication.


An email to my supervisor lets her know what's going on, along with a request to review my workload when I get back. I did take on the new task *which i have been told several times that everyone appreciates immensely* but only because my other work *organising travel* would decrease. Which has definitely not been the case!


MOTH picked up his laptop late this week. Finally. I have my mac back. *grin and happy dance* My regular WoW toon's guild has missed me it seems. I have a 19" flat screen monitor on loan from work and we buy him a keyboard to go with it. He's very happy with his new set up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Better late than never

Or not. Cause your world relies on what I write. Ahem. It does you know.

Another week of catching the train. Being ready by 06:45 each morning is a bit of a drag but I like the whole getting in to work early.


I see a workmate *same floor, different department* on the train. She drives from several suburbs away to catch the train from my stop. The station is better. She wants to chat a bit. I don't. But I'm polite like that. Luckily once we are under way properly she goes back to her book.


Elder and I ride the same carriage. And chatter a lot. She's only sharing till the next station and it's sort of boring after that. I often travel past where I should detrain because I like travelling on the train. It also means I don't get to work as quite as early. I love being in the city in the early morning rush. I would like it much better if I could sit at one of the restaurants and have breakfast while everyone else rushes past.


Zman is back to work next week so I'm enjoying going back to public transport this week. So much more expensive but I really do enjoy it. Am I totally strange?


It's an office clean up day on Thursday. Everyone is supposed to put aside their work and just clean up. I know this is going to take more than one day. How can it not? The office is a total junkyard and part way through the day I wonder if it is any better than it was.

I spend most of my time going up and down the stairs as I carry stuff out to the recycling bin. There is a big skip for cardboard waste at the front of the building. It all has to be flattened before going in and this seems to have fallen to me. I can only carry a small amount at a time so I alternate between stairs and lift, depending on the size of the flattened boxes.


Totally down with a headache today. Must have been too much dust and things yesterday. Sore hands and a swollen ankle to match. I knew cleaning was no good for me!


Elder's last course day this week. She's stoked. She has to drop in some paperwork to be sent off in the morning then head off to the last of her class. She's done and dusted and full of future plans.


While waiting to collect her I play with the camera on the phone and take a pic of a building across the road. I crop it and I think it looks pretty good considering it's only on a phone.


Leaning on the railing and a car stops at the lights on the corner. The bass is so loud I can feel it vibrating the railing I'm leaning on.


I think I'll do Indian for dinner tonight. Korma *sorry from a jar* chicken with some rice and bread. Something that looks like a tortilla, but has a completely different name. Followed by gajar halva for dessert. I make the halva early afternoon and put it in oversized coffee mugs for serving. There isn't much left over! It is made with grated carrots, milk, evaporated milk and cardamon pods. It has a caramel like taste and is great served with vanilla icecream.


A little cooler today. I need to wash my hair but I'm too cold to get in the shower. Washing needs to be done too. Nah. It can wait. I shower after lunch when the weather is a bit warmer. The washing doesn't get done at all. Brilliant day.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I miss my hols!

Nothing of note this week.

Well, not much.

Zman is on holiday so I have been catching the train to and from work. This works well because Elder is doing a 2 week course so we leave home early enough to get an undercover park at the station. An accomplishment I must say. By the time a person arrives an hour later, you are lucky to find a spare space in any of the carparks.


I'm the first in the office this week and I like the quiet. It's usually about 20 minutes before the next person comes in.


Two follically challenged chaps got off the bus at the same stop. I'm pretty certain they weren't related but as they walked by the bus window, they looked so similar as to be very closely related.

It made me look at other chappies and I wonder if certain face shapes are the ones to go naturally bald?


Two young men in full Arab dress are on the train home. They get off at a most unlikely railway station. It's the first time I can recall seeing something like this outside TV or the airport. I wonder where they are going and what's the occasion.


Zman takes time out to come help MOTH with his laptop. It gets a rebuild. It's working much better now. The next day it dies again. Perhaps it's the hard drive. Meantime, he's taken over my Mac. Can't live without his Facebook!


An invitation to Riverfire arrives from Bestie. I'm not feeling like leaving the house so I decline. Elder is out most of the day, MOTH plops himself in front of the computer. I am reading a book. An actual paper copy. It's slow going - the story is good and I love this author but my appetite for reading has lost of some of its edge. The author is Neal Asher, his genre is sci-fi. It just doesn't sound like sci-fi.

Roast pork is on the menu but it's still frozen when I put it into the oven. It's been sitting in the fridge to defrost since Thursday. It takes a little longer but I manage to cook it without burning it or drying it out.

Riverfire is on the TV in the background but noone is paying much attention to it.


Father's Day. I'm up at my usual time and everyone else is asleep. I relish the quiet. I'm not sparkling today and I flop out in the recliner to catch up on some recorded viewing that I've not watched for a while.

I call my father and chat for a while. MOTH makes it out of bed. I have made an agreement with Elder to let her sleep in till 9am.

MOTH doesn't eat breakfast but I make him a cup of coffee. I go to play WoW for a little while. An hour or so and I'm back off to the recliner. Interruptions are annoying me and I can't concentrate on the game.

I haven't presented MOTH with a gift today. He has his present already. A set top box. It's so very tiny compared to what I usually see in the shops. He's set it up several days ago and has been using it. It means he can now watch TV in his study with no outside noise or interruptions.

He's rearranged his room to suit and he's very happy.


Elder flies into a panic. Comments begin to appear on Facebook on Sunny's page and offering condolences on hers. A young man has fatally fallen from a balcony last night. He has the same name as Sunny. She cannot contact him or his housemate by phone. We find out later Sunny is fine and she breathes a sigh of relief.

The young man's name hasn't yet been released and I wonder how the grapevine finds out these things so quickly.


Wild Boys begins tonight. The shorts look interesting and I'm going to have a look. Fist ad break I head off for a shower. And change back into my jammies. Yep, I've been in them all day. Darn. I've missed quite a bit of the show.

Judah comes over to borrow my printer. We chat for a while. He gives me a lot of posters for my wall. And I miss most of Bones.

Dangit. I'm off to bed.