Thursday, September 03, 2015

It's Good News Week ... or something

Dear Diary....

Seems a little time has passed since I last journalled. Remember keeping a diary as a teenager and starting each entry with that phrase? Yeah, I did. And mum found it and read it. Uh. Oh.

Wow Chris! Pottery. And by looking at the quilts and things you make it would have looked lovely too.

I've just had my study extention reviewed. Nothing drastic but it's only done month by month and it seems that the month is up. Already. I can't believe that. Though in the last month I think I've managed to polish off a couple more units. Or maybe one, and I'm working on another. This unit is about diversity in the workplace. You know, equal opportunity, harassment, and all that. I know my tutor is paid to give me positive comments but I can't help be a little chuffed at her comment regarding the standard of a rather complicated memo I had to write for my previous assessment. Apparently I could be a professional policy writer.

Wait. Is that something to be proud of?

Things with Niece are still stumbling along. She's still completely frustrating. She hasn't been out for her Thursday night outing with her support worker for about three weeks now so we're getting a little weary of each other. I think she and her support worker are getting a little tired of each other too. Her support worker is my age so Niece isn't positively impressed I think. There have been a few times they've come back early because Niece has either pleaded "tired" or from bad behaviour. Unfortunately, probably almost as many of these as there has been good outings. One evening about three or four weeks ago it was bad behaviour. Her worker had to go to the toilet and Niece went too. Except between entering the stall and Worker coming out, Niece had disappeared. Completely. Worker went through every area she could think of, scanning faces, and couldn't find her. For some considerable time, quite possibly more than 15 minutes. Worker called her boss and the boss said, call the police. And suddenly, there was Niece, walking toward her.

Apparently she wandered off to talk to a boy then bought herself dinner. At any rate, her money was gone. And now, she has to stand outside the stall door so Worker can see her feet and Worker holds her wallet so she can't spend money. Until Worker decides she can trust Niece again. This behaviour was so disappointing BECAUSE SHE KNOWS IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE. And she'd never do it if she was with me.

I still don't have an event to organise. The one day seminar isn't being done this year, the fundraiser turned out to be something for a Church committee. I thought I had a birthday party but my contact never got back to me, nor did she give me the details of the person to whom she had passed responsibility. The school principle has said he'd pass on my information to the people concerned and get them to contact me directly. That was a week or two ago and nothing. I don't even know who the person was going to be. It's all just too difficult really.

In the meantime, Teen was on her way through with Bman's family, travelling overseas to visit relatives. We managed to grab a quick late lunch at the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) complex between flights. It was good to catch up with them all again. MOTH hadn't met them before and he really likes them.

Elder has decided to flee again. Back north. *shakes head* But this time, I think I am really going to miss her company. It still feels like she's been here on holiday even though it's been about four months. All the laughs.

I did have a win today though. My credit card company phoned me today. I've been on a hardship agreement with them for the last 12 months. It's due to expire next week. They've agreed to extend it and I'm deliriously happy. I felt like I'd won the lotto. They have been so easy to deal with, an absolute dream.

And mixed in with this is my volunteering. I've received my roster for the local one, a school/library/reading festival and I will have an author to look after/introduce. His name is Michael Salmon. I'm nervous and hope I don't stuff up!

I scored a place with the other big event! YES!! I've been to induction and apparently there were over 900 applications to volunteer and only around half that number or less accepted. I was one of the lucky ones accepted. So stoked! I've got five shifts, each 5 hours long, over the course of the three weeks. The event is an international arts festival. My roster says I will be at the information booth, working with the Volunteer Coordinator. I had better be on my best behaviour, hadn't I?!