Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two two B or not two two B...

I've just had a flashback for whatever reason. Perhaps I'm reliving my childhood? And my love of the Three Investigators? I loved then so much better than Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

It's been four months now since my bloggers have updated. One I know to be on the slack side *slacker!* and one ... I don't know. He used to update regularly. I hope all is well. Maybe he doesn't have time to read and blog anymore.

Ma and Pa seem to have settled into the new place. The Nephew has been spending time helping them tidy the garden a little. I have yet to see it and hopefully I will get up that way for a peek.

As mentioned in the last post *i hear the dogs beginning to howl* MOTH has been finding spending time with the club having an adverse effect on his well being. He hit the withdraw-from-social-contact low. This is not a good sign and means time to intervene. I decided to go for a picnic. The weather is lovely and the days are warm but not humid and hot. We decide on wraps for lunch and I've bought a small container of shortbread as well. Lunch basket packed and we head out.

We've decided on the cottonwoods or Sutton's Beach. It's going to be a bit of a drive. But the battery light comes on. And stays on. Oooookay, maybe the car is just running diagnostics. I's been known to do that. Suddenly the car slows and other lights start popping on. Uh oh. By the time we make it to the nearest shopping centre and find a park, the radio is switching on and off and the dash lights and readouts are doing the same. Battery! we chorus together. As the fates would have it, the car park sign reads full but up one level and immediately there is a spare space. We park and call RACQ. By the time they turn up and look at the fault, it's too late to head out for the picnic as we will have to head back to pick the Niece up from school.

I don't mind, the RACQ chappie is very easy on the eye. He's also tall, long legs and a tight butt as he leans over the engine.

And it seems there is a problem with the alternator. We limp back home and I get a taxi to pick Niece up from school.

I've been selected as a volunteer for the Supanova Cultural Expo for the Gold Coast event. Whoo! Induction is today. Luckily I don't need the car. I jump the bus. Hello bus, it's been a long time. I arrive at 10:30am, a little early. There are a couple of other volunteers waiting. And it seems I'm actually an hour early, not half an hour. Oops. But I'm cool with that, I've packed a lunch for myself so I have a little something to eat. The day lasts until nearly 3:00pm. I spy a couple of familiar faces from the last event, but not the ones I was hoping to see. I think it might be best for me to stay down there rather than try to drive an hour for an 8:00am or earlier start each day. I've booked my accommodation expecting to pay a deposit but no, it's debited the whole amount. Whoops, my card is now overdrawn. And after reading the fine print on the web page it seems that this hotel chain is one of the ones that subscribe to the totally stupid rule of $200 charge up front. To cover "incidentals". Ridiculous! How the heck could I rack up that much in incidentals in a single room over three nights?? *grumble* Even the you beaut 5 star Royal Pines world class resort and golf course doesn't charge much more than a couple of dollars up front at check in.

I decide to branch out and see if my Foxtel is now connected to the internet. Yes, it seems it is and 'on demand' is now activated. I decide to test it and MOTH and I settle in to watch Thor: Dark World. The lights are out, MOTH is comfy on the floor, I have the recliner and it's a very comfy way to watch movies. A little cheaper too as Box Office on Demand is $5.50 or so a movie.

The Niece will begin catching the bus to school soon. She's excited and after this morning, so am I. So much easier than driving. Which might actually spoil me. Maybe....

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Honeymoon is Over

Yesterday while sitting with the Customer Service Officer, I noticed she was using a vertical mouse. I'd never seen one before. Or heard of it before either. It looks an interesting concept. I've been suffering overuse injuries a lot lately. Too much gaming I guess. It's certainly curtailed my activity the last couple of days! Not good, I've had to resort to reading!

MOTH and I decide on a day out to go to the movies. We still have a couple of vouchers left from Christmas. What movie to see is the big question. I suggest 300: Rise of an Empire. MOTH can't remember seeing the first one but he's happy to give this one a go. I book on the web but there only seems to be V class screenings available. I look to see what that is. *i've never been to a V class screening before* Okay, bigger seats, bigger screen. Prices are a little more than normal but the voucher covers most of the cost. The movie is loud, lots of blood, war, killing, maiming, men wearing not much at all. For once, most of the women wore more than the men. I liked it. So did MOTH.

I'm fast running out of the money Centrelink thinks I have. Poor MOTH is confused because they keep changing his rate of payment. Who knows. Hopefully things will sort themselves out very soon and we can get on with trying to make ends meet.

Seems that one of the 'pets' is now a permanent employee. Hardly unexpected but I'm betting that her position wasn't advertised either. Not that I thought there was enough work for her to do on a permanent basis as it seems she isn't picking up any of the work I left and Admin2 is doing most of it. They have a temp in to do the conference things I was working on. Poor Admin2 gets none of the good stuff.

I thought MOTH had been doing well on the lower dose of the antidepressants. I'm not sure though. I could never say that tact has been his strongest point. Special K has now asked him not to mention her sister in her presence. Her sister and brother in law join the Club occasionally and she is not liked. Wombat has been rather narky of late and it's getting the the point where MOTH has been thinking of walking away from the Club. Special K has asked that he not, but I can't see this latest request going over well either and he may just walk away after all.

The Niece seems to have decided that she's comfortable. Comfortable enough to work herself up. She had a small behavioural slip but a talk about inappropriate behaviour, expectations, and a distraction soon had her back on track.

The Elder has finally had her surgery. Well, I can't really say finally as the wait was not very long considering she was on the public waiting list. Keyhole surgery is a marvelous thing, isn't it! Certainly they do things differently from when I had mine. But hopefully this will put an end to the pain though she will be feeling uncomfortable while she sorts out what food her body will and won't tolerate. That part can be fun!

I haven't heard much from The Teen. She's working full time and seems to be enjoying herself. I'm hoping this is so and she will progress really well. She is still spending time with Barbie, but nowhere near what she used to now she's working.

Buffy went on 'holiday' for a couple of days. That was peaceful. Even Jerome relaxed. She's back now and Jerome isn't quite sure what to feel. I laugh at the faces he pulls sometimes. He's begun to spend a lot of his nights curled up at the top of the bed between our pillows. Sometimes he shares one of our pillows, laying his head on it and looking all cute and fluffy and black. I just wish he wouldn't shed so much black hair. Yoiks! It's everywhere!

Tried a new dessert recipe. Blueberry cheesecake roll ups. They are a little fiddly to make but oh, so very nice. The Niece and I baked some for a taste test and I should really go and finish off the rest so we can have them tonight. Yes, I think I should do this now... before I get distracted....

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Ads are repetitive!

Buffy seems to be settling fine. I can now get her to sit and stay when I feed her. And she'll sit when I ask her to. Not so great on the stay when she's not eating. Holes in the garden too it seems but that's new. Maybe she's bored. Not being a dog person I rarely venture outdoors.

Niece is in the house. Things are cruising well. So far. Well, it's been a week, I might as well take this week as good. *ahem* She likes the room. She loves the school. She's made some friends and even has an invitation to afternoon tea in the coming week. From all I've heard before this is very different from home. A lot of the house rules here are different from before so it's a big change. Fingers crossed it continues!

Not working is fun. Almost. Now if only I can think of a way to use this unemployment to generate an income. Hmmmm. Being lazy sure had its downfalls.

Jerome is not liking having the dog about. He now resides at the front end of the house and rarely ventures down my way unless he knows it's after dinner and Buffy has been sent to bed for the night. I have had to close blinds to keep them away from each other. Exciting times here!

Almost finished the round of iron injections. There may be some improvement as I don't seem to want to nap twice a day. Just once. One more injection and then more tests to see how it worked. I'm hoping that will fix it. For this round.

Another email pops up. I haven't yet contacted any of the carer groups. Perhaps I should? Things are going well right now but I guess I should. I like to take things slowly but perhaps I am taking it more slowly than I should. The old case worker is very enthusiastic and checks back with me regularly. Oops!

MOTH and I still have movie vouchers to use. We are debating which movies we would like to see. Divergent? The new 300 movie? Captain America? There are plenty I would like to see but finding one we both agree on can be a bit difficult. I will watch action movies. And I will watch the kids ones too. The Lego Movie! Peabody & Sherman. I'm sure I watched that as a cartoon when I was a kid. I love going to the movies, especially when someone else pays.

Elder and Burrich were down to attend Soundwave. Sometimes I think I would like to go and see the bands and soak up the atmosphere. Then again, maybe I'm too old to cope with SO MANY KIDS! MOTH rode the train up north to help tag team the driving. They brought a ute with them to take back what they could. We did a swap. A bookcase in, Elder's gear out. MOTH returned and set up the bookcase for me. Again, Elder and Burrich ran out of time so MOTH packed the ute. He works hard my MOTH.

I love my bookcase too.

And with some of the stuff gone from the garage, I can find some of my books to put in the bookcase! Yeah! Reading time. Back later peeps....