Wednesday, March 31, 2010

C'mon bussey bussey

Odd day yesterday was.

A preschooler and his father got on the bus. One of these new age dads who get very involved in their children. They talk to each other and dad treats him like an intelligent almost adult. No baby talk or topics here! *and won't they have FUN with THAT when he reaches puberty!*

So, on the bus, race down to the back seat *where i am* and kid says to dad You're my best buddy! You're my PADAWAN! And from there they launch into swapping Star Wars stories, complete with Padawans, Jedi, and storm troopers, and TIE fighters, and blasters......

*repeat scenario this morning, only this time it's Star Wars from a book*

Why can't parents encourage their kids to diversify? Nothing worse than an obsessive!

The day dragged slowly, so slowly by.

And the afternoon rolls around. This time the bus driver greets everyone in the queue with a hearty HELLLOOO EVERYONE! WELCOME TO THE HAPPY BUS.


We're silent for a while as we think about this. Then cue driver again, repeating that it's a happy bus and we should all smile and life is good etc.

By the third time and halfway to destination it was wearing a bit thin....

Then, a passenger of indeterminate origin leaned across and asked a question. Next thing I know, I can hear him telling her all about Jesus, the cross and Easter Sunday.

I managed to get my usual bus home. Although it was late. As usual. And for some reason, none of the drivers are ever the same, so you can't even blame it on the driver. Take off is jerky, braking is jerky. Next thing, he pulls into a stop that isn't on our run *we travel express* and switches everything off. He calls back to the passengers an explanation, but hey. I'm plugged into my iPod and I've got no idea.

Sit there for a few minutes in the dark. Then we're away! No more stops, but back to jerky every time we slow down. I'm chanting to myself C'mon bussey, you can do it, there's a good bussey.... The last thing we need is to break down on the motorway....

I get home and dinner is nearly prepared for me. MOTH is on the phone, tending the sausages at the same time. He's wincing occasionally; obviously his back is giving him a lot of trouble. He eventually tells me. He took a tumble while mowing the front footpath and landed heavily on the road *would have loved to see THAT* Today he's very sore and sorry for himself, but he'll manage. I won't be an excuse for a day off work he tells me ... grinning like a loon ....

Monday, March 29, 2010

This post has no title

The week has gone again, and I can't believe it. Where does Time go? Wish he'd go on holidays. I realised this morning that I'm on the way to 50! Ack!

I'm sure there have been amusing things that have happened during the week. But since I'm getting old *see above* I never remember what they are, only the previous two days. Don't ask me why, nothing exciting ever happens on the weekends.

It's been about three weeks now I think since the Teen moved out. We've settled into the quiet well. At least, I think we have. It's usually too quiet to tell.

Maybe the Teen isn't handling it so well. She stresses about not having any funds. She stresses about where she's living. She stresses about the job. Ah well my lovely. Welcome to the real world - independence is not such a great thing after all, yes?

The Elder toddles on, and if she stresses about much she keeps it to herself.

Sometime during the week, MOTH called out to me. Hon, can you come look at my computer? Somethings going wrong. Great *sigh* I have a degree, but no practical experience really. It's out of date. But because of those little letters, I know everything about everything. So I go to look. Uh oh, he's picked up a trojan. One of the nasty ones who close off your functioning virus protection, change your access and probably log all your codes and also sends out spam. Nothing for it but a complete reformat and hope it's not hiding deeper than the OS.

So that's on the waiting list....

Saturday morning I was up early. The sun was shining and I looked at the side yard. Yep, that could definitely do with a haircut. I must remind MOTH that it needs doing. Meantime I pulled a few fallen palm fronds from the garden, trimmed them a little and dumped them in the garden bin.

Around mid morning I talked MOTH into coming with me to the shopping precinct I was interested in. I have a few games I'd like to trade as well, and I noticed an EB store there last time.

We wandered around window shopping. There are some lovely homewares and furniture there. When we eventually arrived at EB I took in the games, only to be told that they don't trade PC games. Darn! I left the store and we decided to console ourselves with Baskin and Robbins.

I still have the games and I'm not sure what I will do with them yet. They're useless to me now - I have an iMac without any Windows installed.

I was supposed to go out to a 21st party on Saturday night with Sunny and Judah. They didn't end up going and neither did I. I didn't want to go by myself - I know the girl well but I don't know her friends.

Sunday I spent some time packing up some of Raisin's belongings. This is going to be an expensive exercise. I've got two large boxes already and I am certain I am going to need more. I have enough trouble getting myself motivated to pack MY stuff, let alone someone else's.

MOTH mowed the lawn.

I also looked at my old phone. I toyed with the idea of taking it to cash converters along with the games. I dunno though. I haven't done anything with it yet.

Sunday night I cooked roast chicken pieces and veg for dinner then settled down to watch Bones. Only to discover it was a repeat. But guess what! It was a repeat that I didn't get to watch much of when it screened. Icecream and fruit for dessert then time for Castle. It was a repeat too. *sigh*

And sometime during the week, I've an episode of V to catch up on.

I was awoken with a nasty start last night. There is a cat who has taken to chasing gekkos on our front screen door. I think the bloody thing jumps halfway up or climbs up the screen, and it doesn't care if you try to chase it away. I need to find a way to deter it.

This morning I peeped out the window and saw the bush turkey chick in the garden again. It's not much of a chick anymore but is getting bigger each time I see it. Hopefully it's not a male - the last thing my retaining wall needs is a male turkey building a nest in my front yard! So while it's still small, I'm happy to see the wildlife wandering around my place....

Monday, March 22, 2010

The week that was.

It was a quiet week really. Not speaking workwise of course. Just home.

There are only the two of us at home. As you know. I think I like the idea. Raisin is definitely not returning, having asked us to pack up her stuff and ship it back to her. I've only managed to fill one box so far. There is another to go. Shipping through Qantas is expensive. For a 30kg consignment, the cost is approximately $200. At least, that's what I calculated. I think just one box itself might come close to 20kg.

I spent some time during the week familiarising myself with the mac environment. It certainly is different. I'm not used to the speed, working with my hair blowing back as the wind from the processor runs tendrils through my hair. Well, so maybe I exaggerate slightly. The internet keeps dropping out so I'm not going anywhere nearly that fast!

Friday night I had arranged to have a movie night with Sunny. Friday morning, I had a call from Judah. I think I've mentioned before that Sunny has been diagnosed with depression. He hasn't been medicated for some time and seemed to be doing well. Just this last week, he seems to have hit a trough and things were getting to crisis point. I just cannot fathom why he doesn't come to talk before it gets that bad. He knows he can.

So I wasn't sure that Friday would still be on. I'd tried to confirm it, but hadn't had a return text.

He arrived around 6.30, we had dinner and settled in to watch the movie. Underworld 2. With popcorn. Hot, buttered popcorn. And coloured sweet popcorn. I was in popcorn heaven. And I like the movie too.

After the movie and we chatted for a while, I discovered that yes, Sunny was indeed bottoming out. We talked and he cried and we walked. Eventually he fell asleep on the couch. I left him there to sleep and let Judah know where he was.

Saturday morning I was up early to get a drink of water. I checked on him then, and he was still sleeping. I was up again at 6am. He had gone. I was desperately worried that he might have done something silly. But he hadn't and I've not heard anything since so I'm taking that as a good sign. Far better than the alternative.

Saturday MOTH and I went up to the shops to sit for a while and possibly pick up some grocery staples like bread and milk. When we returned home, I did a small amount of housework and nanna napped on the couch. While I was napping, MOTH got into the front garden and trimmed some trees.

Sunday we cut up the branches that had been trimmed the day before. Goodness but the trees look bare. If I'm not careful, I could end up with visibility in the front yard! I did some more housework and typed a letter. An annual update I was supposed to have done just before Christmas. Some people I know like to know what their friends have been doing during the year. Odd, yes I know. But I had no ink! The text came out green! I decided to head off to Hardly Normal to see if they had cartridges for the printer. Yes, they did. But not of the yellow. *sigh* We decided to head off to another branch in a different suburb.

We hadn't been there for some time and wow! There is a new shopping precinct with space for lease and new shops going in all over the place. I didn't know it existed! There are retail and food outlets. And everything! Since we were only headed for printer cartridges, we saved the full inspection for another time. This outlet had the cartridges I wanted. Each single cartridge was $16.95, except high yield black. That was $51. Ouch! Then a photo pack caught my eye. Four cartridges - magenta, yellow, cyan and photo black - and 150 sheets of photo paper for less than $40. Bargain! I bought that.

Home again, cartridges inserted and letter printed.

Whew. Napping on the couch for half hour, help MOTH prep dinner and settle in to watch Bones. Which reminds me, I now have two episodes of V ready for viewing.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

The photos I promised

The accommodation was City Centre Apartment Hotel. It's new I think. Everything is swipe card access. Even the car park after hours. Reception is not 24 hour, but if you know the room number, you can dial on a keypad by the front door and the guest you are visiting can buzz you in. Or use the swipe card to let yourself in.

We booked the 3 bedroom apartment. It was actually a 2 bedroom apartment with an interconnecting door between that and a queen room. Each of them were self contained. Each had a plasma. Or LCD. I can't tell the difference. The 2 bedder had a sleeping configuration of a double room and a room with 2 singles. The apartment had a balcony with a little bit of a view. Only the single bedroom didn't have a balcony. There was also an iPod dock in the main area of the apartment and Austar. Of course.

Each bathroom had their own dispensers, above the sink AND inside the shower!

The lounge and dining area. Behind me is a fully equipped kitchen.

The main balcony

The single bedroom

In the garage was a door. Not attached to much, but with strict instructions!

Forgive the quality of the photos. I'm still learning. Learning that it takes lousy indoor shots but outdoors is pretty darned good!

Roads don't lead to Rome!

I'm sitting in the car, and I mention to MOTH that it had been an interesting week on the buses. I hear a moan from the back seat. Oh god, she's blogging but only she's speaking....

One of the most stressful periods of my brief life so far is gradually drawing to a close. A very gradual close. I'm so proud of her for stepping so far out of her comfort zone. The Teen has moved out now. And I'm not sure how I feel.

When the Elder moved out the first time, it was a gradual process. A weekend here, a slightly longer time there until we reached the point where she had moved in with her then boy and was not at home. At least she was in the same city.

The Teen has moved out. It's happened all at once. She's not even in the same city. She's 8 hours drive away. She is sharing house with older people she doesn't know very well. Last night was her first night in her new room. She sent me a text. She'd been home for two hours, was in her room the entire time, and was too scared to go outside for a cigarette just in case one of the 'strangers' was in the lounge room. I smiled. It's something she will have to get used to. She hopes she will and quickly!

Friday was Departure Day. MOTH managed to get Teen's Entire Life stashed in the car. They were very pleased with themselves. Then she heard him going crook. What's the matter? I've forgotten mine and your mother's stuff!! Fortunately, it was only a weekend trip and we travel light.

It didn't rain this time, but previous rains have left the highway in an awful condition. Ruts, ridges, and pot holes. Some of them quite deep.

The place we stayed was very nice. I will post a couple of photos separately when I get them uploaded to the computer. Probably tonight. I hadn't heard of it before and while I was searching for accommodation, Sibling1 started her own search. She pointed them out and I was suitably impressed.

We gave the Teen her own key. The hotel doesn't run a 24 hour reception, and she was told she would be able to use the key to let herself back in when she returned from an outing with her boy. It's gone 11pm. I'm asleep. The phone rings. I tried to answer; it didn't work. *hey, it's new. i haven't figured out how to answer it yet* I dropped it and had to dig it out from under the bedside table. Mu-um! The card won't let me in! Can you come save me? *sigh* I have to get dressed. I'm not wandering the hotel in my jammies! I run down in the left to the front door. No one there. I go out to the street and call. The night is dark, a cold wind blows and no one is there. I go to the driveway and look down. No one there. Where the heck is she? Dang. I've forgotten my phone. Back to my room. I get yelled at by the lift. MOTH is still abed. Why didn't you remind me to take the phone?? She's in, he mumbles sleepily. What? That didn't make sense. She's gotten in. I told her wait there for you. She wasn't there. I poke my head through the connecting door to see if she's in her room. An innocent blonde meets my glare. She'd called him FROM THE APARTMENT, not just the front door. *sigh*

We went to Dicey's for dinner on Saturday night, taking the opportunity to meet Teen's boy's parents. Turns out I knew his mother! Consy *the boyfriend* took her to a party after dinner.

I didn't get much sleep that night either. The Teen had a panic attack and it took several hours to get her calmed enough to settle to sleep.

Sunday was a rush to get ourselves coordinated. The plan was to get checked out, Teen dropped off at Consy's place and ourselves back to meet Elder at Hagrid's Hut. *that's where SHE lives* It's on the same house block as Teen's new address. Then off to meet with my folks before heading off to meet Elders Outlaw folks. I decided that Teen's room needed more work. I shifted boxes, swept and mopped and made the bed up. It looked MUCH MUCH better.

Just made it out to my folks place in time to meet and great with Sibling2 before she had to leave. Spent a small amount of time with my folks. *didn't get a photo Froggy, but pink and white for 1, and shades of blue for the other* Then headed out to the Outlaws property to say a quick hello and meet the animals. The four legged variety, not the family. *grins*

We made it back, tired and looking forward to finally pulling up in the garage. Wait! What's this? Bloody motorway upgrades seem to have removed the access point for our suburb! That's right, here IS NO LONGER ANY EXIT MARKED FOR OUR 'BURB! We might have been able to use one, but our suburb is not listed on it and it's a couple of suburbs too early. We had to go past and hope for the suburb after ours. Guess what! THERE WAS NO EXIT FOR THAT ONE EITHER! We had to travel some distance out, then set up the GPS to get us back home.

All roads certainly do NOT lead to Rome! *humpf*

Monday, March 08, 2010

That darned dog!

I was awake early this morning. I think a cat was trying to climb the screen door. The front one, just outside my bedroom. Stupid animal. MOTH told me the cat was black. That it just walked away with it's tail in the air when he tried to scare it away.

*shakes head* Cats are a law unto themselves really.

But that was around 3am. I dozed until about 5.30am and thought it was time to get up and start doing .... stuff.

I'm almost ready for work and I'm sitting in the rumpus room. It's now around 6, 6.30am. The dog next door starts. They must be away. It's crying and barking occasionally. *sigh* Just as well I'M not trying to sleep. If you were, it would certainly wake you up.

And usually, you can't tell there is even a dog there.

It's really annoying this morning though.

The week has gone so quickly. Again.

Tuesday, the Teen decided to hire some dvd's. I like this, because I like to kick back and relax this way. We ended up with GI Joe, The Orphan, District 9 and one other whose name escapes me now. We didn't watch them all in one night, but as it turned out, I didn't get to see the Orphan.

Wednesday, Raisin returned home to sort out some things. Not sure when she'll be back - a couple of weeks yet I think. We took a lovely drive out to the airport and were prepared to park for a couple of hours to wait with her. She insisted she would be fine and after some pushing, she made sure we left. Driving over the pass, I could have sworn I could smell pies. I'd eaten dinner, but it smelled so good I was ready to go another round!

The Teen is still packing, and discovering all these things she will need to buy for herself. She is very stressed, but at the same time, very excited. The plans to get a house with a friend are now on hold; she'll be staying with a friend of the Elder. She's very nervous about this too.

She was delirious with happiness Friday night. It was time, and she dragged me off to the video store again. This time we got out ..... This Is It.

Sorry people, but I actually enjoyed it! *sheepish grin*

Saturday I was up early and hanging to go to one of the big shopping malls on the outskirts. I know it sounds like I do a lot of shopping, but really I mall rat. I just like to window shop and spend time in the food courts. I was born a country girl, but I like to be on the edges of the crowds just watching them go by, watch the bustle and listen to the noise.

Sunday was a quiet day. I did a load of washing, but it's been raining for so long my dryer has stopped functioning to capacity. An hour just dries the clothes. If it doesn't stop soon, I think I'm going to be growing webbing (or mould) between my toes. I looked at the vacuum cleaner, but couldn't get myself motivated enough to do that either. I love Sundays.

Oh! The other movie was Gamer....!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Why are young people

so goshdarned inconsiderate these days? The Teen is desperately waiting on a response from a possible flatmate who was supposed to contact her while he's in town. So far from his direction ... ominous silence.

If he isn't prepared to put in the effort, why doesn't he just say so?

Her original plans changed when her prospective housemate suddenly told her she couldn't move in till after April - after moving in with someone else.

And now she waits....

*shakes head*

So, what happened this week? Mmmmm

It's been a quiet week. But not workwise. The usual last minute rush to get things done. Not me! Never me. But processes run slow and sometimes things slip through the cracks. And I get to handle the makeup time. Like, organising travel for someone who is supposed to fly out Sunday. But the travel isn't approved until late Thursday afternoon. So it's a mad rush to get flights ticketed, hotels booked and paid for. These things get tricky when you're dealing with someone in a different time zone.

Luckily, my skills at crisis recovery are improving exponentially!

Friday night the Teen had a friend over. He's somewhat of a regular, and I don't mind. Not long after, her best friend and the boyfriend turned up. I've no idea how long they stayed. I sat and talked with them for a while, then went to watch some television. It was SBS and before I knew it, I was doing a dad and dozing off on the couch. It was somewhere around midnight and they were still all there.

I went to bed.

Saturday I was up early, and so was the friend. Apparently, he never even went to bed. Of course, the Teen was thoroughly sound asleep. I wandered back to bed too. And slept in till 10am. *gasp* I never do that! I must have been tired. Off to the shops with MOTH for a dash of people watching. I don't think I saw anything that caught my attention!

Saturday night the Teen headed off to her best friend's place for a party. She was out staying the night so I got to have the laptop all to myself. A lazy day. Again. It was hot and raining, so I didn't really have the energy to do much. MOTH vacuumed the tiles, so I waved the mop about. Whew. That was enough! I went back to the laptop. I had to find SOME way to kill time until Bones.

Soon, I will have the laptop all to myself on a long term basis. I shall miss the competition...