Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sleepy kitty weather!

It's still raining. Although I could have sworn the sun peeped through just enough to throw a shadow today. It didn't last long - perhaps I imagined it??

Forgot to mention last week ... Dr appointment to follow up some blood work. I was so sure she would be telling me the usual. Blood pressure too high. Cholesterol too high. Iron levels too low. But no! Everything is fine. Just fine. W00t. Finally.

Final packing today! Moving day is tomorrow and I feel like I still have so much left to do. Admin2 is back from holidays but doing very little to help. I know I've been working on it for about three weeks or so but it's just like packing a house. Everyone has packed their own draws, but there is also all the stuff in the kitchen, boxes and boxes of old records which have to be archived as I go, I have two filing cabinets to archive and pack, old conference stock we haven't yet managed to give away, old computer cables and parts that no one seems to know what to with, and everything from the stores cupboard. This afternoon before I leave I get to pack up my computer equipment so I down tools at about 3.30pm to do this. That's it and I'm ready to go. I think. There is still some stuff about that I don't quite know what to do with.

Moving day dawns and it's still raining. I head off to work and decide I'll go in to the old office today. I have no access to the new office anyway. I'm second in, beaten by the GM. Amazing. There is still some boxes to organise but the removalists are already starting on the huge pile of boxes. By day's end, progress has been slow due to the rain and a reluctance to get things wet. It might be a two day job after all. Later the removalists decide that they can't do it tomorrow due to other commitments and need to keep going.

A work bbq today for the whole of ITS. A chance for staff to meet the buildings existing inhabitants. All of ITS is invited, even though we are no longer on campus. It's also a chance to go back to the office to collect some things. The office looks bare now, but I see that other sections/schools have staked their claim on the furniture.

I make it to the city bus stop this afternoon just after the bus was supposed to arrive. Many familiar faces are still about so I'm guessing it hasn't yet arrived. It's late. I discuss the merits of catching the 5.01 train with a bus buddy. He leaves but I stay. Eventually the 4.50 pm bus turns up at the same time as the 5.10 pm.

I notice we're following a bus on the motorway. I don't take any notice of it until our bus pulls over. We take on her passengers because her wipers won't work in the rain. Luckily we don't have a full bus this time.

The Teen returns home today. She's worried about her suitcase. Maybe it's over the baggage weight limit? We're not sure. Hopefully she won't go into panic mode if it is. We don't have the funds to pay any excess baggage fee. They drop me off at work and continue to the airport. Turns out it was over the limit by about 5kg. She rearranges things and takes some of it on as carry on. It brings the weight down to 19.5kg. Whew.

Australia Day today! Whoo! Go Aussies. A public holiday and what am I going to do? Absolutely nothing, that's what. But today is still payday and there are bills to pay and shopping to do. The rest of the day is spent not doing much of anything at all. MOTH cooks a lovely lamb roast for dinner.

I've wrangled today off work. Today I shall also do not much at all. Yes. It feels like a Sunday and maybe I shall end up going to work tomorrow.

Saturday. And I'm still here. I didn't end up heading off to work.

It's still raining today. Still. There is a small break in the rain and as I look out the window, I see the bush turkey chick has returned. Or perhaps it's a new one?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raggedy Ann! That's me!

Or the ragged bit anyway. I've been acquainted with boxes and packing tape for way too long now. I think I've gone deaf from the noise the tape makes as it runs through the gun. But at least I know now when I need to be finished by.

The General Manager has finally given us a timeline for finishing the packing. We need to be done by the end of this week. Whew. It feels like I have been packing for the last three weeks, doing most of the office myself. Admin2 is still on leave so she has not been here to lend a hand. Lucky her, missing out on all this extra work! Then again, with all the packing I've been doing, I've not done a jot of her work. Ok, let's amend that. Most of her work. Some of it can't wait.

I make a quick side trip to the supermarket this morning. I'm dying for chocolate. I confess to this most mornings but I usually keep my wallet empty to avoid the temptation. Works a treat in itself. I think it's Children's Week this week. I ride the escalator to the top and - OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!? I've just been accosted by a giant eyeball. It wobbles toward me and crouches in front of me. Indddeeeeeed is all I can think of to say. *what happened to my witty repartee?* Out in the mall there is a hand. Oh, and an ear. Children's Week? I think they missed the word Nightmare in there somewhere.

Never thought to get a photograph either....

I'm standing at the curb waiting for the lights to change. I notice there is a woman standing beside me. She's standing on a spot that's slightly higher than mine. And she's wearing two inch heels. And still I don't come up to her shoulder. I'm no giant but still. Wow.

There's an older lady getting on the bus the same time I am. She's carrying a bouquet. The flowers are pretty. I let her get on the bus ahead of me. The driver is a younger male. He looks at the lady with the flowers and says For me? You shouldn't have. And they both burst into giggles.

The Teen finally books her ticket home. I am sure I shall miss her when she does go. She's been here about six weeks now and I won't know what to do with myself. There'll be no competition for the computer. My stuff will be mine again. And the house will be so quiet.

I bring my stuff home from work. The stuff I keep in my desk drawer. Yes, my stash of coffee, tea, sugar etc. And then I realise that I won't be able to have coffee next week. Planned that well, didn't I!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Plain week is Plain.

Summer finally crept up on us. After some unseasonably temperate weather, summer has kicked in full bore. An expected top today of 38C out our way. That's around 100F for those using Imperial. Humidity is high as well and it almost makes me glad I come to work. Working in an office building with thick walls, airconditioning and a corridor or two seems to take the edge off it a little.

It doesn't take more than a couple of days and the temps fall again. Rain today but the humidity is still higher than it should be. *so says I*

I'm sitting at the bus stop, fanning myself with my bus pass, waiting for my morning bus. It's 06:45 and the humidity is biting. There isn't much if anything like a breeze blowing. I see a 'flock' of very enthusiastic cyclists going up the hill on the other side of the road. They must be fit as I can hear a couple of them talking ... "Day?" "... lost me points!" "... effin cold!"

I'm staring idly out the bus window. I see one of the other buses has advertising on the side to say it's a WiFi bus! WiFi bus? How does this work? When did this happen? Which routes do they run on? So many questions! Because after all, NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Some days are exciting in their own way. It starts normally and suddenly we get to a certain point on the motorway and traffic has slowed to almost a standstill. Things are moving, but slowly. The driver apologises for the delay and thinks it might be a breakdown or accident. Suddenly Base announces that there is a delay on the motorway *no kidding* due to *mumble* an accident? I didn't catch it. Traffic is back to normal flow further down the motorway.

The same morning and we've joined the busway. Traffic has come to a standstill with buses lined up as far as the eye can see. Waiting, waiting and I assume it's a breakdown. Busway lanes are only single so a breakdown stops traffic both ways while the traffic control come to direct things along. Eventually we move again. The 45 minute trip in has takien just over an hour. Not too bad considering.

The same day and we're coming home along the bus way. I'm zoning for something different *kaff kaff* until the ladies in front of me make an excited little noise and look out the window. I'm just in time to see that out on the motorway a white van is on its side with the windscreen smashed. There are some emergency vehicles there as well but most of the action has already taken place I think.

We're on the home stretch now and the bus has taken off from the stop previous to mine. Carefully over the bridge because it's on a slight curve which can cut room for the bus a bit short. The road straightens and curves to the left. We start the curve and the driver slams on the brakes. A car is overtaking another bus on the inside curve and it seems to have gone over the centre line in the process. Ye gods there are some IDIOTS on the road these days!

The Teen is still here and the Mexican is still in town. He goes home soon. She heads over to his place of temporary residence and is gone for two nights. MOTH is relishing the quiet. I was expecting her home the second night and had plenty of chicken thigh cutlets ready to be marinated and cooked. Since she didn't come home, MOTH and I had plenty of chicken to feast on. I served them with salad and there wasn't much left over!

There seems to be heaps of movies coming out or are out this month that I want to see. I decided on Sherlock Holmes. Teen met me at the cinema on the way home from Mexican's place and we settled down to watch. We decided that the two of us hadn't been to a movie together before. Not just by ourselves anyway. Possibly. I've seen the first Sherlock Holmes and let me tell you number two is far wittier. Excellent performances all round and plenty of one liners. I giggled most of the way through it. Teen had seen it before so she had a nap.

I put the ticket stub in my paper journal this morning. It's a slow process filling that book I tell you!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Someone fetch that dog!

I think Freddy should be renamed. To Rustle. Sheesh. It's 9.30 at night and I can hear things in the bushes. Is it rats? Possum? Or has that dog gotten into the rat baits? I shine the torch out the window but I can't see a darned thing.

I can still hear noises and suddenly Freddy jumps out of the stand of trees. Go to bed dog!

The Elder and Burrich have come for a flying visit. To collect some of her stuff and leave Freddy for a short time. She decided to take him from his previous lodgings as he had nipped at one of the children. Fair enough, it was admitted that the kids had stirred him up, but at the same time he has begun beating up on one of the other smaller dogs.

So, he's back here till she can sort alternative accommodation for him.

JD is over for a visit to catch up with Elder. He drinks beer and we sit and chat. He's a funny chap and we seem to find plenty to talk about. Mostly music.

MOTH, Elder and I are standing talking in the kitchen. We are talking about nothing in particular and the subject of the mixer arises. She decides to check things out. She can't get the beaters to stay in either. Suddenly she gives them a sharp push and presto! They lock in. Apparently we just weren't pushing them hard enough. Goodness knows, I tried, but they wouldn't go in easily and I was worried that if I pushed too hard I'd break them.

It's good to catch up with them. The visit is very short and they leave two days later.

We have a coffee date with one of MOTH's friends. She's not confirmed a time but we have a meeting place. He sends her a text and a message to confirm a time. She doesn't reply. We don't go out after all.

It's hot and I'm bored. Stir crazy in fact. I want to go out but fuel is short and MOTH is difficult to convince. I bend his ear a couple times and we head over to one of the shopping centres. Not too far away but it's something to do on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.

It's hot and humid again today. Uncomfortable enough to want to go out to the local shops in the afternoon and sit for a while. We decide to get a couple of the snacks that are on special. Three small packets of chips for $3. And two 600ml coke for $5. We make our choices and head for the checkout. Turns out the twistie flavour isn't one of the ones on special. In spite of the labelling which just says Smiths, Twisties and a third brand. Dang. Which also means that we don't get the other two packets at the special price. Siiiiigh.

All is quiet at home. I'm running the dehumidifier and the fan. The room is cooling nicely. Dinner has been eaten early. I sit in the rumpus room to watch Narnia: Voyage of the Dawntreader. The lights are out. I have chips. And it feels like I really am at the movies. It's great. Until I hear rustling in the bushes and the mood is spoiled while we circle back to the beginning of the journal. *heh*

The Teen and Mexican have gone out tonight. I get a call to pick them up from a different station to usual. Okay, no worries. We arrive and it looks like the station has had a refurbishment. I don't get out of the car but the walls and approach to the platforms is different. I don't see that; my viewpoint is usually from the tracks above. We've seen three ambulances out tonight. Two with lights and one without. Perhaps one of the ones with lights was the paramedic; it wasn't the usual ambulance van.

But the kids are home now, I guess it's time to go prep for work tomorrow and then off to bed. G'night!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Before I fall off I think.

Work closes between Christmas and New Year and I usually like to make the most of it. By keeping myself at home and living the quiet life, MOTH down one end of the house and me at the other.

The Teen is still visiting so that went out the window.

MOTH bought me a square cake pan, about the size I needed for the recipe to test the mixer. Lindt chocolate brownies.

All is measured and I'm ready to go. But WAIT! The beaters won't lock into their slots on the mixer. What good is that? I've lifted the motor head to expose the slots. They go in and *click* but then slide right back out again. Same with the dough hooks. MOTH investigates. Maybe they aren't supposed to lock in? Well, what good would that be because they would want to slide when you lift them out of the bowl. Besides, there is an eject button so they should lock in. Desperate, we check the instruction booklet. A whole four pages or so. And nothing about how to lock in the beaters. I turn to Google. And discover that this particular brand is made in India. Should I be surprised or not??

Dangit, I'll go ahead anyway and remember to be careful when I lift them out. Turns out they work fine once in the bowl but it's a little disconcerting that there are no numbers on the speed dial. Just min and max. And a turbo switch if I want to go a bit quicker.

It certainly smells good. It feels firm on the top so it should be cooked. I cool it in the pan for a little and turn it out. When I turn it back over so it rests the right way up it breaks and I discover that it's not properly cooked in the middle. Bummer.

I cut it into slices and Teen and I go at the middle bit with a spoon. Delish! We eat the final couple of pieces the next day.

Saph has come from interstate to visit relatives and we make arrangements to meet. I've warned her that I shall be bringing MOTH and she's fine with that. As long as he sits in the corner and behaves himself! He's a bit cheeky when I give him enough slack. *grins* Turns out she has to bring her parents as well, so MOTH came in handy to keep her dad company.

We met at Coffee Club close to where she was staying and of all things, parked across the road is a vehicle from a computer shop in our old home town. I didn't take a photo.

When we went our separate ways, MOTH and I wandered the upper end of the street. There were some little sculptures on the footpath and across the road a large iron gate into what looked to be market pavilions. It was closed.

This is standing at the top of the street looking back toward the Coffee Club. Annnd now that I have seen the photo, I can see that the one closest to the camera is a person. I couldn't for the life of me make that out when I was standing right in front of it...

Not feeling particularly well since the previous Friday, I didn't bother to see the New Year in.

A trip to the doctor earned me a course of antibiotics and something to stop the spinning and a measure of tired that feels like I'm swimming in treacle. And only two days off work. I think I should have asked for the whole week...