Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Weekends and holidays

Sigh. My interwebs has reached its limit and now it's on a go slow.

Just like I should be. It's an extra long weekend and I'm following it with the rest of the week off! Whoo!

The week started well, Fred got enthusiastic and ripped the bottom out of his bed. You might remember he'd already destroyed the mattress portion. He followed this by destroying the walls of the bed. Strange that he hasn't destroyed the toys in the same manner. Of course, having just said that....

Thursday was the day before the long weekend so I guess you could say it was Friday. I worked from home again. I don't mind doing this, but dragging the laptop home each Friday is getting tedious. I start work around 8am, take the time off to go to the doctor, then work again to 5.30 or 6pm. Makes for a long day.

It was the day I received a text and call from the Teen. She had had a biopsy done on a mole but wasn't expecting the results back for a week. They phoned the following day for a revisit. She has a grade 1 melanoma and has to have it removed immediately. Her doctor has referred her to the Rockhampton hospital. I feel a little helpless because she's so far away and I can't be there with her. Luckily her grandparents are so she's not completely alone. Good luck Teen, I hope they get their act together to get it done quickly for you.

While out, I saw Sunny for a brief time. We haven't managed to catch up for ages. He was chirpy, chattering the whole time, much more like he used to be. He said he was happy, really happy. We wished him happy birthday for the Friday. He was turning 21. My how time flies. He invited us to a small gathering the coming Saturday.

Good Friday dawned foggy. And the dog has destroyed his last remaining mattress. All we have left is a doona cover that used to belong to Subs. We gave him that. I looked at my Easter chocolate and it didn't have a chance.

Saturday night the Elder and I headed out to Sunny's. It was a good hour drive. The music blasted and we followed the directions on the iPhone. At least while they were working. We didn't start the same way as the directions and I couldn't find the blue pin on the map. Then I dropped it, grabbed it with my feet and knees and there were the directions!

Sunny's was a good night. We met new people who were very pleasant and stayed longer than we had intended.

Sunday was off to Bestie's for lunch. She promised boston beans and baked ham. I took dessert - apple crumble. We stayed till after dark and headed home around 7pm.

Monday dawned and I realised that the Elder didn't make it up in time to attend Dawn Service. It would have meant being at the railway station by 3.20am. Only to get there, be compacted closer than sardines in a barrel and miss half the service because you can't see anything. Next year I hope to be able to get in to watch the parade. I watched some ANZAC specials on television but didn't find any broadcast of any of the parades. Guess I wasn't looking hard enough.

So. Holidays for the rest of the week. I look at the list of stuff to do and think that maybe I should go go back to work.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh! I missed a day.

It's Tuesday, and I have been so busy with work that I didn't post for last week.

And I've left my notes at home so I don't remember what I've done during the week. Sad that.

So, Zman has been sick so I've had to catch the bus. I don't like getting up early but I do like getting to work early. Unfortunately, until Calvin really does invent that transmorgrifier or whatever it is, I shall have to remain a slave to the bus timetable.

I worked from home again on Friday. I think I like doing that. Shame it has to end soon.

Jack came over on Saturday. He has a mower. A very unusual mower. Ok, it's one for professional green keeping. It looks like an old push mower but comes equipped with a very heavy roller and an engine to boot. He just had the blades sharpened and wanted to test them. What better way than on our little patch of green. Green buffalo grass with a touch of blue couch.

It was his way of paying back our feeding him last weekend. He did the lawn and put a criss cross pattern in it. It didn't last long as it rained the next day and the grass lifted a bit. It did make the lawn look ... shiny ... for a while in the afternoon sunlight.

He stayed for dinner again and split a bottle of Jack Daniels with the Elder. And me. The Elder took it much easier this time. She has a head cold. I've decided that I like Jack Daniels. We sat in front of the telly, drinking, watching a special about the JD factory and how it's made, and followed that with the AFL. Aussie Rules for those visiting from far away places. It wasn't a bad game, but it's hard to play when the players are wet, the grass is wet and the ball is wet. Yep, it rained.

Sunday rained. I think it came north for a bit of a holiday. A sleepy day and I didn't do anything special.

Except chased around Azeroth with the Elder. Yes. That's right. She's running a trial and wants her own account.

*rubs hands* Corruption is gooooood...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday morning seedy....

Zman has been unwell this week so I have been catching the bus. Or the train. Whichever takes my fancy at the time. Or is it bus in the morning and train in the afternoon?

Sitting on the train platform at my home station, I was day dreaming at the overhead bridge. Suddenly it dawned on me that Hey! There is a very subtle leaf pattern on the metal. Goodness knows how long it's been there. I'd have photographed it, but I only have a phone camera. I doubt it would pick out the detail. Ah well.

I hate the way handbags suddenly become heavy. It's like gravity just reaches out randomly and hangs on. My bag feels heavy today. Heavier than it should. I think I cleared out two tonnes of old paper and receipts and things yesterday. I decide I need my glasses and I can't find them. Grubbing around in the bottom of my handbag I find ... a tin of spaghetti. No wonder my bag felt heavy. That was destined for my work stash. Silly me!

The bus is quiet this morning. It usually is. People don't often talk to each other on public transport. At least, regular commuters don't seem to. Plenty of noise and chatter on weekends on the trains though I've notice. Oh, and when school lets out. You don't want to catch a bus or train when it's to or from school time! The volume of noise fair makes your head explode.

At least the trains know how to do it right. The first and last carriages are 'quiet zones'. Which means shhhh! Library quiet please! I like those.

But I digress! The bus is quiet and suddenly we leave the motorway. Wha?? This isn't right. Muttering and murmuring from the passengers. We travel this way for a while then stop in traffic. The driver takes the opportunity to turn and tell us that the motorway is blocked and we have to find an alternate route. Sometimes I think microphones in the bus would be helpful.

And it happens on the day I want to be early for work. Ah well. I take the short route and still arrive earlier than I would if I'd travelled with Zman. Yay! If only bus work wasn't so expensive!

I work from home again on Friday. I could like this gig but it's still too tempting to nap in the afternoon. I haven't succumbed to the temptation yet though.

Saturday I feel I need to tidy the house. We are having a barbeque tonight. Just a small one. We tidy the house and everything is ready not long before guests are due to arrive. Zman arrives first, around 6.30pm. I am busy watching a documentary about the Jack Daniels distillery. I don't mind if everyone is late!

The food is plentiful and the conversation and drinks flow well. Zman is still sick so doesn't drink. That makes half of us still sober. Everyone has gone except Mr K who is sleeping over. They continue to party on. At 11pm I am ready to close up my end of the house. Mr K is into his music and is still kicking on. It's a little loud. The Elder kneels on the floor in front of a box near the cat's water bowl. She announces very carefully, I shall be sick in this bucket. I think she's playing. What? I shall be sick in this bucket, she repeats. Wait, what? No you can't. That's a box. Well, box then. I shall be sick in this box. No you can't. It has no bottom. You go to the toilet. Ah, she says and makes slow progress on her knees in that direction. I tell her to get up. Get Mr K for me she asks. Why? In case I can't get up myself. She pulls herself up the wall and makes it the last few feet. She lowers herself to the floor and that's where I leave her...

Sunday is a sleep in. As much as I sleep in. The Elder staggers out to join me in the kitchen. Nup, she says. I'm still pissed. She staggers back off to bed.

There isn't a lot to tidy up, the girls bought most of it in last night. I break my rule and reheat the sausages, rissoles and bacon in the oven and serve them for lunch. Rarely if ever do I keep and reheat left over barbequed meat. There is just enough left for the four of us.

The couch beckons for the afternoon and I nap until it's time to start dinner. French onion soup, with shredded lamb added. I sample the beef stock while it cools and waits to be added. It's totally delicious and I can't wait to sample the soup proper.

It's worth the wait. Very worth the wait. Roll on winter so I can have this again!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sleepy days

I hope I'm not coming down with something. Last week after my injection I felt much better, more energised. This time, not so much. In fact I spent most of Sunday sleeping...

Monday is a typical day at the office. Including no airconditioning. Fortunately it isn't quite as toasty as it has been and it is closer to tolerable.

Monday night I'm facebooking and wondering what is on television. Nothing of note apparently. So many channels to choose from and nothing on a single one that is worth viewing. A chat window pops up, reminding me that a facebook friend is currently on air. I've not heard him before and decide to tune in. It's a local station in Wales, broadcasting on the net. It's nice to hear him speak from across the ocean. I leave a comment on the group page.

He's evidently impressed! I get a mention, and a dedication. INXS Mystify. Excellent! It quite made a nice close to a tiring day.

I have a new handbag. It's rather a granny looking thing, white with small pink roses, pink zips and handles. It even has a matching umbrella! I thought it might make a nice, smaller alternative for a work bag. The Elder tells me it's such a 'little old lady' thing to have. *shaddup* The cats express their opinion as well. It's chewed. And scratched. Not badly if you don't look hard, but now I'm wondering how long it's going to last.... Zman tells me they've done it because it's ugly.

I notice that Sheldon is once again stealing pins from the drawing board. I guess the threat of the pepper has worn off. I repepper but the pins are gone again, pepper or no. He's obviously a glutton for punishment. The biggest problem is that is where I keep important stuff that shouldn't be forgotten *or pulled down and dropped behind the coffee canister!* Totally aside from the fact that I can't always find the missing pins! I'm waiting for the yell that accompanies the sudden surprise finding of a sharp object....

The rest of the week passes slowly.

Friday I'm giving Sheldon and Jerome their breakfast. I take my time *can't rush or I'll spill it everywhere* and they prowl around my feet. The dishes are on the bench while I measure out. Sheldon is looking up at me while he prowls. In my peripheral vision I see his back legs do a little dance and flick. My foot is now drenched with water and it's all over the floor. I guess someone wasn't paying attention and stepped in the water bowl!

Freddy is scheduled for his operation today. Elder asks me to walk with her into the surgery to drop him off. She's nervous. *heck! SHE's nervous! she's not the one losing something important to her manliness...* All goes well, and he's home in the afternoon but wearing an elizabethan collar. For 10 days to keep him away from the stitches. They must irritate a little, he'll be eating dinner, stiffen, run to the cement and sit his bottom down for a while. Then back to the food. Don't worry Elder, he'll soon be okay.

Saturday afternoon I get a call. Are you home? Bestie and her family want to drop by on their way home. Sure! Why not. They visit pleasantly for a couple of hours, the Elder is keeping the kids busy. It's dark when they leave.

Sunday morning I am feeling exhausted. My throat is a little tickly too. I'm up at 6am as usual, but later in the morning I'm still in my pyjamas and I go back to bed. Sheldon and Jerome join me. I stay there till lunch time. The Elder climbs on the bed and I know the gig is up. I'm just about to get out and MOTH comes in. He laughs at the cat and the kid and says, Look out! A little hop. A little step. And just like a breaching whale, he lands on the bed. Both cats let out a startled yelp and tear out of the room as fast as they could go. We all collapse on the bed laughing.

Sunday night and I'm napping again between 7 and 8pm while I wait for The Mentalist and Castle. Ok, so I've tossed over Bones for a bit. It's all repeats at present. We seem to have missed out on the last three episodes or so of the season. No warning either, thank you!

I barely make it through Castle and it's off to the land of nod. All ready for another week.

... Yawn ...