Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whoosh! Was that the weekend rushing by? ... wait!!

So now it's Tuesday already. I had finally managed to get myself a cup of coffee to get through the morning. And I did finish it. Really I did. And I know I did. So how come I keep reaching for the cup so I can finish it??

In fact, it's nearly lunch time. My lunch time. Actual lunch time is nearly half over.

And this morning has just flown. Or maybe it's because I didn't start work when I arrived here?

We saw the Significant Other off this morning. He came in with us. And had a bit of a wait till the bank opened. So we wandered and talked a little. For a stalker, he comes off quite well adjusted. *insert smilie here*

We talked a little about his plan for the morning. A little about his background. A little about the wild life. MOTH described him as not the sharpest tool in the shed. And he could be right about that. It seems he does know about animals though. He noticed some of what could have been native bees buzzing about in an old blasted tree trunk. (description of tree there people, not a weak attempt at a curse.) He knew the names of the water fowl with the red faces and purple breast. He knew the scrub turkeys. He told of how his mother and he used to be animal carers. Kangaroo, possum, magpies.

And we talked of relationships. He seems wrapped in his chappie. And how noone has ever like him for himself before. And I did express some surprise regarding his partner's choice - how unexpected it was. And I tried, gently, to let him know that sometimes, it might be better to give his partner some space, and wait for him to approach.

Hee hee. Just got a text from Significant Other. He was supposed to send it to his partner...... CACK! I think I see the glow from here.

But time is flying, and I think I am ready for lunch now.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Doesn't time fly when you are having fun. That's what they tell me. And I'm inclined to believe them. I think.... 

And it's Easter Sunday. Already. And I'm not swimming in chocolate this year. Not through any lack of trying. It's just that the Easter Bunny was a bit slack. But if I work it right, I can get most of the Cadbury Roses to myself.

It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster this weekend. I was hoping for something restful. But it hasn't really eventuated. I have a house full. Well, apart from the Teen trying to slip the chains. And she's managed to do that on a couple of occasions; she's actually out tonight.

Last night we had a full complement, plus two. Sunny has himself an significant other right now. And he's camping here this weekend as well. Apparently, he had nowhere to go this weekend. So ... he ended up here.

And it seems that some here couldn't deal with that. And it has made for a rough weekend. Sunny has been up and down all over the place. And I can't keep pace. I'm too old to climb all those hills. The Teen has been trying to escape the fun, and the Elder has been contributing.

Maybe this would have been a good weekend to drown in chocolate... *sigh*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Excitement plus. Or Friday Funnies.

Even if it is Thursday......

What are we doing for lunch today? Oh, let's play it safe and do the usual. There is enough time - I have a meeting at 2pm and we snagged the 12 noon lunch shift.

After stopping to catch student germs and raiding the Fakery - that's bakery to the uninitiated - we headed off to the lake.

We're nothing if not predictable. We do this most days.

We headed off to the usual spot. It's getting to the point where the birds recognise the Elder. They gather. With much noise, fanfare and general all round ceremony. Geese, ducks, minah birds, crows, water hens, ibis.

Even the turtles in the lake and the water dragons can sense something is going down. And they gather as well. I prefer to watch the turtles and the dragons than the birds.

Today they gathered and paid homage to the foodage of the Elder. And suddenly, some bloke walking past pulls out the camera phone and starts taking pics. Or videoing. Who can tell these days. I turned my back. Let that be a lesson to him.

I thought I might do something different and share my food. I like my food. I don't share. Now, I know why. I wandered closer to the edge of the lake. And threw the odd crumb to the turtles. They can't do much and when the ducks keep getting there first, I thought I just might be wasting my time.

How about the dragon then? I tossed a crumb or two. Sometimes the dragon got it. Sometimes the birds. So I leaned a little closer to get the crumb closer to him.

Bloody close all right. The bugger decided to jump. And he latched on to my thumb. I know I'm tasty, but hey, I like ALL my digits, thank you very much! Going to have to send out a hunting party now. He's tasted human blood. Oh, wait ... I'm not human ..... ok, right. He's safe.

That was about the time we needed to be heading back to the office. No, I wasn't running away.

On the way back, we found a wild Geek. The one who lives in the lair of the Elder's workplace. He's a really, really sweet and gentle Geek. She threw wood chips. And laughed.

Then we stopped to hassle some baby ducklings and their parents. They are beautiful. Fluffy and striped.

Then back to the office, while I regaled the Elder with tales of the Teen getting pecked yesterday by a water hen chick.

Must be the Elder's turn soon. No. She got nommed by a duck. Pffft. THAT doesn't count. It's not sharp......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I soooo don' wanna do dis....

It's Wednesday.

House inspection. Hate those. Soooo stressful, trying to tidy up and keep everyone's tempers in check. But they know about Sunny, and all is ok with the world. Fact, I'm talking to him now. On msn. Yes. At work.

I made it through a tough meeting last Monday. Perfect way to start the week. A 6 hour meeting. Well, with a little time off for lunch.

I'm trapped in a room with a bunch of other people, taking hand written notes for almost 6 hours. Oh. My. God. My knuckles were soooo sore by the end of the day.

What I did find though, was a marvellous little piece of gadgetry. Yes. All right. I am a geek. I love toys. This though, is a normal iPod. With special software that allows Voice Memos. Simply find the function, attach the special microphone, and hey presto. A recording device for your meeting. The biggest problem is that the battery only lasted for 2 and a half hours.

I want one!!

But for transcribing, that little bit helped. A lot.

So some of yesterday, and likely most of today, I am sitting here, blogging. Well, no actually, I am supposed to be transcribing my notes.

Inspiration is running low. Motivation even lower. My get up and go left some time ago. My iPod is offering some solace, but not enough. I'd rather be out playing in the rain.

I sooo don't want to be sitting here doing this.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are we there yet?

Things must be slowing down a little. From the hectic-ness of the last couple of weeks. I'm so very tired, and ready to catch up on my sleep.

Course, it doesn't help when you find yourself suddenly snapping awake in the middle of the night. Only to find that the bed feels like it's been hit by an earthquake. What the heck? MOTH mumbled that he had nearly fallen out of bed. And even though I know exactly what that feels like, I still couldn't help the laughter.

But I digress once again. I was mentioning the happenings of the last couple of weeks. They say it never rains but it pours. If that's so, we must be in the middle of the whole noah thing.

The Elder and her fellow of 4 years parted company a couple of weeks ago. The split was amicable, and she thought she was handling it well.

The weekend after that, we took Sunny back to his people. And met them for the first time. It was a little strained, and we put it down to her having the flu. Sorry if I'm going over ground that I've already covered. But I'm not worried. It's the privelige of the old to repeat themselves. Many times.

He has been diagnosed with a form of depression. Yes, it seems there is more than one type. However, his parents were inclined to disagree with the diagnosis, and didn't refill the script when the trial ran out. He was beginning to come down - I use the term crash - by Sunday night. When we took him back to his people. Monday or Tuesday night, the Elder had a text message that was full of dark meaning; it could have meant a couple of things really. We tried to call him. No answer, he was out of contact. It was a very worrying night. The gist of it was he was not allowed back on the medication, and he was not allowed to visit anymore.

Things gradually became worse and we feared for his state of mind and his safety. The Elder finally decided that she wasn't coping after all. And she's back on her medication. Whew, that's one sorted out.

Last Sunday we had a phone call. Sunny's mother wanted to talk. Uh oh. Butterflies do funny things when you swallow them, don't they? It seems they had finally come to an agreement with Sunny; if he wanted, he could move in with us. We are not sure how long - I think his mother was thinking about a week. The extremely selfish child who dwells within would like him to stay and not go back.

And although I'm not going to say he's all better, things are improving and he smiles a lot more. Never mind that fact that he was in hysterics last night. That doesn't count. If the Elder wants to hide in a box, it's no laughing matter. If the others want to drop things in on top of her, that doesn't count either. If she wants to poke fingers, toes, and slices of bread with eye holes out gaps, it's nothing to make you laugh..... Really.....

The Teen hasn't escaped either. She's been feeling out of sorts and decided to go back on her medication as well. It was noticed at school. And she was sent to the school Health Nurse. Who sent her to a psychologist.

We had the appointment yesterday. And, although she has rough patches, the psychologist - psycho for short - thought she was well adjusted and a pleasure to work with. She doesn't need followup, but is free to contact if she feels she needs it. I snuck Sunny along to the appointment as well. I think he enjoyed being involved.

So there's another one out of the way. Maybe we are slowly getting there after all...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can't shake this feeling....

That something is going to go terribly, horribly wrong. If it hasn't already.

One of my boys battles with depression. When he crashes, his usual method of coping is to withdraw unexpectedly. Often for several days. No messenger, no social networking, minimal phone.

Last night, he sent a dark, dark message then dropped off the radar. Completely. His phone goes unanswered.

Monday, he was down. Monday night, I began to compose a small missive to let him know that he matters. A lot. Normally I would have dismissed it as a flight of fancy and not acted. Yesterday morning, I felt ... almost compelled, if that's accurate ... to actually write it and email it to him. And the wording came so easily.

Has he read it? I don't know. Why did I feel the need to send it? I can't answer that either. Did I write him something he can keep? Or did I just write his eulogy?

Am I worrying about nothing?

But, please God, let it not be too late...

UPDATE: Still crashed, but still here. I can breathe a little now.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Aaaannnnnddd ..... it's Monday.....

Back to work. That's what Monday is. Time to come down from the euphoria of having a weekend. And crash on through to reality.

Well, ok, so maybe it's not that dire. Monday is actually a good chance to rewind and relax. At work.

Sunny was over. From Thursday I think. Sunny lives here, don'cha know? And we had another Friday night. Ummm. He doesn't have a name yet! Sonic. Sonic was over Friday night. And no, just for the record, he's not a blue hedgehog. He went home on Saturday.

Sunny stayed on till Sunday when we took him home after dinner. He lives about an hour away. And we dropped him off at his door. We got to meet his parents, although since it was 9pm at night, it was perhaps not the best time. I hope he didn't get into trouble when we left - his mother got up from her sick bed to be hospitable.

Saturday night the Elder and Sunny went over to a 'slumber' party at the girls. I don't have names for either of them yet. They might occasionally feature in this little missive, as they call me mum as well. They have only slept over twice so far. But more is on the cards.

But, I think I am digressing. While they were out, the Teen and I decided to watch a dvd. Alas, it seems the machine is not working. We opted out for the radio instead. Only to discover they were playing all sorts of older music we hadn't heard for a while. And we danced. And we sang. And we laughed.

And it was great.

I don't think I was in bed before midnight the whole weekend.

And now I'm back at work to wind down and prepare for the next one.