Thursday, October 08, 2015


Another Thursday night that started out fine but I've just had a call from Niece's support worker. She's bringing her home because Niece ditched her again. I really don't know what to do with the girl. I really don't.

When I first moved into the suburb I could hear a particular bird call. A very distinctive one. I dismissed it because it was so out of place in a suburb. And I thought I've heard it several times since. I mentioned it to Ma just recently and she recalled that I had mentioned it when we first moved here.

But now I've found out that I was right after all!

I've heard them plenty of times since but not seen them. The neighbours on the upper side tell us they've been seen plenty of times. They were on our roof too that day, as well as theirs.

I've now managed to meet some of the neighbours too. A couple living further up the street are heading over to New Zealand so an afternoon tea was held to say farewell. Alas, that day it chose to rain. MOTH managed a few minutes before he had to be away to collect Niece from respite. They got back, sat down, and it started to rain.

I still don't have an event to organise for my study. I might have something in the pipeline but I don't know when I'll hear back. Hopefully I'll be able to work on that. If not, I might try for a neighbourhood afternoon tea/evening bbq. In December. But instead of Christmas I might factor in a Wiccan festival, Litha, the celebration of the Summer Solstice. Who knows. It's all still very much up in the air. A bit like the peahens really...

Monday, October 05, 2015

I need chocolate. Lots of it.

Wow. I didn't realise that much time had passed since my last posting. I guess because I chat to Froggy outside this journal I hadn't noticed.

We've managed to make it through the school holidays. School goes back tomorrow. I think she might be looking forward to it, it's difficult to tell. She has frustrated me as per usual but at the same time, her behaviour has been good. She's been "helping" me although she doesn't check first so a lot of the things she's done to be helpful I have to undo. But at least she's been using her noggin to take the initiative.

Did I mention that I have allowed her to have a boyfriend? As long as she follows "the rules". Which are the social etiquette guidelines she often ignored with her previous obsession. She seems to be following so far and keeps reminding me occasionally that I don't mind if she has one, as long as she follows the rules. I let him come over for about an hour or so one morning with instructions to stay out of her room. They did end up in there to listen to music but judging by the slurping noises that didn't last long. I did mention after he'd gone that next time they want music, it will be out in the entertainment area. She seemed okay with this.

I had the most amazing time volunteering for the Festival. I did three of my shifts at the Information booth, then was asked if I would change to Theatre Republic. Sure, why not. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go. I knew the approximate area but had never been in that area before. It was an experience! A HUGE storm came through late that afternoon and the rain didn't really stop until long after I had finished. I arrived for my shift on time only to discover that everyone else thought it started an hour later. I spent my first hour reading some coffee table material at La Boite Theatre. I ended up at the door of one of the smaller performance areas, taking tickets. Loved it. The other volunteer on the door with me didn't even think to check the tickets to make sure they were valid. Oops! Just as well I did as someone presented tickets for a different night. When I looked again it was for a completely different show. She had them all bundled together so we had to sort them out to find the right ones. At the end of the evening I was told to sit in on the performance. I wasn't keen but didn't really have a choice. I really enjoyed what I did see. Before I nodded off... The show was called Dead Royal and was a small set with a solo artist doing a monologue from the point of view of Wallace Simpson and then Diana Spencer. It was funny.

Bestie asked if we would like to attend Riverfire with her. It is normally free but you have to buy drinks. This time though it was going to cost $10 each. Niece would be in respite so that would have been all right. They have kids entertainment, a DJ, food, drinks, and face painting. And a pretty good viewpoint. But we declined. Just didn't feel like going this time and I begged that I would be tired.

So no Riverfire. But I did want to go to the Artist Part afterward for volunteers. It didn't start till 10pm though. Rough call. But I want to gooooo. And then I was asked if I would work an extra shift. At Riverfire. So I did. Whoo! Right in front of QPAC on the riverside. Standing in front of one of the venue tents and answering spectator enquiries. I did that for four and a half hours. Loved it.

The party afterward was slow to start as we were sharing the venue with the great unwashed. And I knew no one there. I was nearly tempted to go home but then a couple of faces I recognised turned up so it wasn't a complete loss. I was going to have to stay till 1:30am when the buses started running again but ended up calling MOTH to come collect me around midnight.

Elder went home but came back so MOTH and I could attend one of the shows. Hot Brown Honey. A variety act with a bit of burlesque. Music, comedy, dancing, aerial acrobatics, and a strong empowering women message. I really enjoyed it.

Elder went home again. Then this weekend popped back with a couple of friends to grab some more stuff. And those friends decided they had a personal breakdown and went back north. In the middle of the night. And left her here. And one of them told her she could get a fare home for about $25. Well no, she isn't a student so doesn't get any discount at all for rail travel. So we have plane, train, and bus all around $130 minimum. Thanks, friend. And I can't drive her either because my car needs fixing with no funds to fix it. It's fine for around town but no further. And the registration is due. And the insurance is due for renewal...

So since I have no money and I have a role play for an assessment tomorrow, I'm off to console myself with chocolate....