Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm tired and emotional .... no, wait .... maybe I'm not ....

Well, you know it's bad when you find yourself dancing to an add on tv. And dancing in your chair at that.

Still watching an add. An add for the local station. The one that I'm watching. Strangely enough. It's the station promo where all sorts of so-called celebrities put a comment about the station. Seriously. But there are some yummy people on that one. Ackles. Ackles I tell you. The Teen insists on another. One whose name I can't even spell. Padalecki. There. I did it.....

Caught tonight's episode of Supernatural. Whew. That was a creepy one. Ok, so the theme is mild horror. But the first appearance of the spook threw me. Actually gave me the creeps. And that isn't necessarily easy.

And only one episode of X-Files gave me the spooks too. That was Toombs. Or however it's spelled. That show really appealed to my inner geek. Before it began to loose the plot over that conspiracy nonsense.

Getting even more tired now. I suppose I should go crash. It's 10.41 or so. That's pm. And I have the rest of the week to get through. Oh, and I must be fully rested for Thursday night.

So, is it Thursday yet???

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Motherhood: Or the joy of virtual children

Well, the Teen was wiped this morning. Absolutely bombed. Motherhood. Aint it a blast.

She has chosen, for one of her electives at school a subject that is somewhat similar to the Home Economics and Mothercare subjects I had when at school. You know the type of thing. Except although this one deals with nutrition and diet, I don't think she actually cooks anything. That, my friends, is the province of Hospitality....

So, at any rate, as part of their assessment, they bring home a baby for the night. Not a real one. A virtual one. Just as well. I'm past that baby stage stuff, and if it were real, I'd hate to think of the consequences! But, this is designed to get the kids to think carefully about being a parent. Before they are really ready. This baby looks like a doll. One of those Baby Born things. They have to bring it home in a car. In a baby capsule. There is a boy. There is a girl. But, baby doesn't wet, and you don't have to feed it. You have to be careful to give the head appropriate support. But it does CRY. Randomly. Any time. Day or night. Ack! MOTH was not impressed at the thought.

But, cry it did. It was crying when I got home from work. I don't know when it started, but it kept going, despite Teen's best efforts for about 15 minutes. She has a key 'chained' to her wrist she must use when it cries. Insert key, turn key. Crying stops. Or not. The computer inside records crying and response times etc.

So, she tells me this morning that she has failed this assessment. Apparently kids who aren't allowed to have the baby have another form of assessment. She wants to do this one. She has failed. Failed! Baby - she named it Helena - cried for half hour at 1.30am ...... She removed the batteries.

If only it really were that easy........

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The joy of Friday. Or a lament that it's only Tues...

What a depressing thought. Today feels like it's Friday (yay). Instead it turns out to be Tuesday.

I did, however, manage to get with the girls for a lunch. Long overdue I might add. They are always good for a laugh. And remind me that it' s good to be a member of the sistahood. Oh, and by the way woman, where is my address list for those shops? You promised!!

My books finally arrived from Amazon. I am soooo happy. Now I have something different to do this weekend. If I can muster the enthusiasm. I noted, while trying out some Manga stuff, that all my calligraphy nibs seem to have left home. Just packed up and moved out. Which is a major inconvenience. These were given to someone who gave them to MOTH so they didn't cost me anything. And, now, I have found out that to replace just one nib is going to cost as much as $5. Sigh. I don't seem to do anything by halves.

And I still haven't found those comics that I lost. Or rather put somewhere safe........

It's O-week here at campus. For the - luckily - uninitiated, that's Orientation Week. It's the party week before the students take over the campus for the semester. And the buses. So there goes the neighbourhood, and you can't move unless you are dodging the rampant youth of the nation. So far, being only Tuesday and all, apart from one noticeably noisy episode, they seem to be rather well behaved. I recall one year seeing them roam wild in all sorts of weird get up. In groups. With different costumes for each group. Rather like an anthropological study of tribes. But tomorrow is Wednesday. Super-weak Market Day. When you rub shoulders with the students in the name of getting your hands on a freebie. Nothing like it......

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's raining men. Or water. Which is better.

At about 2am this morning, while trying to run a scan (WHAT!! What do you mean "experiencing problems" and have to close??? You CAN'T dothistome!!!) during a night that held the promise of another restless one, it rained. So brief that I blinked and thought I'd been dreaming. But it made me think of how the weather makes me feel. But now, several hours later in the cold, uncompromising light of day, I am not sure that I shall be as articulate as I was last night, when the probablity was high that I could have been capable of running off at the mouth. Mentally.

I love the sound of rain at night. It makes me want to snuggle up in bed. Hmmmm warm, snug, safe. During the day, provided I don't actually have to venture out in the stuff, I like to curl up in bed with a good book.

I hate summer and the humidity. It gives me headaches, makes me lethargic and highly combustible. It's good to avoid me during summer.

Winter. It slows me down, makes me torpid. Wish I could hibernate. Gives me headaches. I'm prone to depression. I think I spend most of my time saying Huh? I don' get it?

But spring and autumn. Ah..... A beautiful clear day. An almost cloudless sky. The breeze lifts my hair and the spirits soar. Those days I could climb Everest. Breathe deep, chest expands. I feel light as air. Nothing pulls me down, all is right with the world and I love you all.

The power of a summer storm. In the evening. Before the rain starts to fall in earnest and I must flee indoors. The wind lifts me and carries me away, sweeping all before me. I lean into the wind, smell the impending rain, watch the ligtning split the sky and wish I were able to morph into something sleek, silent and powerful. Gliding through the silken cover of the darkness, face to the wind. Sliding past pools of light cast carelessly from the windows of the fools indoors who cannot feel the power of the night..........

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St Valentines Day. Or not.

As you may have guessed, today is St Valentines Day. Not that I ever bother to observe it beyond thinking, sometimes several days before, A box of chocolates would be nice. But then, a box of chocolates are welcome anytime. A friend had to remind me what day it was. Today, I went off to work and didn't wish MOTH a happy val's day. Hope he knows I meant it anyway.

Didn't feel like doing much for lunch today. You know, you've reached the end of the fortnight, the cupboard is getting bare so you go for something basic, easy and downright non-nutritional. So, today's menu is an apple, melting moments biscuits and a jam sandwich. Just like Old Poss.

Which brought to mind a program I used to enjoy as a teen. Ok, so it was geared for kids, but I liked it just the same. Hosted by x-Sky Hooks frontman, Shirley. And a bloke in a walloping great kangaroo suit, called Norm. No, the suit was called Norm. We had no idea who was inside it. And featuring an odd assortment of animal puppet sidekicks. Including Old Poss. A possum who loved jam sandwiches. Shirl taught me to appreciate Aussie Rules. And, of course, I followed Hawthorn. Not to any great depth, but hey! They were the top team back then. I loved his down to earth attitude - "I don't care if she's the queen. She'll still have some of these about" (toilet rolls) for instance. But of course, my favourite was Claude the Crow. A big black bird with a whole lot of mean. Sigh, miss you Shirl.......

Monday, February 12, 2007

Music that makes me go Hmm, Yeah!

Well, it's 5am on a Monday. Sad, isn't it. But while trying to escape MOTH's rather musical rendition of sleeping, I started thinking about My Top Ten Feel Good Songs. And came up with the list. Now I think about it, these are rather more songs that elicit some feeling. Rather than *nods* yeah, I like that.....

10. The Unforgiven - Metallica (There's just something about it)
9. Paco Doesn't Love Me - The Spazzys (Even the band name is bouncy)
8. Almost Unreal - Roxette (Probably not cool, but what the heck. This is my list)
7. I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
6. House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
5. Wonderful Life - Black (The original of course. How can a song about depression and loneliness be set to a dance beat???)
4. Hung Up - Madonna
3. My Girl - The Temptations
2. Happy Talk - Captain Sensible
1. You're Beautiful - Little Birdy


Saturday, February 03, 2007

In which I admire, desire and otherwise covet.....

Ah, a chance to rest. To put the feet up. Figuratively speaking of course. Today. Yes, today. The annual Motor Show. An absolute wonder of gleaming metal and horsepower, shot through with a healthy dose of testosterone.......

Or not! MOTH can't tell me though if it does 40 kph or 30 kms, or 30 kph for 40 kms.......

A girl could feel special - have now walked the red carpet!

Feel the lotus. Live the lotus. Drive the Lotus!

Wonder what I could do with Proton???

No, wait! The Formula 1 might get me to work....

Ahhhh, no this is the one.
Don't imagine I would have it long though. The boys in blue might be chasing me for a donation.
Cars. Wonderful invention. Don't know what I'd do without one. Wear out a couple pairs of shoes. Trying to get to this show. Every year. Course, I only do it for the MOTH......