Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fond memories of silly things.....

As the Elder and I wandered to the station this morning, she suddenly pulled up in the middle of the footpath to remove a piece of dead grass from betwixt stocking and shoe. Which sent us off into a paroxysm of giggles as we recalled some of the things her Maternal Grandmother has done.

Apart from the dessicated flake - no, not telling that one, one has to keep some memories for herself - our other favourite begins......

Festival time. Nothing too grand. But for our little place, it was the highlight of the year. And coincided with Easter. About a week of mardi gras, with rides, side show, fairy floss, stage show and other assorted entertainments. All served along a narrow strip of waterfront road. Visiting said fair, at night, was a maelstrom of colour, noise and pools of darkness between the overhead lights where one amused oneself by walking up and down the length of the show on the one street. For hours for the extremely dedicated.

MG thought she would come with us one evening. I seem to recall the presence of another female but cannot bring to mind a face. Either a daughter or sibling. However, I digress. She came with us. A rare outing. For which she dressed up. Now, MG is of the old school. Dressing up means long sleeved shirt, collared, handbag, shiny patent pumps, straight skirt, stockings, make up and the 'do' has to be right. So we let loose and stroll.

Somewhere during the course of the evening, she leans over to me and gives me a poke to get my attention. A short whispered session, and suddenly I am laughing so hard I cannot walk. I'm bent over, almost wetting myself.

Seems that, while walking along, she noticed the shoe on her right foot was becoming a tad tight. A feeling which grew worse the longer she walked. Imagine her dismay to discover that her foot was wedged in a paper coke cup. Which, it seems, had been there long enough to become very properly wedged too.

MGs biggest worry was how long she had been getting about in this state before she noticed.

And I still collapse in hysterics whenever I think about it. Love mother very much and life is never dull with her about........

*wipes eyes*

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New disasters for ORPS. Or employing other family members...

So after a brief stint of unemployment, a quick dash around the job search sites, someone pointed out to the Elder a traineeship position. Which, with some encouragement and other urging, she applied for.

Two days after it closed, she got an interview. Three working days after the interview, she got the job. Now that's darned fast work.

She started yesterday and really liked it. I'm hoping she will continue to like it for the next 12 months. But perhaps I am deluding myself. How many of us can truly say we have loved every day of our job?

But, here's the thing. It's at my old place of employment. I would have thought they would steer clear of anyone with the same name as mine. Not that I wreaked any havoc while I was there. At least I don't think so. The only excitement I remember was someone setting their bun on fire in the toaster oven. And I was the one who found it. Mostly because I had the questionable good fortune to "live" just outside the tearoom. Very noisy spot, but brilliant for catching up with everyone, and dropping some unintentional eaves on heated discussion topics. :-)

But ah, the convenience of having her work on campus. No more catching the bus from home to the station. And back the other way. Cheaper fares. And if the Centre for Happiness decides to have a meeting, I have a lift home. The only problem is that she starts earlier and finishes later than I do. So it looks like I am going to be unwillingly working up some flextime....... sigh.

So this morning's sight of the week - I know, it's only Tuesday - was Elder walking up the hill to the office. Black hair, black and white striped jumper over a white blouse, black patterned skirt, black flat shoes, and white, white legs. Hunched over like a little black and white beetle while she tried to escape the wind.....

Which reminds me, I really must check out that movie Beetlejuice again.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

So much to tell. And no one to listen.....

Ok, so it seems that it's been a while since last update.

I decided to GO (STUPID TEEN KEEPS PRESSING THE CapS loCK, so PARdon the NoNsense) out of circulation for a while. I had to keep myself amused for a week while I went to the AusCERT2007 IT Security Conference. How about that? An IT geek who doesn't own a laptop....

There were options available. I'm sure there were. Bit difficult to sneak away from where you are supposed to be standing though. Especially when you share a small space with someone else who keeps an eye on your every move.

So, where was I? Oh yes, Crowne Plaza Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast. You know, the one where they play the whatsits for the international golfing tours. Little ones like PGA and stuff. For a week. I didn't get to see much though. See previous paragraph about standing.

So, here is a pic from the balcony of the convention lobby. Down part of the conference area. Ok, so everyone else is in a session and I have managed to sneak away from the stand to take the pic. That's why you can see the floor - no people.

We were supposed to see the Blues festival on Saturday night, but MOTH wasn't feeling well and wasn't keen on driving on roads he didn't know after dark. So we left it.

Sunday night was the Welcome Reception. A casual affair, but food aplenty and drinks to boot. It was a wine tasting evening, and I didn't bring the camera. So I can't show you the balloons tied together to form big bunches of grapes. I left there about 8pm to go to another function, which was very disappointing. There were extra people crowded into a limited space, and so much noise I couldn't talk to anyone. I think I managed 15 minutes before I left.

Monday was the first full day. I managed to get away from the stand to see the Keynote speaker. Well worth it. He was talking about the concept of one laptop per child and the security problems they have to consider for this project. You can find out about it here. Monday night was a sponsor cocktail evening. James Bond theme of course. You know, being 2007 and all. I had hoped they might have turned the lighting down a little to show up the fancy doodads flashing all over the ceiling. Dress up was the go. If you had the go that is. Some of the gowns were lovely.

Tuesday I managed to get away briefly in the afternoon to see a speaker by the name of Marcus Sachs. He's very engaging and knows his stuff. He spoke about SCADA and how process control programs are now becoming linked to the net. And how dangerous that could be. Tuesday night MOTH and I skipped off for a cozy little dinner at a place called Woodchoppers Inn. Hard to find but highly recommended.

But just to keep the status quo, at a social function, I think I put my foot in it. I was watching the State of Origin. For those who don't wish to remain uneducated, it's a football match. Rugby League. Where teams are formed depending on where chosen players have played their first club games. Or something like that. Queensland v New South Wales. It's a big deal here. Nevertheless, having been born in Queensland, I follow my nature and barrack for NSW. Queensland were in front, and I catcalled to the screen "You suck!" Just as an Important Person walked in front of me. Turns out he was wearing a Queensland shirt. Oh dear........ But also true to form, I smiled sweetly and didn't bother to explain. I wonder why he was a little distant after that???

Thursday and Friday were tutorials. I tried to attend one on Thursday, but missed the first half hour or so as I was needed elsewhere and couldn't get into the rest of the session. I wasn't delayed for the start of Fridays session. But really, some people at these things need a good jab in the ribs. Or someone should hand out masking tape at the door. Fair enough, it was an overview of authentication processes to give Managers a background so they can choose what's right for them. Or something to think about when they make security policies and other blah like that. So why people have to pipe up and tell the tutor that they don't agree with the way he's only shown part of the Act when there's more to it (no duh! Idiot) or point out that so and so is relevant to them because they do this where they work (I so don't need to know how you dod things lady) or point out a specific the tutor has missed in an overview (it's an overview fool. That's why it's not specific!) Really, some people just know how to waste other people's time.....

Thursday night though, MOTH, myself and some other assorted geeks managed to escape the venue and headed out to the movies. We watched Pirates of the Carry-bean 3 and laughed our way through most of it. However, we changed vehicles on the way back. Apparently, the minibus only just made the clearance on the way in, and the driver wanted more of us in there to weight it down a bit more. ? - what was he saying? But we came out on a road he wasn't familiar with, heading the wrong way. So we came back via the scenic route. Tiring, but fun.

And I couldn't resist. A window display of Moet. Rose no less. I'm so sophisticated. I like the colours.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Some photos to go with Oldey Daze

This is me. In what I wore. Despite my best effort at worrying, no one else turned up in the same thing.

The couple. Hopefully they don't mind too much I put this here. Just to show what they wore.

Each wedding brings a different special gift for helping the bride and groom celebrate their day. One I was at was gold foil wrapped chocolates. This one was a glass. But not just an ordinary glass....

Ye Olden Dayes

Well, I think I have blathered on a couple of entries ago bout a wedding we had an invite to. A medieval themed wedding. It happened last weekend. And it was good.

It was small. And cozy. I like a small reception. And true, there were people there we didn't know. But about half of them were from work, so I couldn't plead Nigel NoFriends. Oh, now I think of it, I couldn't plead that anyway. I took the Elder. MOTH was supposed to go with me, but he had been sick and couldn't make it. So, the Elder sacrificed herself for a free meal and offered to go in his stead.

We dressed to the occasion. There were only a handful who didn't. And it looked good. The bride assured me that she had sewn her gown, the groom's outfit, the tabards the male relatives wore, and that the machine had broken two days ago. The rest of the outfits had to be finished by hand. Whew.

The ceremony was conducted by a celebrant who also dressed for the occasion. As a monk. Odd that. It was held in a small local hall, under a white wooden bower topped with flowers and ribbons. We traipsed across the way for the photos, and killed some time before returning to the hall for the feast.

And a feast it was. Salad, roast veges, roast chicken, beef and pork. With warm breadrolls and butter. And gravy. And for dessert - black forest cake, berry pavlova and vanilla icecream.

Potables - thank you Professor Lawson, I hadn't thought about that word before - were supplied in the form of canned softdrink, red and white wine and a keg of Coopers pale. Which, we found out, wouldn't work. But, specifically recalled from the pub, one of the GT knew his way round the rig, and soon fixed it. I made sure to have a glass. Just to celebrate the fact it was fixed.

After dinner, the way was cleared and the knights took their stance for the featured bout. These chaps obviously took their task seriously - they came complete with plate armour and chain mail. A kneeled greeting to the bride and groom, and into the serious stuff they went. We were a little worried about the walls and floor - they weren't mucking around. It was fascinating stuff to watch. I can see why they liked their tourneys.

But, the end of the night rolled around and my driver requested we return home. I still got to navigate though. The return was easier - I didn't get us lost. Mind, the lost on the way there was minor, and only meant that we had hit the deviation without realising it. And still made it in plenty of time.

Pictures will follow in due time - when I get myself back into this time period and get them uploaded to the computer. So I can upload them here....

Friday, May 04, 2007

Wacky Wednesday. I missed Heroes!

Been a wearying week. So far, today being only Friday. But most of it happened from Wednesday on.

I may, or I may not, have mentioned that we have a wedding to attend on the weekend. I am looking forward to it. Not every day you get to dress up in costume for a wedding. Added bonus is seeing the whole GT doing the same. I do confess that instead of purchasing a costume, I decided to buy myself a dress for the occasion. I am, as you do at these occasions, hoping that no one else turns up in the same outfit. Ok, so it's not strictly medieval, but is close to. I am also hoping that I don't put on any extra weight - fully on the cards - cause, honey, this thing is tight! More my body shape though I be thinking.

But I digress. After the purchase of the obligatory card to attach to the present, I opened my mouth and volunteered to 'pretty up' the inside. Which was blank. S'ok, I had 2 days to do it. Not a problem.

The Elder is very unhappily unemployed. She decided to step up the job search this week. Ok, you can't really step down from doing nothing. So, although she doesn't seem to be unemployed for long periods, she doesn't have an awful lot of experience with cover letters and selection criteria. This week we are supposed to sit down and go through them. Monday, nope, didn't happen. Tuesday she went home before I got home. So, halfway through the week, still not done.

Wednesday night comes along. I aim to start going through things with her, then clear the desk and start looking at the illumination project. Not a worry. After dinner, we start the letter.

I take a break and head for the kitchen to raid the cupboard. Did I mention that MOTH has been unwell? The coughing continues. And I'm head down in the pantry moaning over the Teen's shoulder about it. I walk around the corner, into ........ what?

The Elder is holding MOTH's hand, tugging. Trying to get him sat up. He is red in the face and doesn't appear to be able to catch his breath. She's shocked and almost crying. What the heck happened? The upshot is, we decide to call the ambulance and get him off to the hospital.

The ambos arrive. Wonderful people. Calm, unflappable. By this time, MOTH has regained some form of normalcy. But he's almost convinced himself that he's not sick. And while watching all they are doing, I notice that Heroes has started. Typical. My only spot of telly, and I'm going to miss it. It's now about 20:37. And we follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Hospitals are such boring, boring places. And full of sick people. This one was quite upmarket - it had 1 telly, and a coffee vending machine. But they are still boring. And they aren't named a 'waiting area' for nothing.

Finally, at 02:15 or so, he is finally discharged from outpatients. I am sooo happy to be going home.

I did miss most of Heroes though, didn't get to finish the letter, and not even a start on the illumination project. I do manage, though, to give MOTH a bit of a ribbing that last time I had a big project, he pulled a trip to the hospital stunt. He grins. And tells me he's sorry, but I don't believe him. I give him a kiss and tuck him up in bed, it's 02:45 and I hope he's ok.

Thursday rolls around way too soon, and I'm up again at 06:21. I decide to go to work late, and work a little on the illumination project. Off to work and I'll have to finish the card tonight. And so I did. Finish the card. At 23:30.

Sigh, it's been a wearying week.