Monday, November 09, 2015

Ummm, where did that go?

*ahem* So it was pointed out to me that it's been a while since I last journalled. I guess it's because nothing much has changed and I'm so absorbed into the passing of the every ordinary day that time just flies by without notice.

As a result of the ditching of the support worker, I have withdrawn the privilege of a boyfriend. Niece is not happy. No letters, no phone calls, no visits. She was to tell him that he couldn't come over and to this day, despite assurances otherwise, I'm not sure she's actually told him. Certainly not the circumstances that led to that decision.

The support worker - another with the first initial T - went on holidays for two weeks and Autism Q were to arrange a replacement for the absence. The first week it got to half hour beyond the pick up time and I had to phone to find out where they were. Uh oh. Apparently the agency stuffed up. *i have heard that the blame game gets played often. even i've worn it behind my back apparently* And Niece didn't go out that night. We did arrange though that the next week she would only go to one of the respite houses for the duration. Nowhere near the shops. No take away either. She wasn't impressed but I believe that on the night, she wore it well.

So now she's busy harping on about having a boyfriend, particularly the one she had before she misbehaved. I have resorted to telling her that unless she behaves well, keeping to the rules of trust, honesty, respect *at least three traits of a successful relationship as per her book* then she's not worthwhile having as a girlfriend. All she will do is hurt the young fellow, and he doesn't deserve that. Cue the moaning.

I've also put up a whiteboard in her room with tips and lists of helpful and unhelpful behaviours. Along with the slogan "I don't want to hear it, I want to see it". I'm still hearing it plenty as she wants to talk about how she should be behave endlessly. I'm still yet to see it put into practice. She's also labouring under the impression that one or two days of good behaviour and she'll get her boyfriend and all her privileges back. Think again young lady! *yes, i know, mean*

I have managed to find an event. However, it's not what I was looking for but I've decided it will have to do. It has enough people, but they don't want anything fancy so I'm more or less booking at table at a restaurant and trying to make it bigger than it sounds. Hard work, I tell you.

I've come down with a nasty cold right about now. So tired but I still have to do my event stuff and the assignments that go with it, and the assignments that don't. So much to do!

Had a meeting booked with my guidance officer last week. I'm now about 75% of the way through the course. But. Got all the way over there ... and he's double booked himself and he's not there. We did manage to do it by phone though. Elder drove me the suburb over to the meeting. After the call, we drove over to another shopping centre and I changed over my phone.

Going to cost a packet which I can't afford but ah well. What the heck. I can't help it, I love my tech and I like to update.