Monday, July 27, 2009

Strange weather we've been having here. The mornings are freezing - I can see my breath when I haul arse to the bus stop. If I choose to look on the bright side, it's good to have that affirmation that I'm actually alive early in the mornings.

But I'd much rather be in bed.

The days turn out balmy, then the afternoons cool again. Until, by the time I'm ready to leave the office, it's cold again when I'm off to the bus stop.

I'm rather reptilian in my weather habits *quiet you!* I love the sun. But only if it's not too hot. I hate the cold. My blood freezes and I can't get warm. Often, during winter, you'll find me standing in a patch of sun in front of the window. As the ice in my veins thaws a little. Summer time, I'd rather stand in cold water; even wallowing in the mud sounds preferable to putting up with the heat...

*ouch! swallowed too much of the soup i'm lunching on*

So how to cover what, all in all, has been a quiet week?

Now that all have vacated, I offered the Teen the chance to swap bedrooms. Only if she wanted to. And she didn't think she would. MOTH had been doing some patchwork on the walls. When Sunny and Judah moved on, they took their artwork with them. Along with some of the paint. Stupid double sided tape.

So he'd been patching. It wasn't quite finished, but Teen decided good enough! She shifted all her furniture. I shrugged. Fair enough. MOTH shook his head. And I moved all the ironing stuff clogging up the small room that is supposed to be a study into the vacated bedroom. Now all I have to do is remember that I no longer have to walk the length of the house with the laundry basket. Nearly done it a couple of times too!

I had mentioned that when it was clear, I would transform the study into a study. That left MOTH free to move things. *he loves doing that* When I returned from work on Friday, it was all done. The desk had migrated with, he informed me, Judah's help. Judah has been borrowing the phone to try get an internet connection for them sorted. I discovered that the only place to put the desk was back to the door. Uh oh. No where else without losing precious space that is! But I did a wee bit of research, and apparently it's not so bad if you aren't directly in line with the door. Luckily for me, the door is not in the middle of the wall so I moved the desk. Sweet. And then I have to fill it with things I love. So, I have a white bookcase *not loved* with some books *loved* some junky bits that my travellers bring back from overseas *loved* some old toys *loved* a single couch from the suite *not loved* with a sheet and an old red cushion *not loved!* And now my study is complete. I like being in there, and I guess that's the whole purpose, right?

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm disappearing out my own existence!

I liked that Yellow Submarine movie. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Just for something different.

Quite a bit has been on the agenda this week.

I stayed home a couple of days early in the week. Monitoring the Elder. Apart from one minor brain explosion, she went really well. *is proud*

Sometime on the Sunday I believe, she was working on her jobsearch stuffs, and just for something to do, applied for a position in a different town. Nothing would come of this one but what the heck.

Monday we went shopping because there was something burning a hole in her wallet and there is nothing like a dash of retail therapy the help one along. Her phone rings in the middle of Sanity and she ducks out to answer it. The music in that shop is a little loud, but hey, it's Michael Jackson so who cares.

She came back and said, You know that job? They've just offered me an interview. Ulp! So, the logistical nightmare - how do we deliver her on time to get to the interview? We abandoned the therapy and dashed home. And I mentioned to MOTH, why don't you drive her and you can visit your mother while you are there.

He didn't bat an eyelid. Some quick calls were made and they were frantically packing. The Elder was explaining the phone call. The caller found out where she lived, and weren't keen on giving her an interview time after all. Because she lived so far away, and it was an awful long way to come just for an interview. *helloo! in this economic climate, any interview slot is a good one! duh!* They gave her a time though, and asked her to call if she couldn't make it. Hence the fuss and rush to get there.

So Tuesday morning, somewhere about mid morning they left. Return due for Thursday.

The days they were away were deathly quiet. Only the Teen and I existed in our own little universe. And like Gods, we got to spend our time our way, and eat what we wanted when we wanted. The Teen had been off sick for the first couple of days back to school, so I had to return to work on Wednesday and leave her at home. She wasn't phased. I didn't for one second think she would be. *smiles* But we did manage to finish off the prawns that were taking up space in the freezer. She and I are the only ones who eat them. They were an impulse buy at $6 a kilo at the end of the shopping night in the supermarket.

On Wednesday night, I got a call. Guess what! What? I've got the job! Really? No wai! Yes wai. And guess what? What? I start on Tuesday! Holy hell! She had the interview Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon they asked her to come back and meet the store manager. That night they told her she had a start. So much for not wanting to offer her an interview time.

So what now? That gave her two days to organise accommodation. Her bestie friend has a family and no room. Her grandparents are overcrowded so we didn't even go there. Her aunty has no room either. Mouse and Grandma thought it darned silly to come up for a job without accommodation.

But why would you organise accommodation just to attend a job interview? When there is no guarantee you'll get the job, and the Government will penalise you most severely if you move from your current location to a place that offers less job opportunites. Who expected she would get a job from somewhere she applied for just as a spur of the moment thing to add a name to her list?

But congratulations Elder! I'm hoping you will really enjoy your work.

So it was back home Thursday and try to organise things for a Sunday departure. Luckily a male friend who lives by himself was willing to put her up for a while. That was a relief. And a person I never even thought of asking.

Friday I was at work, and she bummed about a bit. I don't remember what she did, but there was a LITTLE bit of packing in there.

Saturday I had plans to catch a movie. I had asked the Elder to go with me. No point asking the Teen. She's never home. So we caught the bus to the cinema. It's not the closest, but it is the cheapest. And it's IMAX so we timed our session to catch the movie on the 25 metre screen. We found seats - up the back of course - and watched people stream in. We had thought that the 09:30 screening on a Saturday wouldn't be that busy. We were wrong. While we waited for the movie, the Elder noticed someone who looked familiar. It was my best friend and her family! I haven't seen them for some months. We just don't seem to be able to coordinate ourself. She spotted us and we waved at each other.

The movie was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I knew the plot. I knew it was coming. And still I cried. I hate to see a grown man cry and I started to lose it a bit then. I lost it properly when he died. And I knew it was coming....

After the movie, my friend waited for me and we all decided to go for coffee. As we came down the stairs to exit the cinema, they announced that all the Harry Potter screenings for the remainder of that day were sold out! Soooo glad we chose the early session!

I hadn't been to this coffee house before. It was expensive, but it was really nice. The coffee cups are huge. You get the cup, a jug of coffee and a jug of hot water. I guess a jug of milk too, but the woman had ordered a long black. And you mix it the way you want. I had a spider, so I got a tall glass of icecream and the softdrink in a jug. We also had a plate of tiny gourmet cookies with a creamy chocolate dipping sauce. I think I'd go there again.

And a quick trip into the city to the movies turned into a full scale almost all day outing.

Home again and the Elder started doing some serious packing. Not serious enough though because she was still packing late into the night. I did give her some help, but not that much. I wasn't sure what she was going to be taking. Sunday morning, at 03:00 she and MOTH were up. MOTH never went to bed. She was still packing last minute stuff, and MOTH was loading the car. She managed to get away at 04:00.

So we are back to three in the house. It's so very, very quiet.

I think I'm disappearing out my own existence...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silence is golden the saying goes

And there is altogether way too much of it around here.

What a week. I mentioned last post *listens to dogs howl* that I had that cough. I went to work on the Wednesday, but couldn't repeat the performance on Thursday. Or Friday for that matter. So last week, I managed one day of work.

MOTH is still coughing from his, although nowhere near as badly. He happily informed me that I have about another three weeks at least of coughing to look forward to. *sarcastic voice* Excellent. Although mine has nearly gone. *touches wood, cause you know i've just jinxed myself*

The Teen started her cough somewhere around mid week. So did Jawsome. *punches fist you know i'm so awesome to be gifting this about*

Around Friday, the Teen started complaining of muscle soreness, chest pain, wheezing, aches, headaches, fever....... I phoned the doc on Saturday and made an appointment for Monday. They don't work on Sunday and charge like a bull for work on Saturdays. So she had to wait. I don't think she was very happy at all. After the doc consultation, taking the medication means that we have to reschedule the Holter test that she has to have. Did I mention that before? The Teen seems to have tachycardia - fast heart rate - and was supposed to have a 24hour Holter test. That means she gets a monitor the size of a messenger bag attached to her for 24 hours. That would most likely put a cramp in her style! She also has to keep a diary of her activities while she is wearing it. And EVERYTHING has to be put in there. Even when she goes to the loo. *heh heh heh* But since the ventolin increases heart rate anyway, that has to be postponed for a couple of weeks. Hopefully she's mended by then.

Saturday, the Elder surprised the heck outta me by asking if I would go with her for a walk. To Maccas, of course. You can't do that exercise stuff without a goal at the end. On our way, I had a text from Sunny. Since he had been touring the markets and become bored, he joined us for a snack. Afterward, he invited us to the unit. It's the first time I've seen it since they moved. I like it. It's snug and cozy and just right for them. Sunny is very happy with it.

Sunday was the day though. Jawsome had mentioned he would probably leave around 06:00. It seems he didn't sleep too well, and by the time he had packed what he could in the car, he left before sunup. Mind, that's like around 05:45. Most of his belongings are still here, waiting for his return with a truck. He couldn't fit much beyond a couple of suitcases and some other random stuff in the supra. There is no boot...

The Elder is doing much better than I thought. There doesn't appear to be the anger and bad vibes there were with the last one. I'm hoping that this will continue. The last breakup she seemed to be handling it well, until a week or two later and she fell in a screaming heap. I'm hoping that experience will help her be calmer and stronger for this one.

And for something to keep her occupied, I've sent her up the coast to her old stomping ground for a couple of days. Just a short break. She travelled with MOTH. I'm hoping she can spend a little time with her best friend.

So at the moment, there is only the Teen and I in the house. She's in her room. And apart from the occasional cough, it's bloody quiet in this house.......

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Takin it slowwwwly

What a week. *shakes head* At least, I think it was.... *wanders around trying to stimulate remembery*

MOTH hasn't been well over the last week. He's had a wheezy asthma-like cough that started as a tickle in his throat. And when he coughs, boy, he coughs. Like, 110%. His face goes red. His eyes bulge. And if he does it properly, he passes out and has something that looks like a small seizure.

I had a day off to stay with him on the worst day. Just in case.

The Teen has been, thankfully mostly in her room, playing Michael Jackson songs non stop. Even a headcold hasn't stopped her.

*runs screaming from room*

Alright, I shall come out here in public and admit that I like his music. It was big when I was growing up. How could I not like it? But I find I can only listen for a while before it becomes necessary to put the songs away and take a break. That might just be coming a bit sooner than usual. Hopefully she takes a break soon!

Around mid week the tickle started in my throat. Uh oh. That doesn't bode well. And it gradually got worse. Till I started my own asthma like wheezy cough. My coughs though are rather pale in comparison to his. And sometimes, I can even get a grip on mine to calm them down.

Didn't take long though to figure out what he meant when he told me that it drains you! I've had two days off work and really was ready for another today. Last Monday, I woke after 9.00am, went to lay down at around 1.30pm, woke up at 4.30pm and still went to bed at my normal time of 10.30pm after Good News Week. *whew*

So MOTH is slowly on the mend. He still coughs but not as much or as hard. He aches all over from the strain. Even his little belly button hernia hurts. Poor doll. *gets as close to sympathetic as she can*

It's been a tough weekend for the Elder. She and Jawsome are going their separate ways and Jawsome will be returning to his former place of residence. I'm led to believe the actual leaving of the house will be this weekend coming.

I shall be sad. I liked this one. MUCH better than the last one.

Thank you Jawsome, you've been a very important part of her healing process. Now I'm hoping that she can continue the journey to its completion.....

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's good news week!

*is amazed! jez found the missing original post!*

Monday. And it's a cack.

Heck of a lot of Michael Jackson specials on telly. And the Teen has decided she would like to play all his old songs that she liked. All the time. And loudly....

So this week has been the crackling excitement of the interior of buses, as I consider the last time I had a holiday and wonder if I'm entitled to another. And when I check, yes, I have enough days owing. But my last holiday was ... Easter. Not that long ago really. So tell me, do I deserve another week off?

The Teen's report card turned up in the mail today. *sighs* I'm not sure what I expected. She's had a lot of time off due to illness. And never bothered to catch up. What I don't really appreciate is the Teacher requests for a parent/teacher interview. I hate those things. Why do I have to go along so they can tell me that she's not doing as well as they think she could. I mean, she's 17 for heavens sake. Take it up with her and leave me out of it. I think that she is more than old enough to understand the consquences of not putting in the work.

You know, on my trips to work, I haven't even seen anything that struck me as memorable. No toilets on the side of the road, no strange outfits. No strange behaviour on the bus. Not even by me.

It's quiet on campus. Mid semester break. And the students are away. And the main refectory is closed. And likely the old Red Room. Which now has a different name. When the Elder worked on campus, we used to go there all the time. To the point where the chef behind the counter knew who we were and told us to come straight to the head of the line. Yay for being regulars!

Last Wednesday, I decided on the spur of the moment to catch my other bus choice. This one goes through some back roads and some traffic. It takes about an hour. My other service is a fair bit faster. So, I'm on the slow bus. And it catches up to my fast bus.

I found out that the FIRST stop of the fast bus run is about a 15 minute walk up the road. So I tried doing that a couple of mornings.

And when I got off the bus at terminus, I found a friend whom I haven't seen for some time. It was only a brief chat, but it was really really good to catch up.

And since nothing really exciting happened during the week, I've decided to post the Teen's video. Complete with dodgy production values.

Of course, if I'm not actually allowed to post this, you'll hear about it from there....