Monday, January 25, 2016

I could be doing something better...

It suddenly occurs to me that I haven't really updated my readers for a while. Some considerable time, in fact. Well, beyond whining about the humidity. Which, by the way, is still happening.

The three weeks that Niece has been away went quickly. Not as quickly as I thought it would but quickly enough. Almost every day felt like a date night.

There's been plenty of hype about the latest Star Wars movie. We managed to get to the cinema to see it. I found it repeated the story lines of previous movies. But I still loved it. I've been on that crazy ride since the beginning in 1977 so yeah, I'm still along. I no longer own the VHS movies. I had the gold boxed set of the three remastered originals. I got rid of them when I moved house. I thought afterward I should have kept them but there is no storage here and they were just lounging around in a box with a heap of others. I don't have a VHS machine to play them on. Ah well. Hopefully someone else gets to enjoy them.

I'm finally nearly finished the portfolio of evidence for my event. I've apparently only got a small one at 47 pages. Some of the ones others were submitting were as long as 80 or 90. Just as long as I pass anyway. Since this assessment is a multiple unit one, that should help knock my remaining assignments down a bit. I'm hoping so anyway.

Niece began her program with one of the local agencies. Did I mention somewhere previously that she's enrolled one day a week? This one is for about 42 weeks and is block funded. That means she doesn't have to pay for the privilege to attend. She seemed to enjoy it. I hope so, as I fear that the spectre of boys has raised it's head again. She met him once and focussed on a lad named Thomas. He likes me and I like him. I had to pull her up very fast to tell her that no, this program is not a boyfriend shop. SHE IS THERE TO LEARN LIFE SKILLS. Siiiigh.

She also has a new support worker as her previous one has been reassigned while Niece was away up north. I did not find this out until a few days before their regular scheduled Thursday outing. This agency certainly leaves a bit to be desired as far as communication and organisation goes. I can change apparently but that would require research and shopping around. I can also look after the funding myself but I am not sure that I am willing to spend the time record keeping for accountability to the Government as far as spending the funds goes.

The new worker - R - took Niece out last Thursday and they seem to be getting along but as she and I both agree, it's early days. Apparently Niece has a bit of a reputation. Which does not surprise me in the least. After dropping Niece back R asked if I would walk her to her vehicle. At which time she told me about Niece chattering on about boys at the program. *aaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!!* A different one this time. She did talk about girls too, but R's "mother" instinct decided that this chatter didn't quite ring right. Enough that she felt she should mention it to me. So, there you go. And at least I know. R thought it was good to know the background and she is happy to add comments along the lines of "good to have friends" and generally discourage the boyfriend angle.

I think I'm happy for the support with this one. I think she's the first one since Tee who has actually given me feedback about her behaviour during the outing instead of either nothing, or a general 'she had a good time'. R thinks Niece's life skills are good and was happy to tell me that the skills she has been taught have been carried over - thinking about what she can buy, money, ordering, buying, etc. Which is very good to know.

Teen moved in. She tells me it's a short term thing and the only reason she came was because I was desperate to have her here and I would cry if she didn't come. Well, actually, I said "as a last resort" if she couldn't find anything. It seems she had but had already committed to coming here. So she's here on an extended holiday. Which suits me fine.

She brought Fennekin with her. A messy little yappy white dog. Okay, not so much with the yappy. And she's happy to be by herself during the day. And so far, she hasn't dug holes or tried to escape. Actually, I think she's okay for a dog. Jerome isn't so sure...

MOTH and I finally gave up on the BMW. I had the garage give me a quote on repairs to bring it back up to speed. A grand total of >$5000. After lots of consideration I applied for a draw down on my superannuation and explained that I needed a replacement vehicle. They gave it to me. And for the same price, I have purchased a used vehicle that I hope will be easier and less expensive to repair when the time comes. The BMW needed a lot of work and we decided to sell it to the wreckers instead of trying for a private sale. After a quick browse of the web, a quick look at a dealer yard on the weekend, and approaching one of the private sales on the web I took a test drive. And I bought it. Ooops.

So I thought I had a hernia developing. Particularly after mowing the lawn for MOTH just prior to Christmas. That night, burn burn burn. All of the hurts. However, nothing much has changed so the doctor is inclined to think that perhaps it was a strain of some sort. Most of the pain has died off at present, so I'm hoping things have settled. All my other test results have come back okay. Even my iron levels are good and I can decrease the amount of supplement I take. Which my wallet will be happy about. Vitamin D could do with some work *and if i say i need vitamin D the kids giggle* I am overweight though and need to think about doing something about that.

MOTH is now on a health plan to deal with his weight. Under his doctor's supervision he receives up to 5 free appointments with a dietitian. Since I am not on a health plan, I don't get this service so I will be riding along on his coat tails. My biggest problem is, I think, a lack of exercise. Even my chocolate intake has reduced over the last few years with very little difference. These days I take only 1 or 2 sugars in the occasional cup of coffee. I probably also need to kick up my food intake. I tend to graze when bored or only eat when I'm hungry, but I think need to graze on fruit and low fat yoghurt perhaps instead of chocolate squares. I eat enough by way of veges as I nearly always get 5 serves a day. I don't have any problem with that part. By the time I serve potato, peas, pumpkin, carrot, and one other like broccoli or cauliflower or zucchini, I've reached that 'magic' number. I don't eat them with butter and dinner is served on a bread and butter plate.

Yep, just need to get myself together to *ugh* leave the house and walk. Siiiighhhh....

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Summer. I hate you so much right now.

It's too hot and humid to be alive. I just want to fire bomb everyone and everything. Where is the nearest shuttle to Hoth??