Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oh my aching feet! Wait, I think the rest of me wants to come to the party too...

Supanova was last weekend at the Gold Coast.

Niece seemed to have enjoyed her second week of holidays. She went on her day trip to the museum and enjoyed her day out. Mon didn't detail a lot of what they actually did, although Niece did try sushi and really seemed to enjoy that too. Wednesday we travelled north to visit with Bestie and attend ceramics class. We met up at her place and drove from there. It was a lovely day. I did end up doing some work; one of the kids had started a piece but not finished it. So I worked a little on that. Niece worked on two frogs that Bestie had bought previously as extras for the kids. Niece finished painting them but they weren't quite dry when we were ready to come home. Then a quick vegemite sandwich before heading home. MOTH stayed home for the day.

Then ... Mon told us she had been offered a full time job. Thursday would be her last day. Not good for us, but excellent news for Mon. Late Wednesday night she sent a text to say she had come down with a bad cold and couldn't make Thursday. Niece was disappointed. So now we have to find another companion for her.

So. Supanova. I didn't enjoy it as much this year. Elder arrived on Thursday and I was really looking forward to it. We were travelling down on Friday and checking in to a unit with a couple of other volunteers we hadn't really met. But things didn't quite go to plan and we had to drop Elder off for her out of town induction before we checked in. The unit was tidy with an amazing view. About a block or so from the beach. Where I never went. Not enough time.

This weekend however turned out to be nothing like I had hoped. The vibe was completely different to me and the atmosphere seemed more toxic. I sensed from the first tour that there was politics *there always is, anywhere* but this tour I was really picking up that vibe. I couldn't really relax there, nor did I find I was able to relax in the apartment. I chose this tour because George Takei would be there, along with two other original Star Trek actors. Usually I work that area but this time the team I was assigned was summarily shuffled off to a far corner never to be heard from again.

The area I was sent to is part of the department but seems not to be considered so by the rest. I really did enjoy the area I was working in and found it a bit more fun than the other. But if I had known I would be sent there and not assigned to my usual area, seriously I would have saved my money for the Sydney one.

We usually have a debrief after the event, but this year I hung around and nothing seemed to be doing. Suddenly there was a group of liaison volunteers standing around one of the supervisors. Great, I thought, this must be debrief. I tacked myself to the group only to be looked at, and hear "okay, so you've got my email address so feel free to contact me any time. In fact, why don't you send me a photograph of yourself so I know who you are. So I can give you the better jobs." And there was no other debrief....

After pack up Elder and I returned to the apartment before we went out to dinner. By the time we had showered and changed, it was 9pm before we got to the restaurant. But we did arrive to clapping and cheers. We were told the kitchen had closed. That's okay, I said, the bar isn't. And not long after that, we had to leave the restaurant. Some of us went out separate ways, and some of us decided to go for ice cream. And we ate that and stood around on the street and talked. Some more left and some others joined and we stood and talked. Eventually we left to go back to the apartment. But I was hungry so we detoured via a Maccas. I had a caesar wrap and it was good.

I actually slept well that night. Awake early then I went back to sleep. And woke again at 9.30am! Check out was 10am. So hurry to pack. Elder bugged me to let her travel home with one of the other volunteers we shared with but I thought that rude and said no. Besides, if she got home before we did, she had no key. So there.

But, after this weekend and with the house full if/when Elder moves back and wanting all the volunteering, I might not volunteer for any more. Or maybe out on the trade floor or a different area. That's my "me" time and I seem to be losing it...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Waiting for dinner to cook.

And Niece is singing away in her room. MOTH comments that he can't see how the neighbours on her side of the house could think she has a lovely voice. But then, it does have to go through a window, across the grass strip, through the wooden fence, and through their window so they get a lot of filtering. Sometimes I wish we did!

It's been a busy week for her. her new AQ companion, Mon, is turning out very well. She's checked about the hours owed to us and has been working to use them up. She has taken Niece out to Mount Tambourine for the day. It was to be a walking tour but the track was closed so they did Gallery Walk instead. Niece loved this. We invited one of Niece's friends and they went bowling, then to the movies. They saw the latest Sponge Bob movie. When they got home, the friend didn't want to leave so her mother took them both out for another hour. At dropping them off as she reversed down the drive, she hit the lamp post. Oops!

Well, the post is in a stupid place. Right at the end of the drive which curves a little to the left.

I hope she didn't too too much damage to the car!

Niece will be busy again this week. Tomorrow is a trip to the city and the museum. She hasn't been there for several years. And then Wednesday is a ceramics class with Bestie and her kids. I'm looking forward to that. I'm not working but Niece will have a piece to work on. Thursday she is out again with Mon, and Elder arrives that afternoon. And we shall be having lots of fun.

Niece will be in respite for the weekend, and I'm hoping that MOTH remembers to pick her up on Sunday!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter. And chocolate.

And there can never be enough chocolate! I'm trying to hold off until Easter Sunday before I eat chocolate again. It's ... difficult.

Like a lot of things. We are now four months into the new year and the old habits are beginning to return. Or worsen. Cupboard doors must be slammed. The toilet door must be closed hard. Too bad if there is someone else in that room! Elder complained of how noisy she is when she goes. She's found her old photos and the manic laughing, talking, and plain idiocy has resurfaced. Incontinence problems are becoming more frequent. And the lying has begun again. Even her new worker was caught out and so impressed that last time they went out, she felt compelled to lay down her rules about lying. Nice one.

Niece and I have a huge dust up about the lying. I confess I broke my taboo and swore. A lot. It's that frustrating. I am NOT like her mother and I can tell when she's not telling the truth. I simply cannot get her to see this and she continues on even when she knows she's been caught out. So. Eventually she tells me some story and I know this can't be right because I buy the "supplies" and I don't buy what she's telling me. And that's when I lose it completely.

Later that day I notice something in the bin and it seems that she has been telling me the truth after all. Eventually. Certainly not at the beginning. One apology coming up.

It seems she had been helping herself from the supplies I keep spare in the bathroom for emergencies. With nary a care about using them properly, reading the instructions, or asking for permission.

I can see why Ma was at the end of her tether.

This week has been busy! An appointment for something every day! Niece was sent to respite for three nights and I confess they were bliss. Absolute bliss. The shame is that when I eventually send her out I will have to go back to work and there will be no bliss. I've really really enjoyed spending my days with MOTH. Is that sappy? Surely is for me.

The following day I had an appointment with the Doctor. Nothing serious, just a script. But it was a good excuse to have a cup of coffee at our favourite Muffin Break. The barista there is excellent and always makes a good cup.

The landlords and the real estate agent came in for a look and a meet and greet. We'd been rushing a bit to do the final tidy up. For instance, there is simply no point vacuuming the floor the day before. I do that and turn around and there is black hair floating and it's like I never touched the place. Terrible! At least with the other place it wasn't as visible. More space probably. Then rush off to wash my hair and the agent turns up while I'm in the shower. Perfect timing. Thanks Fates. As usual. The landlords seem like lovely people. MOTH, as is his wont, went about asking can I do this, and can you look at the fans, and the oven was fixed but now it runs 40 deg lower than it should. There's an old antennae lying outside the back door. I ask what they want us to do with it and MOTH is busy telling them he can straighten it out and put it back up. WHAT THE HELL FOR?? Fool. See, always saying I can fix it when in my reality, there's no point fixing it, nor complaining about it, nor even mentioning half of it. I told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't getting up on that roof. The agent laughed about the "domestic" and told him she wasn't having tenants on rooves. *and as an aside, roofs is now an accepted spelling. did you know that?*

Then that afternoon it's off to a new hairdresser. I've not been there before but they were recommended by someone I used to work with. It's about a 25 minute drive away. She says the drive is worth it. So off we go. The salon turns out to be just a little spot in a very small cluster of shops. It's old and there's nothing fancy about it. Two girls work it and both were busy. One was doing a customer's regrowth, the other, waxing eyebrows for two ladies. The stylist is chatty, I don't get my hair washed and the cut is quick and serviceable. But I'm not complaining for $19.95. I phoned and got a price before I made the appointment and just, wow. I've not paid that little for a looooong time. Think I'll be going there again.

Peace is shattered next day. Niece is due back home. But first I have a meeting at the school. It seemed to go okay. Niece is back home and begins to unpack. And here we go, rinsed out knickers. Again. And what's the story behind those? They didn't make the wash. The towel was wet and they got wet. *the towel was perfectly dry* I called her on it and reminded her of the trouble she got into the other day. Eventually she told the truth.

And sad to say but right now, the more she's here the more I wish she wasn't...

But on another note, HAPPY EASTER! Have a great break with lots of the things you like. For me, that's chocolate. Cheers!