Thursday, August 31, 2006

What the???

So now they are calling the celeb's babe "Tomkitten". There's originality for you. But even better - a bronze cast of the babe's first solid "poo".

Yep, that's right. According to something I read today, a bronze cast has been made of the baby's first solid stool. Now there is a collector's item alright. And, apparently, it is even for sale on ebay. Man, has ebay got a lot to answer for.

And now for something completely different....

Windorah, Queensland, has hosted their International Yabby races recently. Can only imagine what that entails. I've seen mud crab racing so maybe it's the same thing? Actually, if it is anything like the mud crab racing, the contestants all get sold and eaten. Perhaps the only real winners on the day is the bloke who owns the pub?

Where do they find these stories???

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clowning around

So, decided to go see that movie Snakes on a Plane last night. You know, the one where that candidate for the Darwin Awards released real snakes into the theatre. I really don't know why some people are born with brains. But, the movie. I loved it. It's so overplayed, overscripted and over-everything-else I spent most of my time laughing. Of course, audience participation is half the fun.

I decided to take my life into my own hands and ventured forth with a bunch of no hoper - but lots of fun - geeks I work with. I am beginning to suspect that a prereq for hire on the GT (Geek Team) is height. Yep, always include that on your resume. Now, some of the GT's are not only tall, but have a lot of presence. By the time they finished allocating space, there were 5 of us trying to get into a Lancer MR. Ever wondered how a clown feels at the circus squeezed into that tiny car? Well, so did I - I managed to get the front seat. All this was accomplished at moderately high speed while parked across the exit driveway to a carpark, alternating between jumping up and down shouting encouragement and delivering well timed kicks to backsides to get 'em loaded.

Mind, you can't lock the seat in place unless you run it all the way back, then adjust it forward. Only problem is, the bloke behind me is one with presence. Three quarters of the journey was spent with teeth fastened in the dash board, trying desperately to hang on while the seat slid forward and backward and the geek behind me commented on percieved damage to assorted body parts. Two other clowns in the back noted the fact that they were jammed in so tightly they seemed to be missing assorted limbs which, thankfully, reappeared when they were finally shoehorned from the car. Add to that a too close encounter with a car door and a too high kerb, and I think most of the fun was had on the way.

But I really did enjoy the movie.

Monday, August 28, 2006

So why are you here?

All right, all right, give me a break. I'll get around to doing that if you just left me alone......