Monday, December 09, 2013

Furbies are top toys again

I have finished my Christmas shopping! Yay me! Usually I'm doing the last of it Christmas Eve eve. That's what it's for, right?

Now I'm thinking about having to get the sedation for Jerome, enough for 2 x 4 hour trips, and 1 x 8 hours. I have no idea if it's even possible but maybe even a couple of hours might help. No, Jerome doesn't travel well at all. He tries to break out of the carrier and yowls like a Siamese for several hours. Oh, and if I decide to take food up north, what do I take. And how am I going to take it. I would really like to bake a ham. Or roast a duck. For Boxing Day as I won't catch up with the kids until then. Or Christmas night.

Note to self: Alcohol. Don't forget alcohol. Moscato. Lots of it. And a sparkling red. Yeah, gotta get that...

When I get home MOTH has refilled the bird feeder. There are some rainbow lorikeets, and two galahs. I giggle as the lorikeets very carefully monitor what the galahs eat. There's a 'keet on the ground and the galahs join it. It thinks they're getting too much and sees them off to the edge of the spilled seed. I've seen them hold off two cockatoos they thought were eating their seed!

There are two weeks to go. I'm mega excited but I'm also beginning to have panic attacks. If I can just not think beyond the end of the year I should be alright. Yes. I will be alright.

MOTH notices a microwave/grill/convection in a catalogue. On the way back from somewhere he decides we will go and look at it. And we do. We're looking, discussing and thinking about it. No rush, right? And suddenly I find I'm paying for a new microwave/grill/convection and a new tower fan. Oh my. Well, I used to use the grill to cook my chops and sausages. I've sort of missed doing that as the one we have seems to only microwave these days without setting off the safety switch. So, now I have a new one. It comes with a Matt Moran cookbook. But it seems I have to claim that from the supplier web site. Darn. Don't like doing that. Okay, and when I look at the website it seems we've managed to get the appliance for about $200 cheaper in store than the RRP. Whoo!

The Teen made me giggle. She was going to her first ever work Christmas party and like the nerdy girl at school going to her first ever party she didn't know what to wear or to do. Later, someone posted a video of her without sound. I would have loved to have heard it. She's waving her arms about then suddenly jumps up and begins to dance and pose. I giggled like a mad loon.

Elder has decided to give Freddie a clip for summer. She sent a photo but I couldn't believe it. I thought I was looking at a photo of Hefe. Freddie looks totally different!!

I have suffered from a moment of madness and done something I thought I would never, ever do. I've joined the Wankiness club and have personalised license plates. They haven't arrived yet but I'm eagerly looking forward to their arrival. They'll look exactly like this ... but different.

I'm really looking forward to Boxing Day when I hope to catch up with my kiddies. Elder, Teen, Burrich, Asian, Barbie, and maybe even the new one. We haven't really met yet. Hopefully he's a teeny bit scared.

So. Two weeks to go. Probably going to be the longest two weeks of the year.

Ah, so much to do at work, and so little enthusiasm....

Monday, December 02, 2013


Watched a video posted on Facebook that involved the Teen creeping up behind the couch *butt in the air* and letting go with an air horn. The video might have been better if Barbie hadn't got the giggles and stopped filming. Then again, maybe that's a good thing because I'm not sure my ears could have handled the language....

Meet Titus Groan, my wallet...

It's been a wickedly busy week at work. I nearly had to tell Super that I couldn't meet a deadline! Admin2's work was getting in the way. Customer service rules and someone wanted something done that took a very long time to do. It's still not completely finished and I shall have to continue. Obviously. *that's me, captain obvious*

It is only about three weeks till Christmas now and I have most of my shopping done. *is totally amazed. isn't that what Christmas eve is for??* Only Mouse left to go. She's given me some *ahem* helpful suggestions but I was looking for something a little different. I will have to revert to her suggestion though I think!

As part of my leaving work, I have to give back any equipment I have taken home. This includes the monitor that MOTH has been using. So he has his present early. Bet you can't guess what it is? *purely rhetorical question that* He is very, very pleased with it and the picture quality is amazing. So clear! It's a HP 21" flat screen monitor but I can't remember what model. I've voted myself an early present as well.

The BMW, being a somewhat older model, does not have an auxiliary port to plug in an iPod or similar. Or phone either for that matter. It does have a CD player though. A single. So how am I going to drive up the coast with half of the way not covered by radio and no one in the car to change the CD? Hmmmm. I could get an aux fitted. But I decide to buy a new iPod instead. Terribly capitalist of me but I have had my Classic now for about seven years. I go for a touch. And while I'm at it, some speakers. I think I can find a way to mount them or put them in the car.

The hardest part is the waiting. I tell MOTH he can't go out cause I'm expecting a delivery. He does, thinking I'm joking. And I sort of am because I didn't know which day it was arriving. Sure enough, it arrives while he's out. He does a redirection for delivery and I have to wait an extra day *dies* because the parcel has to be signed for. The speakers arrive before the iPod. I get them together and the speakers are fantastic. I've decided that maybe I can use velcro to mount the speakers in the car. Apparently I'm taking a little too long to get the velcro on it as MOTH decides to give me a hand. Honestly, I think sometimes he's more excited about my gadget collection than I am. Okay ... but wait! Don't do that yet! But I'm just helping! Yes, but I need to give this some thought before you go wacking them on. Like, will I need the charging dock in the car? No, I don't think so. In which case the dots can go on the speaker base. But if I do that, will the dots prevent the contacts for charging touching? Oh.... so we get it sorted and I can velcro the speakers on to the dash mat.

We haven't had a chance to take the car for a long drive yet. Well, relatively long. We decide to head down the coast to Harbour Town, a shopping precinct full of outlet stores. My wallet groaned at the thought. I didn't. Oh, and while we're at it, we'll try out the new GPS as well. No fun trying it out when you know where you're going, right? The GPS seems to be working great, even lane previews at intersections. Excellent! And ... then it dies. Whoops! I set it up and forgot to plug it in to the charger. I'm trying out the cruise control as well. MOTH is sitting in the passenger seat for the trip and looks very pale. He tells me I'm scaring the hell outta him. I admit that's isn't difficult because he doesn't feel comfortable anywhere except the driver's seat. I don't notice if he's hanging onto the 'Jesus' bar, but a car ducks in front of us. Lookout! he nearly yells. Yes, I've seen it. I want to change lanes and I indicate. I speed up a bit to position myself properly but the driver behind me speeds up too. I take the gap anyway. Watch him! from MOTH. Yes dear, I know he's there but I need to turn and I'm taking this space. I'm running the cruise control but traffic is a bit up and down. I downgrade the speed but get a little close. MOTH mumbles to himself. A little while later he tells me again to be careful because I'm scaring the hell out of him. Not that that is difficult. He's pale when we arrive so I ask if he wants to drive home. I was hoping, he says. I'd feel better. Ok...

We stop for lunch at Nonna's. They have a steak menu, a seafood menu, and an Italian menu. MOTH orders off the steak, I order from the seafood. We're placed at a table 'outside' *still under cover* and the breeze is really nice. The meals are great and when we pay for it I'm handed a 10% off Candyland voucher. I'm so there!

We stop at a pet supply store. I want a harness for Jerome. I find the style I want in a lovely royal purple velour. That will do. I take it to the counter where I am served by an older woman. We chat a little as she's trying to read my t-shirt. It says "I'm only wearing black until they invent a darker colour" and she laughs when she reads it. She comments the leash is a lovely colour. I mention it should suit, the cat is black. She looks at me *i'm wearing a black t-shirt, a black skirt* and she looks at MOTH *he's wearing a black polo* and put her hands in the air. Of course it is, she exclaims. Everything is black! I look at MOTH and we laugh.

I've spent way too much and I'm glad that MOTH is driving home. I'm kinda worn out and ready to nap. It's too late when I get home though for napping. I try the harness on Jerome. He's happy, happy, happy as he lets me begin adjusting the size. It means he gets to go outdoors and he sings his praises. I let him out for a couple of minutes on the leash. He seems to be content with that. He hasn't been out for a couple of days as MOTH caught him outside the fence on his last unsupervised outing. He has also been catching the giant skinks and bringing them indoors. Jerome was in the front yard when MOTH found him. He dived for the fence but the ground on this side is much lower than the ground on the other. He jumped, didn't make the height, hung off the fence then gave up and dropped to the ground. MOTH bought him indoors and he's been sulking ever since. *jerome, not MOTH*

So beginning to get ready for the trip up north. Music sorted. Christmas pressies bought. Accommodation booked. Since we are leaving when I finish work and having to take two cars we are planning to overnight Christmas Eve about halfway. Just have to organise sedation for Jerome. Wish he travelled better than he does! Oh, and decide what we're packing into the Bluebird *the car we are giving to Teen for Christmas* to hopefully clear space in the garage for our stuff instead of the Elders! Hopefully it's going to go quickly!