Monday, November 30, 2009

Only a Ginger...

can call another Ginger Ginger *sings badly*

I had one of those random thoughts this morning that I determined would be a good opening for my blog. And gosh darn, I've plum forgot it.

Ah well *shrugs*

I didn't bother to write anything up after the Graduation. It was a quiet weekend as the Teen went out and about to parties. But then, that seems to be par for the course most weekends these days. Ah to have an active social life!

During the week, Tuesday to be precise, Jawsome dropped by for a visit. He had an ulterior motive - he needed to sell the car. We now have custody of it until it's sold. Another heap o'shit car. *grins* He only bought it last year, but discovered that while registration was fine here, it can't be registered in his home state. So he has to sell it.

He stayed for Wednesday and left again Thursday. MOTH was chuffed. I think he was happy to have another male in the house, even for such a brief time. Jawsome and I watched a Tim Minchin dvd. Now that's an education!

The weekend just gone was about the sum of most of our weekends these days. The Teen leaves the house, and we just sit and veg. I thought of doing housework and got the broom out. After one room I chucked it in. It was just way too hot!

I thought I had him convinced to check out the Sara Lee factory outlet store, but he decided to wait till next weekend after all.

Ah well. But I did manage to talk him into buying a block of chocolate from the supermarket! *beams*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 5! *sob*

This is the first time I've had a chance to kick back and relax a little. The last couple of days have been a little .... hectic.

Thursday is Bill Payin Day. Yay. *note the sarcasm* Life would be much easier if I didn't have any bills. Do the budget. Pay the rent. Pay the phone. Do the grocery shop. Buy the fuel. Recharge the go card. The usual stuff.

Which usually takes most of the day.

The Teen didn't surface today. She spent the night at her friend's house. School wasn't required for Seniors today. They recognised that they would need the day off after the late night. Formal began Wednesday at 18:30 and finished at 23:30. Then they had the after formal party to attend.

This school also does not recognise Muck Up day. And I can't argue with that! It's probably about the only thing the school and I agree on. I really don't see the reason for it. Why give them free rein to misbehave and destroy things? Can't they do that at Schoolies? And THERE is another activity that I don't agree with.

Thursday afternoon we picked her up from her friend's house and while we were eating dinner, Wogboy rocked up to do the usual Thursday night thing and rock out to late night shopping. Actually, I'm not sure what they do but I'm pretty certain it has nothing to do with hanging around the shopping mall.

She was home fairly early and I went to bed not long after.

There was a surprise organised for her for Friday morning. At around 04:30, the Elder rocked up. With her boy. They had made a special overnight trip to see the Teen at her graduation.

Friday morning everyone was up early. Even Teen. She was out of bed at 07:30. Amazing. During the noise and hubub as everyone greeted everyone else and she got ready to go to school, she came through the kitchen. What? Your blouse doesn't fit properly. You've grown! Oh Mum. That's my old one. I've been wearing it for ages - I don't wear the other one anymore. I disappeared into the ironing room and sure enough, it was in the basket. On the board quick as a wink and I handed it to her. It's graduation I said. You can do it properly for once. Dang she grinned and went to change.

It was desperately hot while we waited for admission to the school hall. Everyone was in a lather. People were fanning themselves with whatever they had. The situation didn't improve much once we were inside. The hall is big but it's not airconditioned.

When everyone was seated, the students filed past in their class groups as the parents clapped them through. Then it was time for the speeches. I confess that I really hate that part.
The headmistress is a dragon and advised everyone that the students had been asked to be on their best behaviour, with no calling out and to wait until all had been presented before clapping. Parents were asked to model the same behaviour. How lame! It lasted a while. Then some broke out and from then on there was a fair deal of cheering during the presentations.The Teen's class was near the end, so we had to sit through 2 hours before we could see her presented with her certificate. Brilliant. One high point was the performance by the music students. They did 3 pieces, the first being the Imperial March from Star Wars. With a heavy metal twist. I liked it!

Eventually the speeches and presentations were over and we moved outside for the Guard of Honour. The year 12s gathered on the steps at the resource centre. A digeridoo was played to recognise our indigenous beginnings; students filed out through the school grounds for the last time. For some, mostly girls, it was a very emotional moment. I'm sorry but the Teen and I don't find most things emotional or sentimental. Most things. This was one of them. *apparently she told them she would cry when she got home* I tried to get some good photos and every time I managed a perfect shot, SOME RANDOM BLOCKED THE FRAME and spoiled it all. And no, it wasn't MOTH.

The only thing I could think of was Thank Heavens It's FINALLY OVER! No more battles with homework and assignments; no more calls from the teachers about missing assessment pieces.
It's finished. And so is my holiday. Gods, I need a rest...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chikka chow! Day 3.

.... Aaaannnnd I was awake again. Early. *sigh*

Mmmmmm. All these books to read. The odd thing is that I've got a couple of books from the library, but I'm currently reading.... one of my own! There is a method to the madness though. This book precedes one of the tomes I borrowed. So I'm having to refamiliarise myself with the story before I begin the sequel. Ah. I love reading!

My phone goes off. Amazingly it's a text from the Teen. Mu-um! Can I leave school today at 09.40? Why? Because that's when my friend is leaving and I want time to relax and plan? *sighs* I don't imagine that there will be many year 12s hanging around school today, so I concede. But 10am I tell her. She's happy with that.

MOTH and I pop up to the shops. We start comparing the limits of our vision and I decide it's time to organise an eye exam. It's been about 4 years since my last one. And my glasses script was kinda outdated then.

The Teen catches up with us while I'm in the supermarket trying to decide which chocolate I'm buying this time. We chat to the friend's parents and venture back home.

She chills for a while then starts to get ready. While she's sitting next to me in the rumpus room waiting for her friend to return home from having her hair and makeup done - they are getting ready together - she finds out that Wogboy hasn't quite followed the instructions she gave him and now things are confused with the lass who is going to be doing her makeup. She's stressing, so we eventually work out that she will dress at her friend's place, then travel to Wogboy's to have the makeup done as the last thing. This means that she won't be having photos taken with her friend.

Eventually her friend gets home and she's got approximately 3/4 of an hour to dress and do her hair. Yoiks! We pick her up and just down the road she realises she's forgotten to grab her false lashes. Back we go for the pickup. And off again to Wogboy's house.

Seated and work starts. The lashes caused a bit of a problem - the glue gets on her fingers and gosh it's hard to place them!

Time constraints are looming as the work progresses. But finally it's done and the result is amazing!

You're off now Teen. Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow. I'm so proud of you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Deux

Two days down already! Man!

Today I resolved to do not much of anything. After I awoke early. Of course. I wandered out of bed and ventured out to the garden. The herbs haven't died yet, despite the best efforts of a suspected possum the other night.

The temp was supposed to climb today and it was already getting there. I dived through the shower and planted myself in the rumpus room with the airconditioning. And there I stayed. Reading, facebooking, sudokuing. Gotta love time off work.

I was good though and took a long enough break to do the washing and peg it out.

I checked the temperature on the kitchen thermometer. 34deg C! Heck. No wonder the washing felt like it was almost dry before I finished pegging it out!

The afternoon rolled around and I had to pick up the Teen and go buy the false eyelashes she wanted. I only had to wait a few minutes for her but I was melting in the car.

We took off to the shops and she picked the ones she thought might work best. They were $9. I did have a discount voucher I was hoping to use and by the time I finished the sale, I only paid $3! Bargain!

*uh oh. i've turned the aircon off and have kept the doors/windows closed and running the fan. MOTH has just come in, gone out and left the door open*

Tonight, it's been storming. The Teen is sleeping at a friend's place tonight so we headed out. The thunder rolled and in the headlights we watched the steam drift from the slick and shiny road. Beautiful. The lightening flashed, rendering the night as bright as day for that brief period. Occasionally it sounded ... loudly! The Teen and I looked at each other. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave MOTH at home by himself after all. *MOTH doesn't like loud thunder and lightening. he jumps. VERY high* What if he ended up doing a 'dead cockroach' while we were out?

I dropped her off and drove her back home. Whew. He's still in the chair, right where we left him. *grins*

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday. Day 1.

And I had forgotten how crappy day time telly is!

So I'm on holidays. And I wake up .... early. The usual time I wake. *sigh* Why do I do that?

Bright and early I decide I'm going to finish the skirt I started cutting out yesterday. Sis1 sent me some fabric and a very, very basic skirt pattern. How difficult could it be?


The fabric was the wrong size so I had to lay the pieces out in a way that was completely different to their suggestions. No problem. Now, if I can just find the shears....

Nope. No shears. What? How come? Why would the person I inherited the sewing stuff from, who collected so much by way of sewing equipment, have NO SHEARS? Teen! Have you seen any? Nope!

Dang. I had to resort to pinking shears. What a rough cut out job.

I hung the pieces on the back of the chair ready for today.

Bright and early this morning, I dug the overlocker out of the cupboard and set it up. I haven't used it for SUCH a long time. It's all threaded and ready to go. Now if only I could remember how to drop the cutting blade....

So, one piece done; I overlock the edges before I start stitching it together. It's easier than trying to do it after you've done the seams. Halfway around the second piece and ...... suddenly there is no overlocking. What? It's a 4 thread overlocker running on 3 threads. Dammit! And it looks like a thread is caught under the needle plate. Heck. How do I fix that? AND WHY ISN'T MY INSTRUCTION BOOK IN THE BAG WITH THE OTHERS STUFF? Frantic searching going on. Whew. There it is. Oh, that's how you drop the blade.....

After much playing around, I can see that the thread is coming unhooked from the bottom loop. It stitches for a little while then the thread slips. I can't fix that. I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way. I drag out the sewing machine.

I finish the edges. For what they're worth. The pieces are kinda cut badly, due to having to use the pinking shears. Of course, then I realise that I've not marked the pieces with the chalk for the stitch to, leave a gap here, match this bit etc. Oops! When it comes time to put the front and the back together, wow. They don't match - the front is bigger than the back. Ah well. It's gathered so that will be hidden. There. Seams are done, pieces are joined and it's time to do the casing for the elastic waist.

Halfway round ..... and the thread has stopped stitching. The bobbin is empty!

And now I can't remember how to wind the bobbin. The lady had heaps and heaps of prewound bobbins so I haven't really had to do this before. I tried to do it the way I used to on my similar machine. But I can't loosen the wheel. It won't work. Now, where is the instruction booklet?? Oh no! I CAN'T FIND IT! WHERE IS IT?! It's not in the box with the rest of the stuff. It's not in the cupboard. Teen hasn't seen it either. *sigh* I'll have to see if I can Google it. And I can't find a solution. Eventually MOTH figured it out for me.

I finshed the dress. It took 4 hours. For a simple straightforward skirt. Man!

And then I had to trot off into the city to the library. In my enthusiasm, I'd grabbed a book on a fast back loan. That means I can only keep it for 7 days instead of 28. AND it has to be returned to the library from which it's borrowed. Instead of dropped off at any library branch. *sighs. kicks self for planning that well* Normally that wouldn't be a problem. But I'm on HOLIDAYS this week and don't need to go near that library at all.

So, two and a half hour round trip later, I'm home. Hot, sweaty but home.

I'm knackered. Hope I actually get to REST this holiday!

Murder she wrote!

Yes, that's right. I'm watching Murder She Wrote. With Jessica Fletcher. So, someone tell me, why didn't someone just up and job her one?

The last week just couldn't go fast enough. It was all the build up getting things ready to go on holiday. At work of course. Admin2 was away all week, well almost all week, so I had some of her work to do as well. Why does she call me to tell me that she's sending me an email? Four days and she calls me twice.

The final week of school rolls closer and things are getting hectic. The dress has been picked up after the final alteration. Whew. They were very apologetic, and the alteration looks fine. The Teen informed me that she won't be getting dressed here. She's going to a friend's place to finish up. How am I going to get photos? Well, she said, you can come down with us... It took a while to work out that she meant they were going to have some photos taken at the Lake and we were welcome to go there and get some. Right! Done. Guess I'll have to put up with the friend in the photos too.

Ah well.

She has so much to do on the day of the Formal, including school. I suggested that she should probably write out a schedule so she knows where she needs to be at what time.

Friday night was going to be quiet. The Teen was going out with some friends. The girl dropped over early; they got ready and left. I quit the day early - I'd been up since an early hour. Later that night the girls returned and left again. Early Saturday morning at Dead hour, I was woken by voices outside the window. Yep. They'd returned and were sitting out the front. I called out to tell them shush, and they soon disappeared. Indoors apparently. When I came out to the kitchen Saturday morning, there they were. Crowded in the rumpus room and watching noisy dvds.

They left to wander up to the shops and that was the last I saw of the boys. The girls came back later and retired to the Teen's room.

Saturday evening I drove the Teen over to Wogboy's place. With instructions we would pick her up 10am sharp on Sunday.

MOTH and I retired for a quiet night.

Sunday morning we were up early. The Teen had an appointment on the other side of the city to have hair extensions fitted. MOTH thought we might go visit Bestie since we were going to be in the same 'burb. I thought we might have some relax time and have a couple of flat whites instead. Oh no! The Teen gets flustered. You HAVE to come with ME! I KNEW I should have asked my friend to come with me. She's a bit of a Nervous Nellie. We'll see what happens.

We rocked up to the place we were supposed to be. Up the front stairs and I waited for her to knock. Oh no! I had to do it. AND I had to stand next to her. The lass answered the door and invited us in. After a short time, Teen settled in and I was free to leave.

We had about an hour and a half to waste. First stop was McDonald's. For lunch. MOTH and I shared a quarter pounder meal. I phoned Bestie; it went to the answering machine. The shopping centre in that suburb is very, very basic. Dull. Maybe there was somewhere else we could go? We thought about it and MOTH remembered the shopping centre up the road. We drove up there and right up front visible as the first thing we saw was .... BCF.

I told MOTH he could look in there. If he had to. We spent an hour there. An inspection of the rest of the shopping centre; and just as we decided to head back the text to say she was done arrived.

MOTH muffed the exit to the centre and we ended up in a deadend in the carpark. *shakes head*

Then home to recover and a nanna nap.

And I'm on holidays! w00t!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Feeling a little overrun right now....

I'm the only Admin person here this week. Although I enjoy the quiet, I'd much rather that she was here doing her own work!

You know, I'm beginning to think that I should probably just do away with the rest of my week. Nothing much happens, just the usual sleep / work cycle.

The weekends are what it's all about!

Thursday I picked up the Teen's dress for the Formal. The ladies in the shop love it. When she tried it on, they commented that she looked like a superstar. The woman who served me commented again that she looked stunning.

Since I couldn't pick up until around 5pm, I got to take the long bus ride home. Luckily the shop gave me a hanger and a 'suit bag' of sorts that I could pack it in. Do you have ANY idea how DIFFICULT it is to hang on to a dress in a suit bag when you are trying not to fall asleep?? Oh, and it was a different bus home too. Since I was going to the supermarket in the next 'burb, not home.

Friday morning I was on the usual bus and touring around the back end of our burb, picking up randoms. Well, maybe not so random - they were standing at bus stops. At one of the roundabouts, an army personnel carrier goes past. And another. And another. There goes our good taxpayer dollars at work. They must have been going out to the range for exercises. I got tired just thinking about it.

Friday. The work Christmas lunch. We went to the same place as we did last year. The German Club. The meals are fairly resonably priced. I guess. Most are around the $15 to $20 range. But the serves are generous. I am usually quite picky about where I sit at the table *alright I'm rather an ogre* and I didn't get to sit where I wanted. I bit my tongue and stayed where I was. The choices weren't that great and I couldn't really swap seats without looking obvious. I had ordered crumbed fish and salad with chips. It was a little overdone, but still palatable. I didn't finish it all, and the GTs down my end of the table were a little surprised. Ok, so I LOOK like I eat a lot... After lunch and a weak, non existent speech from the GM, most of the staff went back to work. A few of the diehards did not. I was the only female staffer left. One of the GTs noticed. Hey! You're still here *I THINK he was happy about that* and someone chimed in Yeah, but Sol is more of a bloke than she is a woman! That was SUPPOSED to be a compliment. But he is forgiven. *grins*

When I arrived home from work I discovered that the Teen would be staying home. I'm a little worried about the status of the relationship. There seems to be a male friend of Wogboys who seems intent on driving a wedge between the two of them. Whether he's doing it on purpose or just selfish I don't know. But I've noticed that a long time friend or two no longer appear on the scene, and even another friend is slowly disappearing from view. In fact, as far as I can tell, they are never ALONE anymore. I really really REALLY do not like people like that.

But where was I? Oh yes. She got home. And found out that her English teacher had been bugging MOTH about a missing assignment. I don't like that much either. These kids are nearly adults. They are old enough to think for themselves. Why do the teachers still think it's a parent's responsibility when the kids know perfectly well what the consequences are?

At any rate, MOTH told him there was no point asking him about it; he should be talking to me. I think Teacher was a little taken aback. MOTH doesn't beat around the bush these days.

As soon as Teen discovered the assignment was STILL IN HER BAG and she hadn't handed it in at all, she dived back to the school. Too late! She was upset and verging on tears of frustration. I emailed Teacher on Saturday morning.

Somewhere in there, a GF turned up. Teen modelled the Formal dress for her. BUGGER! One of the alterations had not been done. Luckily it wasn't a big one, but still I had paid for it. I would have to take the dress back.

Not long after, I encouraged her and the attendant GF to walk up to the shops. She wasn't impressed. However, by the time we arrived there she was feeling at bit better. Then I had a text from Sunny. What are you doing? Ummm wandering around the supermarket looking for food? Oh. Can I come over and bring some Passion Pop with me? Sure! Between the Teen, Sunny, GF and I we polished off 3 bottles of the stuff in short order.

A little later that evening, GFs other half and a couple of his friends turned up. Dunno where they came from! They didn't stay all that long when they decided to walk up to the shops. Sunny invited me along so we could have a sundae at Maccas. Yep, I'm in! We walked up. Left GF, Teen and the others at the shops. Sundae time with Sunny and I.

We collected the Teen on the way back, chattered for a while longer and then Sunny left. I crashed.

Saturday was a quiet recovery day. Till the evening. The Teen was going out. Again! Man, where do they get the energy? But with FatA this time. Next thing I know the GF turned up. Again. I don't really mind I guess, but boy this GF can sure talk about herself! The three of them went out. She told me Sunday afternoon that she had come home around 1am.

While she slept on, MOTH and I took off for an ex-GTs place for cake and coffee. There were a couple of other workmates there. The house - the small part of it I saw - is lovely. We wasted a couple of hours there, then decided to do the Walk. The walk along the mile, peering in windows, wishing and dreaming of all the things we can't have.

We did that for an hour. Until I could feel myself cooking and demanded it was time to give up. I think we'd covered half of it, both sides of the street.

I was tomato red *come on in dad, the water's boiling!* and in fact, still am. The lights here at work exaggerate it and I'm looking somewhat like a fire engine.

Sunday night, we talked, bullied, badgered Wogboy into coming over for a while. He wasn't going to; he had to do something for the PIA as mentioned earlier first. As always. He had dinner with us, stayed for a while then went home.

Today the dress is dropped off, and hopefully I remember to collect it Wednesday on my way home from work....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It's the final countdown!

Till the end of the year. Every year it seems to be going faster. And faster, as I spiral downward to the barely anticipated joys of old age.


I've also just realised that the Teen has only about three weeks of school left. Forever. That's a huge step. Not that I'm going to wax philosophical, but wow. I feel so old!

Preparations a frantically underway for her Formal. I managed to purchase a dress for what I thought was a reasonable price; about $190 plus freight. Mind, it's going to cost $117 to have it altered! Each alteration on its own is quite reasonably priced; all together is a different story.

All in all, it's not a bad price for a Formal dress. She blithely informed MOTH and I while sitting at dinner the other day that one of her friend's parents have spent $800 on their daughter's Formal dress! *wonders what the really rich girl will be spending??*

I pick the dress up this Thursday. *fingers crossed the alterations turn out well*

The Teen and I are in discussions at the moment about monitoring the use of the phone plan. I think I mentioned that while she was away, she notched up a phone bill of astronomical proportions. Last month wasn't much better. It was better, but not much. We are now watching her fingers closely.....

We haven't had a chance to get out in the car much. My nerves still need calming. Timing is the problem. I can only manage when I get home from work. That borders on twilight and, she tells me, bad for her night vision. I think that option is still better than trying to get her up early. Teens are so not morning people!

The week was pretty cruisy; most weeks are. All the action happens on the weekend.

Friday it was Wogboy's turn to sleep over. He hasn't done that for a while because they usually go partying and go back to his place. Somehow or another he managed to bring Lion with him. *shrugs* Lion is quiet and polite, so I didn't mind.

Mum! Teen tells me. A friend from Gladdy is coming over. Oh, sure. No worries. I found out later he was bunking down as well. Huh. The noise in the yard increases. I look out. There are two extra girls and another boy out there. A friend of hers dropped by and brought two others with him. Before we knew it, it was an impromptu party.

She asked me to let her open the trick or treat lollies early. No! Why not? Because you had a party without permission. *grins* Pfft, Mum, it's a Gathering.... I thought about that. No, I said. A Gathering is a little food, conversation. Possibly some drinks. But no music. She laughed and took off outdoors.

For teens, they were remarkably good about noise. The Teen seems to rule her parties with an iron fist. The next morning, the Gladdy friend was up fairly early and finished off the tidy up that had been started the night before. He's welcome back!

Wogboy bought the Teen some new shoes. Plain canvas slip ons. She uses that boy and his wallet mercilessly. She decorated them ...

Saturday afternoon found MOTH in the garden again. I helped a while, trimming branches from the shrubs that guard the front of our house. They are a little patchy from the lack of moisture. The little mulcher he bought earlier in the year doesn't know if Armageddon has arrived or not.

Sunday morning I vacuumed and mopped the tiled area in the meals/kitchen. Whew. Sunday afternoon we were back in the garden. This time MOTH went at the shrubbery with ... a Herring! No, really he just used the hedge trimmers. The sun was bitingly hot and I was less than enthusiastic about helping. I stayed a while as I couldn't in all conscience leave Mr DNA man to his own devices with sharp things. He usually manages to leave his DNA all over them!

After playing in the garden it was time to help Teen rebleach her hair. It's two toned, so trying to grasp only the blonde bits and leave the dark bits behind requires quite a deal of concentration.

Sunday night Bones and Castle called to me *w00t for exceeding download limits and making the system slllllloooooowwwwww* and MOTH put the internet aside and joined me.