Thursday, July 26, 2007

Argh! Semester is back!

I noticed it properly today. Yoiks!

For a start, it's all so much noisier.

I've never been able to figure out why the student species must congregate in the walkways, on the stairs and cluster in groups where the heaviest foot traffic is likely to be.

Today, as I ventured off to pilates class - late I might add - I had to negotiate a group of international students. Who had decided to take up residence right in the middle of the footpath. No, I stand corrected. Right across the entire width of the footpath. To the extent that, to get past, I was required to negotiate the woodchip that borders the path under the trees. And this isn't a narrow path either. But, it is a major thoroughfare, so I guess it was to be expected.

Now, I didn't say anything. I'm a pussycat that way. But I did mumble some curses as I strode past. And they slowly meander off to goodness knows wherever it is students go.

And they are everywhere. It is necessary for me to force my way through them all to get where I need to go.

My senses are completely assaulted by the sheer numbers. Noisy, obnoxious and way, way too many of them.

I'm sure this university would get along better without them........

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Funnies.

Ok, it's not funny. Unless you suffer from Old Timers......

I thought I had something I was going to contribute here. But I have forgotten. Oh well. It's Friday. And I just might convince myself it's nearly time to go home.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Dr's make me ill. Or I hate getting old.

Well, it seems to be the merry-go-round on the health system lately. I've managed to wrangle 2 whole days off this week. Thank you Queensland Health. I'm not complaining mind. I don't mind sitting around in waiting rooms. Waiting.

Monday was blood test and x-ray day. When I arrived, bright and early at the pathology lab, I should have been warned by the sign. Which read closed. Even though they were actually open. So I present myself to the front desk. Only to be told that one of the tests I am scheduled for must be booked in. Darn. Didn't know that. But they decided to let me do the test anyway. Lucky me. It was a glucose tolerance test. And being 12 months since I did the last one - which I don't remember having to book in for - I had forgotten just how nauseated that green drink makes me.

3 hours and about 7 vials of blood later, I stagger off to x-ray at the hospital. I had just managed to settle down with my book, and hey I get called in. How inconsiderate.

The upshot was that I was in and out of there in less than half an hour. And I had arranged the whole day off. You beauty.

Wednesday was back to the hospital for the Dr. My appointment was 0915. But it's interesting to try find your way through outpatients when you have only ever seen Emergency. Or the ceilings of the corridors. But I found my way with plenty of time and settled in. The clinic nurse, an older woman who called herself Steph, proved to be comic relief. She couldn't find a referral on my file.

"Do you have a referral letter with you?" she asked. I denied all knowledge. But I did give her the name of the Dr I had seen as an inpatient. A moments pause, a puzzled frown and her face cleared. Oh, I know Su, that's very naughty of her.

We waited. She popped back to apologise and offer cups of tea and coffee all round. The Dr was delayed, having to see patients in the ward. About 20 of them. And he didn't have a helper. More waiting. I'm supposed to be going off to work after this appointment. This time she mentioned the Dr has a couple of broken ribs. No indication whatsoever about how that happened. Which was probably the best part of the story. "So he's a bit precious" says she. A quiet chuckle and we went back to doing what we do best. Waiting. Most of us read, and listened to one patient snore.

I didn't get in till after 12noon. What? The x-ray is inconclusive? You need a CT? Groan. Make follow up appointments. Done. With still another 40 mintues to finally arrive at work, I phoned the acting Boss. We decided that it just wasn't worth going in. Yippee.

Today, I get to see my GP. Who will no doubt tell me my blood pressure is way too high. Medication will need to be adjusted. Which will make me sick for a few days. And my blood sugar is too high. I will need to diet. I keep telling myself that if I get sick, I get sick. If I need to change my diet, that could be exactly the kick I am looking for. And I just need to chill. And the more I think about it, the more nervous I get, and the higher my blood pressure goes. See comment regarding merry-go-round.

On another note, today I have finally extracted digit, and preordered the final instalment of the Harry Potter books. I am most happy and looking forward to that.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Post about nothing...

Getting sort of Seinfeld with that post title......

So, I am back at work, still working on staff travel. Just lately it seems to be that nothing I plan is working out right. Up till I was off sick, I was flat strap trying to resolve a problem that should never have existed in the first place. But I listened to my travellers' request, and hey presto, problemo. Big one. That didn't get solved until after 5pm Friday afternoon. And they were to travel on the Sunday. Or even the Saturday. I can't remember. The whole thing was so traumatic I have blocked it.

Now I have travel to the USA to organise. But I can't get the flights I want. It seems they are all booked out. The agent tells me it's due to school holidays. What I want to know is how can people afford to travel overseas and take the kids with them???

And I have just completed organising domestic travel. But guess what - someone else was booking the accommodation, and I found out around 4.45pm that they booked the wrong night. So I had to try fix that one as well.

Never ends, does it.

But last weekend I got to ride on the coattails of MOTH's birthday and went to Gold Class. For the first time. And I really enjoyed the experience. Ok, so we were almost the only ones in the cinema, but I think that's what made it so enjoyable. We deliberately chose a matinee screening of Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer. And the only other person came in about half hour after it started. But I loved the film, and I loved Gold Class. Definitely going to do that again.

Oh, and the other bit of nothing..........

Bf asked the question. The Elder said yes. Apparently. No date set, but a couple years in the future. No ring yet, but saving up for it. I have warned her. I have a Grand-cat. I don't want Grand-kids......