Monday, April 28, 2008

A Proud Tradition

Anzac Day. Steeped in tradition, high emotion and celebration. Unless you seem to be some of the young ones these days. Who don't think it's appropriate to celebrate war. When are they going to learn that it's not about celebrating war? It's about celebrating the greatness of the gift that our soldiers have given us?

For me, Anzac Day has always meant a holiday. And avoiding the Dawn Service. This year, I thought I would break with tradition and catch the parade. I don't think I have seen it since our cousin was in the march past and still married to his first wife! I laid my plans. Then several members of my household invited themselves along. Ok. I own up. I asked if they wanted to see it with me.

The basic upshot is that when we arrived in the city, someone called it too crowded and they opted to go walking instead. I thought I would tag along cause they surely wouldn't be too long and we might be able to find a vantage point on the way.

We toured the gardens. Three of them took off and walked ahead, and I got left with the babysitting. Great. My ankle was killing me, and I had to deal with Blondie. Normally, that's not a huge problem, but he was snippy. At what, I hadn't quite figured out. But he'd been bad the day before, Sunny thought it a good idea to get him out of the house. And he came. He did tell me that he didn't like big groups - heck there were five of us total. So he hung back with me. Dammit!

Blondie is an all right kid. I guess. But he has his problems, and right along with depression is a possible ADHD. Yay for me. Don't ask me how I do it folks. I just have a special talent.

But he got snippy with Sunny for some reason, going quiet and snipping when Sunny spoke to him. I pointed the finger; don't you start! And things evened out from there.

I don't remember what I did Saturday. The day is just a blur. Oh, I remember. MOTH and I hit the road to the shops. He was looking for liquid smoke to use for his jerky. We didn't find any, and alas, feel we must begin searching in cyber. I bought a pair of ugly white ankle boots for the Teen. She loves them, but ugh!

Sunday I thought I would venture into the city again. Sunny has a bead necklace he likes to wear. One I made, and the knots on the 'string' keep coming undone. It's that stretchy rubber stuff they use, usually for bracelets so you don't need a catch. So off to the specialty store in the city. Which does only beading supplies. I've tried glue and that doesn't work either.

I wanted to leave early, Blondie was coming, as was the Elder and Sunny. In the end, due to oversleeping and not being home, we left later and it was only Sunny and I. Poor MOTH was left with Blondie. And the day was good. For me.

Then we got home and both Sunny and I had nanna naps.

I'm looking forward to my next long weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aaaaannnndddd .... I'm back

It has been a while. There hasn't been much happening since I came back from Adelaide.

I did arrive home though to find that a friend of Sunny's had moved in that weekend. It's ok. You can breathe. I did know he was coming.

He's sleeping on the couch. The original deal was for a week. But a week has gone past and he's still there. I don't mind too much. MOTH, Sunny and I had a chat at the end of the week and decided that there wasn't anywhere he could move to. He hasn't enough to move out, and doesn't have any family he can move to.

I think though that MOTH and I have reach the limit. There will be no more when he goes. Not for a while anyway. Quite a while. I don't mind opening the house, but there has been extras since I got rid of the Chef. Sunny is a different matter though - he's family.

This one though - I guess I will call him Blondie - does help around the house. Today he's started the washing and pegged the load out. And MOTH likes that.

Thought we were having a houseful again this weekend. One of Sunny's strays asked if he could sleep over tonight. And the answer is ok. And Sunny's brother was going to come for a visit. But the parents have put the foot down, declined to let him come, and even taken away his internet priveliges. Sunny is upset - he now doesn't have anyway to contact him.

I don't know why they have to be this way. Sunny went back for a visit while we were in Adelaide, and it was apparently a nightmare for him. To the point where he has disowned them completely. He had a birthday card for his 18th. And no call. Nothing. He said that if we had something planned, he didn't want them invited.

His 18th has come and gone. We gave him his present - a bottle of Tia Maria. How ghey is that??? The day was a bit better than I thought it was going to be, but not as good as I had hoped. Things got a little sticky by the end of the evening. That's what happens when you have a house of depressives.

It was noted in jest this morning that I was the only one not on antidepressants. And didn't look like I needed them. So, I was dancing around the kitchen. I can't remember what it was that took my fancy either. Finger pointing. Exclamation marks. YOU are the only one here who isn't on tablets. What sort of freak does that make you!?

Ah me. Viva la difference!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We're ba-ack!

Yes, just returned from a hectic four days in Adelaide. The Elder, my rentals and me. We flew out at sparrow fart Friday morning. It's been so long since I flew, I had forgotten how weird it feels on takeoff and landing. And I popped Kwells. Just to make sure!

I've never been to Adelaide before. I didn't get to see as much of it as I would like.

We were met at the airport by a car service. It was a Kia Carnival van. I was surprised how roomy they are. And comfortable.

One thing that struck me was the old architecture and building materials that are used in the houses. Most of them are cottages, made of stone. Or at least with stone facades. Complete with columns. And some of them had the rounded front window walls. Difficult to describe, but I know what I mean.

I met up with my sister. We were, after all, there for her reception. Friday was spent with her and getting ourselves checked into the motel. It was walking distance from her place, so position at least was handy. The room itself was nothing flash. Nothing at all. Brickwork was dark, the walls white, carpet and curtains turquoise. Circa 1970. Or something. But very, very clean.

The day was cloudy, and a little cool. Friday night we had a bbq dinner. The bro-in-law wanted to use his new toy.

Friday night, I discovered that the walls were NOT soundproofed. You know it's bad when you have to go to sleep with your iPod on so you can try to drown out some of the noise of the talking and telly in the adjoining room! And sometime early I was awoken by strange noises. I lay in my blankets. Please, please let them be watching a movie.....

Saturday was cool, with light showers. This was the day of the reception. And when we arrived at the local club, the set up was lovely; the food even better.

I don't remember what we did for dinner. We went back to their place after the reception for more drinks and food.

Sunday was cool too. With some showers. Why do we always seem to get rained on? That was the niece's birthday party. Some of the kids seemed nice, some did not. The usual bag. Sunday night, I put my hand up and asked for pizza. I scabbed some cash, because hey, we were all putting in. And I tried to put the whole order on my credit card. They told me it wouldn't work, did I have any cash. Luckily!! And it was just enough to cover the cost of the order. Without my contribution of course. I took the boxes and we left the store. My sister suggested that I share the boxes around so I didn't have to carry them all. Sure. Why not. I turned to the Elder who removed the top couple. I turned to the niece, who took the rest. Once again, I used my super powers of delegation, and ended up at a free end. She shook her head. Only you could do it....

Monday dawned beautifully. The air was crisp, but the sun was shining. We were making a very quick trip into Rundle Mall, followed by a dolphin cruise. I was meeting a friend for coffee before we headed off. I only had an hour, but I did manage to grab a couple of minutes to drop by Haigh's chocolate shop. Of course!

I was a bit worried about the cruise. Everyone seemed enthusiastic, so I didn't object. I don't handle water that well. I can get sick in a lift. But I took the Kwells, and as long as I didn't look outside for long, I was fine. There was a group of women on board though. Three adults; nine children. And weren't they obnoxious!!

We finished the cruise, then headed off to some warehouse to see if we could find a bargain. There was nothing there I could bring myself to spend money on. But the others seemed to find things.

Monday night, we had a lovely dinner cooked for us.

Tuesday morning, we flew out. The pick up service to take us to the airport didn't have a van. So they sent two cars. A holden Statesman. A Chrysler 300C. The Elder and I saw the statesman come in first. And then the second car turned up. OURS! we called. And we rode in the 300C. It was black. So totally mafia staff car! And swooningly comfortable. The trip to the airport wasn't long enough. He did offer to drive us all the way home though...

So now, we're back. Thankfully I have the rest of the week off. To catch up on washing!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday blues.

Actually, no. Monday is good. At least, it can't be as bad as some poor sod I caught an eye full of this morning.

Business shirt. Good trousers. Changing a flat tyre.

Nope, my Monday couldn't be that bad.

But I did realise, while making my first cup of the day, that I had forgotten to do something on Friday. Not good, that. All I can do is start it this morning, and hope that it works. It has to do with travel - now there's something different! - and revolves around the fact that I got approval to go ahead with it last Thursday, and to get the quoted fare, it had to be ticketed Friday.

*shrugs* Ah well. Can't do much with that now.

Last weekend was different. Sunny went back to his doctor, and stayed at his parents. He took the Elder with him. It seems that things are back on even ground. And he really enjoyed the stay. So much in fact, that they stayed another night. And the Teen stayed out at a friend's place for Saturday. So MOTH and I were somewhat at a loose end. Don't you hate it when you are used to the place being full, then suddenly it's empty, and all is quiet. In fact, too quiet. And you wander around feeling lost and looking for someone to annoy?

Well. Ok, so I don't know about the rest of you. But I do.

All is back to normal in that respect tonight though. The Elder and Sunny are back, Teen is back. And bringing a ring in with her.

Sunny's first appointment with the psycho today. Somewhat daunting, but hey! I get a short day.

And it's a short week! This week I am off to visit a sibling in another state. No longer will I be able to claim that I've never been out of the state. Oh dear. Going to ruin a perfect record.....

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Square One Would Be Good Right Now

I think I've mentioned Sunny has started a new job. It's five days a week, about 5 hours a day. He's worked three shifts and I think it's beginning to take it's toll.

Yesterday he worked from 1pm to 6pm. All was fine, but boy was he tired. After dinner, we did the usual thing. He sprawled on the couch, surrounded by cushions, doona and me. Actually, I sit in my spot and he props the cushions, pillows and what ever else against me and makes himself comfortable. And this doesn't annoy me. In fact, I get to lean on the cushions myself. Hmm. Comfy.

Last night, the Elder suddenly decided she was in a foul mood. She retired to her room. She put shoes on and stormed out the house. Sunny and I looked at each other and wondered. She went back to her room. She threw things. Sunny gave up and went to see what was wrong.

Holy heck. She was jealous of the time he spends with me. Jealous. I know she's no angel. I know she's capable of this. She also told him that MOTH is jealous of the time we spend together.

Sunny crashed. And I think we are back to square one. I understand his need for Mother company. His own hasn't given him what he needs and he's got 17 years to make up for. MOTH was down on the day he made that statement. To her. He's certainly said nothing to me. We've since talked about it, and he explained it was the depression talking and he certainly doesn't feel that way any more. Having Sunny there hasn't really changed anything. Just now, he goes to bed early and I stay up late. Instead of the other way around.

So now I'm worried that she's killed any sense of security he had staying with us. How can you feel comfortable in a house where you aren't sure if they really want you after all and you think you are creating rifts? And that house was your sanctuary?

I know that it was also the depression firing off her mouth, and I know she deeply and sincerely regrets it. But the damage is done and it's too late to retract.

I hope that it settles down - things were still tricky with Sunny this morning - and he eventually realises that he does fit in. Very much so. And I'm still willing to give him the support he needs to get through. Everyone else will have to live with that. He needs it the most right now.

MOTH understands this. Things were hectic when Sunny first arrived. But now things were calmer, I've been making a more conscious effort to hug and kiss both the Teen and the Elder so they can feel included too.

Fingers crossed the dust settles. Hopefully MOTH can help with this. Even he is learning to communicate more. And that can't be a bad thing.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day

Time flies when you are having fun. Or not. It's April already. I can't believe it.

I did end up with a message this morning. From a sibling. Someone who was on the ball! Pinch and punch. And all that jazzzzz. No, wait. No singing. Yes, I can sing. Very badly.....

Things have been busy on the home front. We did manage to finally get the rooms swapped. But now everything they can't fit in their rooms is out in the loungeroom. Boxes of stuff. It's beginning to get a little on the OH&S side of things. At least I managed to get the hall cleared! It was a close run thing. The Teen is ecstatic about the swap. Not so sure about the Elder. I think Sunny is relatively happy - he actually gets a little room. Well, he would, if the Elder hadn't taken over.

The hardest part is convincing her that most of what she has stashed in boxes could probably be thrown away. She doesn't use it, doesn't need it. I had hoped this time she might actually do something about it. She brought home some tips about de-cluttering. The paper stayed in her bag and most of what did actually get thrown out was actually rubbish. I mean the old dockets, bags and stuff that ends up in layers on her bedroom floor. Most of us have grown out of the habit of using the bedroom floor as a rubbish dump by the time we hit 20. But not this child.

So how come it's so difficult to declutter anyway? Why do we feel we have to hang on to things that might have some sentimental value? Once upon a time I think I felt that way, but these days, I'm happy to throw it away unless it has some value. Maybe it's from looking at the stuff that has accumulated in the kids rooms over the last I-don't-know-how-many-years. It's daunting. It takes up so much space there isn't room to move. No freedom; you're weighed down with it all.

In fact, it brings to mind footage from Labyrinth. Old people, bent double with all their junk carried on their backs....

On another note, things have been cruising with Sunny. He mentioned that he couldn't believe he felt so up. Until last night. He has a part time job. Yesterday was his first day. It's five days a week, 5 hours a day. Last night, he had a sensory overload; he crashed. Suddenly he dived up from the couch and ran out of the house. Just recently single, I thought it was the ex.

I found out later that he had suffered a sensory overload and had to get out and away; everything was too overwhelming. Too much noise, too many people.

I guess we were a touch noisy. Wonder if I can keep it a little quieter and relaxed this evening? There isn't anything on telly, so chances might be better. No one home from a movie and calling details across the room. No one laughing maniacally at some comedy gala.....

Wait. Aren't we the comedy festival on our own?