Thursday, January 29, 2009

It occurred to me....

That I might have actually done something on the weekend that I forgot to blog about. Because I am getting a bit grey around the muzzle.

Something that may, or may not, have been the highlight of the weekend, and I forgot about it!

During the week, MOTH and I received an invitation to dinner at a friend's place. A Boxing Day get together if you will. Yes, I know. That's been and gone a long while away. But usually, if we are going to have them, they ARE on Boxing Day. And usually it's in the afternoon and we have a bbq to go with it.

This year, because she had been away, she decided to postpone it. So we had it Australia Day weekend.

I go along because, you know, when you've been friends with someone for a long, long time, you sort of feel obligated to turn up. Well, I sort of do anyway. And who am I to turn down a free feed?

I'm not always keen. She has airconditioning, but doesn't always run it.

So we toddled off, and yes! *does happy dance* We arrived the same time as the other guests. They are always great to have around - he's very funny, she's very pleasant, and they always bring out the best in the hosts.

AND the airconditioning was running. Couldn't get any better, could it.

But it did. A lovely glass of wine before dinner. Dinner was baked ham, turkey, salad with pumpkin pie and icecream for dessert. It was so good, I went back for seconds. Of the main that is, not dessert. *hears audience take collective gasp*

Her little boy is INTENSE. Yes, that's the only word I can think of that comes close to describing the change in this gorgeous rosy cheeked and previously quiet angel.

Her little girl read me a story. She reads very well. She even managed the word 'contrary'.

And after a bout of serious play, while I was sitting at one end of the couch, she grabbed a cushion, threw it on my lap and lay down along the length of the couch.

Wow. As if no one has ever done that on me before. What are they saying, exactly?

*perplexed look and rolls away*

Monday, January 26, 2009

Home. It's where the heart is.

Happy Australia Day everybody!

We celebrated as best we could. Even though we didn't have a lamb dinner - sorry Sam. Not even a bbq. Even though, in spite of my best intentions, I didn't listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. Even though.

There did seem to be many Aussie flags flying this year. I think the Sunday Mail must have improved their circulation. Flags on cars. Flags on bikes. Yes, even a pushbike with a flag almost bigger than the bike.

Argh! The dvd player is being a pain. It's breaking up the visual and losing the audio, and we've even cleaned the lens....

I don't think too much has happened during this week. My work compatriot is back this week and I'm sure she won't be happy with what little I have managed to accomplish of the stuff she left me when she went on holidays.

The travel took precedent. As it does. A trip to some out of the way place on short notice. Which was cancelled. Of course. Because of the weather. And we've had to rebook it all for different dates.

Sometimes I think it's time to move on. I've even found myself browsing the internal job ads....

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Great Outdoors. It's so ... outdoorsy

It's Monday again, and time has rolled around so quickly. We're settling into the new place and getting used to the way things work. That is, public transport.

The weather is fine. It's been humid, but hey, I've been in the airconditioning all day so I haven't noticed it too much. Right now, I'm sitting out in the gazebo, laptop on the glass topped table, and stealing someone's interwebs. Probably mine actually, now I think about it.

Yes, we did seem to have managed to get it functioning. The main dispute is the rate we have to pay now. At the other place, MOTH arranged to have it all bundled with the house phone. And that worked. But over here, there is no service for ADSL2. And that's what we had and were paying for. But because it was all bundled - this is what I've managed to get. It could be wrong - we can't change the plan to a faster speed or bigger download. In fact, we can't change it at all, so we are still expected to pay for ADSL2, even though we can't get the service. We took it to the Ombudsman, who referred us back to the complaints resolution centre. MOTH managed to explain the problem, but someone will have to get back to us.

Typical. But we have instruction from the Ombudsman not to pay the ADSL2 charges until the dispute is resolved. Which might be good, if we could work out what they are. Since it is all bundled together like. So people, if there is one thing I've learned from this it's don't bundle your phone packages.

The day has cooled off a little and I'm listening to the next door neighbours splash in their pool. I can't see them though, and I like that very much.

A recap of the week. I guess that's what you are waiting for. And what a week. So memorable, I don't think I have anything to say really.

The Teen finally has her glasses. They set me back a pretty penny I can tell you. The frames are brand name; D&G. Nothing but the best when you're a teenager keeping up with the trends, right?

I've managed to sort out the buses I need to get to work. I hop on one not far from home, and change at one of the major shopping centres for one that takes me straight to work from there. It all works very well - I can walk in the office door in a smidgeon over an hours commute. I'm loving it. The only problem is that the bus I catch in the morning has a very limited number of runs. About three in the morning, and three in the evening. So I can't really leave work early, or get there late. Bum.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What day is it again?

It does seem to be a Monday. I'm sitting at work - of course - and I'm so tired that I can't even begin to think straight. I'm busy shaking my fist at some Pacific nation because right now, it's apparently in some sort of weather induced state of flux and everything I stressed over last week must now be redone.

On the homefront everything is pretty normal. For our house. We still don't have the interwebs. Friday just gone, MOTH gave himself a good dose of the downers. Huh. For some reason, Cactus Island popped into the vacant space occupying my brain at present.

But I digress!

He phoned Telstra to talk to them about getting the issue of the interwebs sorted. A couple of hours and countless people later, he still hadn't got it resolved. He almost had, he was getting somewhere with someone really helpful annnnddd ... the phone cut out and switched him back to a call centre. He gave up. Spent the rest of the day keeping the Black at bay.

There you go, it's now confirmed. Telstra is a major cause of depression.

He tried again a day or so later. The issue still isn't resolved, but we did find out that the service we had been on at the old address - ADSL2 - is not available at the new place. I think there is some big story behind that, but us little plebs will never know it. So now we have to convince Telstra that we shouldn't continue to pay for a service that we can't use.

Saturday, the Teen bugged me to spend a bit of my money - bond refund - and get some dye for her hair. Yes, dear readers, she's making the sacrifice. She's giving up the blonde and going brown. She and I went to the supermarket and picked the colour. Too cheap and nasty we are to have it done in a salon. We purchased two boxes because now she has the extensions in, things aren't as easy as they once were. And spent AB-SO-BLOODY-LUTELY ages putting it through. By crikey though, it went dark.

When she got to the washing out stage, it was black! Or at least, a very dark, patchy, charcoal colour. Apart from the roots where her natural hair colour was. It had gone a pretty brown ...

... many tears later, and we decided that the next day we would have to purchase a different one. And so we did. Different brand too. This new one was the same brand I use. And another forty dollars later, I decided it might have been cheaper to get one of her hairdresser friends to do it after all. Serves us right! *kicks self. and her too*

So, this one was a little more of a success. And all were happy.

On a completely different note I treated myself to a nintendo DS lite. I tromped everywhere, but could only get a light blue, pink or white. No one had black. Not anywhere. But Sunny has white. Rules that one out. The Elder, although she doesn't live at home, has light blue. Guess that only left the pink. * small shudder* The Teen wasn't too upset about that. By her way of thinking, I can save up and purchase myself a black one. As long as she gets the pink one.

Of course.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Typing. It's optional.

I've been playing while on holidays. A little light stress relief. Well, it was supposed to be, but now I think it's presented a whole different level of 'stress'...

Ignore the 'old lady' hand in the photo. I couldn't find any way to get rid of those.

So, I think we've been in the house for about a week now. Or is it two? Each day is much like the other when you don't have work days to mark them out. I'm back in the office today. Back at work for a rest.

I really like the house. I don't know about any of the others who shall be sharing my abode. True, it's going to take a lot more work to keep tidy. And I still am yet to find a way to get the 'housemates' to contribute to some of the upkeep. Perhaps I might just have to say that whatever day I pick will be cleaning day, and leave the cleaning gear out. I know the boys will be contributing to the rent, but I don't think that means that MOTH and I should have sole responsibility for keeping it clean. I'm really more interested in all of them keeping their areas clean - their bathroom and toilet, the rumpus room, their sleeping areas. That kind of thing.

We're still not completly set up - I had to do a mad dash out to the fridge in the garage this morning to get the salad dressing - but we are getting there. We can actually see some of the garage floor space. And we've managed to use the cooktops. All rusted and pitted as they are. I think they are not too bad under all the burned on stuff though. And in the course of cleaning the 'old' place, there has been the revelation of the stuff called 'gumption'. It's amazing - even jus the word gumption! - and if I get energetic, some of it might be finding its way on to the stove.

In the course of exploring the outside, we've found a compost bin. *smiles* I'm not sure if the Teen is altogether impresed with the idea of having to do a compost run. I didn't 'remind' her several times last night, so I see it still on the bench this morning.

A godsend is the dishwasher. This one doesn't complain about having to do the dishes, and does a super job. Since we aren't used to using one, it's going to take a bit to remember to clean out the food traps. I don't mind packing the dishwasher each night and kicking off the cycle. Or unpacking it in the morning. I know the job will be finished off properly then. I have managed to show one family member so far how to use it. MOTH will likely just try to work it out for himself.

One thing I'm not impressed with? The useless tenants before us. We STILL don't have phone or broadband. I did my end of the deal and organised to have the phone disconnected and a reconnection done. Telstra of course. And they move about as fast as a sandcrawler in a storm. Several days after making arrangements online for the move we received an email acknowledgement. A few days after that MOTH got a phone call. A few days after THAT, a techie turned up to do the installation. And guess what! We hadn't been using our broadband after all. The previous tenants HADN'T DISCONNECTED THEIR PHONE. And the techie couldn't do a thing about ours because of it. So we phoned the number he suggested, confused the heck out of the poor customer service officer and hopefully got the ball rolling to get our phone service connected....

I like that the buses run from stops about a two minute walk away. Most of them that is. The one I need to get this afternoon stops at the shops - about a fifteen minute walk away. I can walk down the hill to the train station down from the major shopping centre where I need to run my errand and then get a bus to home from my destination station, or I can hop on a bus just outside the major shopping centre and get off at the local shops. No brainer for me really. MOTH is hoping that with all the buses so close, he won't have to drive anymore. It's getting very difficult for him - these days he can't drive more than a kilometre before he loses feelings in his hands. And I really don't want to be in the car if he ever loses feeling enough to lose his grip on the wheel. Although it could make life interesting. For somebody. *smiles dreamily and wanders off*