Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catching up

So it seems that time has slipped by again. And every time I do actually update it's a litany of complaints about Niece and her behaviour. Why is that? Maybe this is becoming my therapy.

We have had a wonderful day today. Until she wanted to talk about boys. And I've been busy telling her how wonderful she's been today. And then she wants to talk about boys.

I hate talking about boys with her. She keeps on and on about Brendan, and he's her boyfriend. I try to tell her that boyfriend/girlfriend stuff will be important for the rest of her life. But Brendan and she will be together for the rest of her life. As far as she is concerned anyway. And nothing I say will dissuade her. I'm trying to tell her that she will have many boys. Also, as her book *a thick tome called girl stuff* says, it's okay to be single. But nooooo, she will have a boyfriend. I try to explain that any girl who NEEDS a boyfriend to make her love herself is destined for trouble. A girl needs to be picky and part of that will be being single. But noooooo. Her face falls, she gets that thunderous expression, and nothing gets through.

And I told her, we've had such a wonderful day, I didn't want to spoil it by having a discussion that always makes her angry. She insisted and after a time I spent the next fifteen minutes telling her to find something else to do because I didn't want to ruin a lovely day. Eventually I had to say get lost, put the book away, and find something that will make you happy. In fact, I had to be very very blunt about it.

So, perfect day ruined. And I haven't even had a chance to finish my dinner.

Finally finished the last of my Christmas shopping today. I hope. It's not much but I hope Froggy likes hers. It's something special I found during Ekka time and I really enjoyed it. Yay!

I guess I should bring you up to date about my event. It seems to have gone off smoothly. I really did enjoy the opportunity to work on it even if it was a fancy way of booking a table at a restaurant. I decided to give the guests little bonbonnieres as a way of saying thank you for letting me organise your event. It was going to be a bit expensive to do this but whatever. And then the booking went from 30 to 56. Ouch! It ended up costing me a fortune to do this and decorate the tables. The client didn't pay for anything. And the College won't be reimbursing any costs. My fault for ending up trying to organise an event with a client who has no budget and all guests pay for their own.

Now I have to work that into a huge document and make it sound a lot more complicated than it actually was. That could prove to be a little troublesome. Progress is slow because procrastination keeps getting in the way. Much like updating this blog.

But I only have about 17 assessments left to go I think.

MOTH has been playing Santa for the local shopping centre. He's having an absolute ball. It's hot and sweaty work and he comes home exhausted but he's still loving it. He was told today that the centre was getting great feedback. He was to have job shared with another but the other man's wife fell ill so MOTH is doing the whole stint by himself. Minus a couple of days he couldn't do because of other commitments.

Obviously they do pet photos as well. And he doesn't mind those either.

Niece goes back home for about three weeks this coming Monday. She's excited about it, and so am I. She's then travelling home with Teen and Elder. Teen will be staying on for a while. Should be fun. Bring it, I say!