Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh Jerome!

And I'm watching Miss Marple and trying to figure out who is playing their bass so loud at this time of night. Suddenly it dawns on me, it's from the TV. Yes, it's been that kind of week.

Jerome has been bugging me for food. Again! He had his supper at 5:30pm and now, 3 hours or so later, he wants food again. And I worm him regularly. He's a marvellous cat but his voice is so Siamese yowl.

The Niece has been giving herself grief this week. Her penchant for telling tales has had her in a bit of bother. She has told Tee that her boyfriend has put pictures of her on his Facebook. This is a little worrying. However I can't figure out, and questioning her doesn't provide an answer either, where he may have managed to get the photos. I write a note in the diary for her teacher. I get a call to discuss the matter. A girl Niece travels with on the bus has told her that P had uploaded the photos. Investigation by the teacher who has spoken to the girl and her mother indicates that neither of them have a Facebook account. No idea where the pictures could have come from. And P isn't at school to ask them. Teacher reassures me that she has no idea where they could have gotten the pictures either has they aren't allowed tech at school. No phone in other words. And they aren't in the same class. I mention the tale Niece has told Tee about getting into trouble. Teacher knows nothing of this, she hasn't confiscated any notes and if anyone else has she's not been told. And as far as she knows, Niece would like to be friends with P but he isn't interested.

So. It seems that Niece's penchant for fantasy has gotten her into a great deal of trouble. And not just her. And when I confront her, she tells me that it was all a lie. Even the girl on the bus was a lie. So she's told a tale that has not only gotten her into trouble but a lot of other people as well. And even after explaining this, and the fact that *we've discussed this before!* she can't say that P is her boyfriend if he isn't! She shows me pictures she says he's given her. But he hasn't. He's given them to the girl on the bus. Niece has written OXOX on the bottom and crossed out the other girl's name. *rolls eyes*

And she'll probably feel bad and think about it for about half a day while I try to convince her that P is NOT her boyfriend and to think about all the other people she got in trouble. Not to mention that if she keeps going everyone is going to point and whisper that she's the girl who tells lies and no one will have anything to do with her. But they'll all know about the girl who tells lies. And then it will all go back to where it was at the beginning.

I have finished my first unit! Yay! My tutor is very pleased as I am ahead with my study. This cluster *two units* finish on 18 October 2014. I have one assessment for the second unit to go. My tutor has made arrangements for the next cluster to be released early. Apparently part of my course also involves the gift of an iPad. On loan of course until I graduate. Then it becomes mine. Haven't seen it yet. Maybe it will arrive this week.

It's been decided that we will be moving at the end of the lease. The landlord has offered another 13 months with no increase but the current rent is just too high to sustain. We've registered for the National Rent Assistance Scheme but am not quite sure what it means. Lower rent in NRAS properties but so far they all seem to be townhouses. The agent was adamant that putting our current residence into the system was not feasible so MOTH is no longer worried about staying with the same agency. I think I could cope with a townhouse but MOTH isn't.

And then hopefully we aren't too constricted in our choices by the school. Catchment areas you know....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Week That Was

I survived Oz Comic-Con. And I didn't even manage to get many photos.

The call for volunteers to arrive on Friday went out. I managed to arrive at 2pm and still there were plenty of people there ahead of me. I found some other Front of House volunteers in the queue. We chatted while we waited. I fronted the desk. What's the first three letters of your last name. T.A.T. He echoes me. T.I.T. I correct him and he's very embarrassed. I think it's hilarious. And every check in the following couple of days I remind him my name is T.A.T.

Bump in is in full swing. We're separating the wrist bands which are all in sheets. It's tedious stuff but has to be done. Some of them are pulling them apart with no worries in the world but I'm terrified I'll tear them. I guess I shouldn't have worried considering. But my feet are killing by the end of the evening. We break for pizza and everyone has fun stacking the boxes to see how high a tower they could make. I think they managed about 50something boxes. I get to collect my shirt. The crew colours are ... lime green. Lovely. I've eaten three slices but I'm still starving. There's a Subway across the street and I tuck into a 6 inch sub as well.

A 7am start today. That means I have to catch the bus out at 6:05am. Nasty. Front of House staff have queuing priority for check in as we need to be on the ball and ready for 7am. I attach myself to a group at a table who are dealing with bands and bags and scanners. Whoo. Seems I'm on 'bagging and tagging'. One of the other girls laughs and tells me they do that in a morgue. Close enough I say. We have a quick orientation and then it begins. It doesn't seem well organised to me and I don't really get a break till nearly 2pm.

I'm not the only one who thinks it's not well organised. But I manage to go on break and .... I'm lost. I can't remember where the volunteer headquarters are where our bags and stuff are stored. All supervised and issued a number and everything. Uh oh. I wander around looking for it. And eventually I ask. And it seems I walked past it at least once. I didn't recognise the doors. Duh!

Lunch is a mess. There are only the canteens inside the venue. We get a lunch voucher but there's no dedicated line and we have to take our chances with everyone else. Sheesh. Who thought of this? I line up with the general crowd but someone swings by and tells me to jump into that queue there because that's going to be a dedicated one. About time. And I finally get something to eat.

Rest of the afternoon I spend helping patrons put their wrist bands on. There's too many of them to bag and tag so they've been left to do it themselves. So many in fact that pay at the door patrons were getting in faster than those with prepaid tickets. Volunteers get a free autograph of the organisers choosing. It turns out to be Booboo Stewart. Apparently he was the baby werewolf in Twilight and is also one of the mutants in X Men: Days of Future Past. I line up toward day's end but am told with others that Booboo has to leave and to come back tomorrow. I did manage to get a photograph with Jason Momoa though!

I don't get back for the autograph. But I did manage to get time off to attend a panel. Jason Momoa's panel. He's a lovely bloke. And very funny. Swears a bit when he gets carried away. I also manage to get away to fetch an autograph from Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13. He's so friendly. I'm on outdoor duty today. No one wanted that. I know I didn't because ... well, sunshine. And stuff. I did have sunscreen with me but even a 50+ will only protect me for about an hour. Luckily it turns out to be a fairly shady spot on a shady day and hardly anyone queuing at all.

I don't feel like the lunch in the canteen so I think I'll drop by one of the little barista points on the landing outside. They have some sandwiches but nothing special. Looking through the windows seems to indicate that the Subway across the road is busy. Ultra busy. And I don't have the time or the inclination to trundle any further afield. I should have thought of it though. I totally forgot that a block or two further down is ... Southbank. Silly me.

Feet are dead at days end but it has been worth it. The Teen is here to visit and we've arranged to meet at the venue. When she arrives I ask if I can leave for the day. They have no problem with that and when I tell her to wait for me, one of the organisers who has been sorting wrist bands hands her one and tells her she's ok to go in. She's delighted.

And when she's in she finds the Magic the Gathering tables. Snaps them and sends to the boyfriend. Who is totally jealous. Mission accomplished. I grab my gear and we take a wander around the stalls.

She's here for a week but I only get to see her Tuesday and Wednesday as she's busy with friends and gigs. Barbie sleeps over on the nights they're attending gigs together. It's a noisy house. Luckily Niece is off on her first respite weekend in months so misses most of it. Friday night Teen, MOTH, and I were going to go for dinner but she finds that a payment she'd forgotten about has come out of her funds. We stay in and she and I have fun with the limited stock I have in my bar. Facebooking is so much more fun when you're three sheets to the wind I say.

And in this I still have an assessment to complete and submit. It's the last one for this unit and then I will have completed the first unit of my Diploma of Event Management. One down, oh so many to go. There are four assessments in the second unit and I've completed two of those as well. I'm terrified about the third. It's a negotiation role play, done with the tutor over skype. Yoiks.

Ah well, no backing out of it is there! Better get on prepping for that....

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Unit 1 copy unit 1

It's been a busy busy week!

Huh. Just about to test Android NFC transfer but got halfway into the other room and remembered I've packed my other phone away. Never mind, I'll see if I can borrow MOTH's. Oh darn. He has bought himself a new, you beaut cover for it. It weighs a ton really and actually screws together to encase the phone. But hey! At least he won't damage the phone if he drops it. Unless it's on his face while he's web surfing in bed. Or he'll damage something anyway. Did I mention it weighs a ton?

Things have died down a little on the Niece front. There was a small hiccup the other day when I caught her swearing at the neighbour's child who was playing noisily in their yard. She's been excited this week thinking about attending the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food class with her school. It's a four week course that teaches food health, preparation, storage, and other food like things.

The school has finally confirmed that she will be doing an extention year next year. Finally! At least now I know what is going on.

Boys. Yes, she told me about the boy. Of her own accord too. Well, with a little manipulation. Heh. She hides the sketch book she's been working on. I remind her that I will find out what she's bee up to. On the way out of the house the next day to meet the bus she mentions "I don't get in trouble at school. I do at home but not at school". I tell her that of course she does. I know. Sneaking about won't hide anything. Besides, your teacher will tell me. That's what parent/teacher interviews are for. That afternoon she brought me the book to see. I didn't mention that I'd already peeked at it. And that's how I found out about Patrick. *ahem*.

I have my volunteering assignment for Comic-Con. Oh dear. I'm sure I didn't volunteer for this section but I've been allocated to Front of House. FoH looks after the entrance with ticketing, wrist bands, show bags, queues, and maps among other things. It means a fair bit of outdoor work too. I don't like outdoors. I burn easily and I will have to be continually swapping between my sunglasses and eye glasses. Hopefully the way I read the information sheet is correct and rotation is high. And I found some 50+ sunscreen on the shelves the other day. I am very fair skinned so that will protect me for about 45 to 50 minutes I think. On reflection I am pretty sure I volunteered for queueing - autographs. Ah well. The other volunteers seem to be friendly - we have a commmunity page on facebook - and some of us have been chatting.

And at the same time, since I am obviously a glutton for punishment, I have bitten the bullet and enrolled in full time study. A diploma level so it's only 12 month duration. It is very full on though with the aim to lodge one assessment piece a week. I'm two down for my first unit and assessment one for my second. So much study! And I'm wondering why the heck I signed up for this. I've forgotten how much I like my spare time. *cough*