Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday recap

Where was I?

Oh yes... recapping the conference.

Tuesday the Teen arrived. I had organised for her to be collected from the station. We had talked about how she would get to the venue. A taxi was out. I'm not going in a taxi! Especially if the driver is foreign! Sorry foreigners. Nothing personal. It's just daunting when you're a Teen with all those dreadful girlie habits and you don't like to do things by yourself.

So I organised a transfer company for pickup. And when the time came, there was a call. They aren't here! I don't know where to look for them. I told her to look in both carparks, and I got a call back ... nope, not here. So, where were they? Someone called them for me. And we arranged for someone to pick her up pronto.

She called from the lobby. I'm here, and when I went up the van and driver from the transport company were waiting for me. And it looked like someone had arrived in a stretch limo at the same time.

Turns out the driver who had the job of picking her up had been delayed due to an accident on the motorway. *hmmm nice to be told that they would be delayed*

And the Teen whispered to me See that there? *points to stretch* If they had been on time, THAT'S what I was supposed to have been arriving in!

She recovered from her disappointment fairly quickly when she discovered the robes and slippers in the bathroom.....

Tuesday is gala dinner night. This year it was held at Movieworld and celebrated with IT industry awards. I was in two minds as to whether I would go. The meal was alternate drop, there would be speeches and awards. BORING!! *alternate drop is two menu selections and the waiters go round the table alternating the dishes. up to you to swap with someone else on the table if you don't want the meal you have been given. the organisers always pick lamb or salmon. WHY do they do that???*

But I managed to wrangle a free ticket for the Teen and thought, oh, why the heck not. I'm glad I did. It was a very excellent night. There were no rides, but the MC was Corinne Grant *glasshouse, rove* and the main entertainment of the night was Umbillical Bros. And the meal was good. The Teen was happy with the salmon.

The company at the table was enjoyable; everyone seemed to get along well and converstation flowed. The Teen and I decided we would take the first bus out and snuggle up in the room. First bus headed out at 10.30pm. And imagine our surprise when we arrived back at the hotel and everyone who was still there when we left had made it back to the hotel before us. Apparently their buses went to the conference venue first, ours went everywhere else first.

And then on Wednesday, I found out that Corinne and the Umbillical Bros were staying at the same hotel and spent the evening in the bar.....


The weather the last two days has been shocking. Gale force winds and heavy rain. We are on the 20th floor; all the rooms are on the outside of the building. The rain lashes the windows and the wind howls around the corners. I heard that one of the pool areas lashed itself into a whirlpool that at one point, spun itself into a vortex and lifted toward the sky. I've not seen the photos, but apparently they exist....

Today dawns still. No wind. Not a tree moving. But that was early. It's now 7:52am and as I wait for the Teen to awake, the rain lashes and the wind howls....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Soooo. I'm sitting at the booth at the conference. Yes. I'm a booth babe. Booth bitch as some would have it. Since I need to be looking after the booth, I haven't had a chance to see any of the presentations, even though we've been taking turns.

We have it scheduled so that we spend either the morning or afternoon minding the booth. It works well, except that I usually find something else to do instead of seeing talks. I am working on travel stuff, oddly enough.

The last week has been interesting. I think I have a couple of notes here somewhere......

Now, did this happen last week? Or the week before? It was a Tuesday. I was travelling on the bus as usual, with my nose stuck in my DS. Not gaming, but reading. When suddenly, not far past the last stop in the suburb, the bus pulled off the road. The driver called out that he had no power, and tried to call back to base. Yep *nods* we had broken down. So we sat for a while, twiddling our thumbs.

People starting getting off, and me being the sheep I am, followed. We wandered back to the previous bus stop. Our bus service only runs 5 buses in the morning. The one that broke down was the second last service of the morning. We thought we would catch the next one. But it was full! He jammed as many of us on as he could, but that still left half a dozen of us standing at the stop. I thought I would catch the next 534 that came along, but we'd missed the 7.30 service, and the next wasn't due for an hour. I called MOTH to come collect me to take me to the next suburb to the bus interchange. He did, my Knight in Shining Armour.

And so I caught a totally different bus service to work. And so it went, on a later time table than usual, and a totally different route. But I still had my nose stuck in my DS. And as we pulled into a bus stop along the way, I happened to glance up. Just outside the shelter, and just inside the shelter near the bench, there rested two ceramic toilet pedastals. Or pans if you will. The bit you sit on. Right there, at the bus stop......

Soooo .... I'm sitting here at the booth. A couple of people have gone past and said good morning. Passed comment on the gala dinner last night. Or the skin on my laptop.

The conference proper begins on Monday, but I am required to set up for a workshop on Sunday. It starts around 9am and goes through till 5pm.

I arrived Saturday afternoon, having driven myself from home. Usually MOTH does this for me, but this year, he decided not to come. I thought the kids might enjoy taking his place for the week. Luckily he let me borrow Karen *the GPS* for the trip. I have never used her before. We programmed her to avoid the tolls, and she sent me right out through the back ways to join up with the motorway. Still, it was an educational experience.

Sunday I played watchdog on the door for a private function and watched the exhibition construction from afar.

Sunday night was the welcome reception. Do some of you see a familiar pattern? This time, I had Sunny along with me. He seemed to really enjoy himself. I hope he did.

Monday I did get a few comments, wondering who the young fellow was, the one with the impressive hair. One laughed at the thought of me grabbing a random off the street because I liked his hair.

Someone in one of the sponsor booths *think you can see it in one of the photos. the booth not the dog* brought in a dog to add some pizzaz to their stand. He was jet black ; the booth was red. He looked sort of like a large pug. It turned out he was a french bulldog. Cute.

Monday night was the welcome reception. The sponsors cocktail night. I didn't feel in a party mood, so didn't go down until it was half over. After the formal function had finished *9pm? is that the time? heavens it's late* some of us decided to head up to a GTs room for beer. While there, the 2IC turned up with a bottle of scotch. He shared it around in plastic cups. A very generous measure I might add. Neat. My mouth went numb. But I was feeling mellow by the time I finished.... *yawns* Hmmmm. Think I might wander off to bed.

*staggers out*

Monday, May 11, 2009


*sighs* There is a part of me that longs to be wild, indpendent and free ... my hair. It hates Winter. Winter returns the sentiment. I washed it last night and today it is wild. Coarse. Rebellious. And refuses to be tamed. Much like me, there is altogether waaay too much body, and it will not do as it is told. I'm feeling somewhat like a Wild Woman.

The last week reminds me that there have been a few funny sights I had intended to mention. Alas, I neglected to take notes. And now I can't remember what they were.

Tuesday MOTH was able to experience the fun of a myspace Black Curtain screening. We had tickets to see the latest Star Trek. This is always fun because it is always a preview screening. We had to wait in line for a while; I like to make my tag alongs get there early because first in gets a better choice of seats. Usually seating is not allocated and that old adage applies; first in, best dressed. The freebie is determined by the sponsor. This time it was popcorn. Alas, neither MOTH nor I eat it. I eat or drink very little during the movies. Mostly so I don't have to go potty and miss anything. Or wait in a very long queue when the movie finishes.

I always enjoy the Black Curtain movie experience. I hope MOTH did too. We both enjoyed the movie.

On Wednesday, the Elder showed up for a quick visit. We were under instruction not to tell anyone what was happening. As usual. *grins* There was a small ulterior purpose to this visit which we hope turns out.

She leaves today. *waves* Have a good trip poppet!

Some small time ago, I decided that I would need to redye some of the black items of clothing I need for the conference. Every year, as Booth Babes, we need to wear plain black. I thought I would try some dye that I could use in the washing machine. It seemed to work well; I hope it's colour fast! But there are traces of the black dye on the rubber rims around the machine door. It's expensive - you need $12 for the dye packet, 500g of salt and need to run 3 wash cycles....

Mother's Day was great. I was given a necklace and earring set from the girls. A fine silver chain with a filigree heart pendant, adorned by a small red rose. The earrings were just the red roses. Sunny gave me a kitty marionette. He looks like a Turkish Van *white with ginger ears and tail* his name is now Ahmet. And a pink flashing martini glass. Just for fun. I've christened it already. Amazing how much more fun drinking banana nesquik from a flashing pink martini glass is...

In the afternoon, I took the Elder out for a walk up to the markets. We looked about, purchased some exotic licorice. Then wandered over to the video store to 'cash' in our voucher. We ended up hiring out Wall-E, Mulan 2, Madagascar 2, and Disaster Movie. We watched three of them over the course of the afternoon.

MOTH, of course, gave me his gift that evening. No, minds out of the gutter. He cooked me a beautiful roast dinner. Lamb, all tender and yummy. Even better was the fact that I didn't have to cook it, and I didn't have to do any dishes.

Ahhhhhh....... *is replete*

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is there a Dr in da house?

The week just gone has done just that. Gone in a bit of a blur. It's been busy at work, stressful and taking time off sick doesn't help either.

Monday wasn't great, but I could handle it. Tuesday was much worse, and I handled it. Just. Wednesday I stayed home. *shakes head. no piggies involved. either going to market or getting the flu* Thursday I went to work. Not good. And I got in trouble because I did come to work. Friday I stayed home again, and worked by using that wonderful thing called email.

Travel is big on my work agenda. And I can do that from home sometimes. If I need to. Like, when I am supposed to be sick.

I had been organising two lots of travel, one for the Manager and one for a couple of GTs. I had the Manager's travel organised and done and off he went. It took some organising, but I finally got the GTs all sorted and breathed a small sigh of relief.

But that was early in the week.

Tuesday, I mentioned I did not feel well, but I had an engagement with the Teen to go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was a myspace Black Curtain screening, so that means people, a free ticket for an advance screening.

When I arrived in the city to meet up with the Teen, she declared she wasn't feeling very well, and suggested that she nearly didn't come. If fact, she was very fragile and cried a lot. And feeling guilty. I didn't mind. Really. If she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home, that was ok. It wasn't like I had to pay for her ticket. So I went to the movies by myself.

And I loved it. Plenty of action. Plenty of one liners. Plenty of that well built Wolverine bod. I thought at first that the CGI for Wolverine's brand new blades was a little of a let down. I could very plainly see the CGI. But that improved in the next few scenes and I soon forgot about it. It was great to see Wolverine's back story. My fave X-Men character even made an appearance, although he didn't look like I remember him from the comics. I like the Regent movie theatre too...

So Wednesday I had home.

Thursday back at work. No sooner in the door and I was given the news that one portion of the trip I spent soooo much time organising for the GTs had been cancelled. My immediate supervisor looked at me and said, How do you feel? I looked at him and repled Same as yesterday, if not worse. His response? I thought so. You don't look your usual evil self... and then I got into trouble for coming in to work. But I spent the day organising cancellations of that portion of the trip. Not to mention, phone calls from the General Manager. Who wanted to change the date of his return flight.

But on Friday, when I was working from home, the Travel Agent tells me that she told him I was a legend ... *takes bow. the crowd goes wild*

Saturday and Sunday passed lazily. I spent time playing the DS. I'm in the middle of Lego Indiana Jones. And a little way into Assassin's Creed. At this moment, I am liking both of the games. We'll see if that continues if I hit a patch I can't get past. *grins*

Monday was Judah's birthday. Since Sunny had a cupcake with a candle for his birthday, I thought I would have a go at making cupcakes on Monday. I had a good time and the recipe turned out less complicated than I thought. The mix gave me about 16 or so, and the first half disappeared VERY quickly.

The Teen NEARLY missed out because she was out fraternising with Wogboy.