Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Explore". So says the catalogue.

Feeling a little more relaxed than last post. Think those cyber hugs may have helped.

So I'm looking through the David Jones *a high end department store* catalogue. And so much fashion and beautiful women. Long and thin. These photos must be 'shopped, even the men. No one has skin that smooth. And as I flip through and the occasional shiny catches my eye I'm wondering where are the toys? Nope, not a tech thing in sight. Only fashion. DJ's you disappoint.

Things are getting hectic. Jerome growls all the time. Sheldon gets naughtier every day. Penny sleeps on the bed to avoid it. Roll on collection date.

Moose's visit and the Ekka roll closer. I wonder how I shall fund that? The ticket price for an adult is $29 and that's just through the gate. Showbags, food, rides, everything else is extra. I'm lucky in that most of the things I like to look at don't cost extra. The animal farm! The lambs birthing! The horses! The cattle! The poultry! The cats and dogs! The food hall! Yeah!

The Elder will be arriving mid August. She also would like to touch down at Ekka but isn't sure she can afford the gate price. That's ok, we can find something else to do that won't cost as much. It's almost a shame she's visiting August and not September. There's something I would love to do September but I don't want to do it alone.

The Teen gives me the date she will be visiting. September! But ... she arrives on the last day of the convention I want to see. Bummer. That's no good to me at all. MOTH isn't geeky enough to enjoy something like that, not really. And then if I did pay for his entry, what do we do with Niece? She doesn't get respite till the following weekend. Talk about lack of timing! Ah well, my wallet wouldn't allow me to go anyway so I guess it doesn't matter and I'll just have to drool from afar.

Up and early for a city trip. I have to catch the 6:30am bus. The information session starts at 7:50am. I'm registering for accreditation for Volunteering Queensland for a major event coming up. I attend the session, provide my ID, a photo for the background check. Then off to station 2 for uniform fittings. Ooohhhhh. I'm totally bummed. Tailored shirts. TROUSERS. Terrible. I wear tailored shirts but they don't fit well usually. And I NEVER wear trousers. I just can't get any to fit. There is no other option though. The tailored shirt is 3/4 sleeve and white. Isn't tunic length either. Great. The trousers are a taupe colour. A kind of darker beige. And having dealt with the company supplying the uniforms before I'm not surprised. I never liked any of the options they had back then either. Anyway, I try them on. I have to go up a size in the shirt, it won't button across my belly. That makes it too big in the shoulders. I try the trousers on. Hipsters. I didn't expect anything else really. ALL trousers are hipsters on me. And an inch gap in the small of my back. I hope the shirt will be long enough to give plenty of cover over the top of the pants. Which don't have much stretch so sitting is going to be a problem. Why do designers never allow for these things?? Luckily I find out I can have them altered. And if they are paying for alterations I am going to have the heck altered out of them, right? Right.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weary, weary, weary

On the edge at the minute, wishing the Monetary Gods would cut me some slack. Always struggling and no relief in sight. This is so hard....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too many choices.

It's going to be a busy week coming up....

Tee comes for her second visit. MOTH and I volunteer to take her to one of the other shopping centres. We have so many to choose from. But for shopping, the local one is not so great. Good for food with three supermarkets to choose from, a green grocer, and heaps of cafes and restaurants. But very little by way of shopping. Once at the centre, MOTH and I go one way, Tee and Niece the other.

Actually, trying to think of things I've been doing surely is a brain drain.

I've been paid a small bonus. Whee! I pick up my layby. Hello refurbished little PS3. I love you. What games will I pick? I have four. Lollipop Chainsaw. Very linear and cartoon like with a cheerleader and zombies. Ratchet and Clank. It's fun and rated G I think so Niece can play if I feel generous. The other two are exact opposites to that. Strong story lines, great graphics, and complicated play. Should be interesting. I think I should play them during the day while Niece isn't at home, but I often end up doing other things. Then the only time I can play them is after she goes to bed and I'm too tired to play them.

Niece and I had our first dust up. I can't complain really, it has only taken five months. That's pretty good. For a teenager. I find I am running out of patience, I seriously don't know how Ma managed. I'm finding I am having to mentally grit my teeth as I explain something for the umpteenth time, recheck her work, constantly explain things she hears on television *somehow a 36 year sentence gets translated to 136, but details of ads are registered just fine* and endlessly explain overuse and wastage *for example a roll on deodorant should last more than 3 or 4 weeks yes?*. I know that's what I'm being paid for but oh! Sometimes it's wearying.

I receive a letter to advise that I've made it through to the next round of checks etc for the big volunteering gig toward the end of the year. I know it sounds odd, I mean, volunteering right? And no guarantee you will be selected. This one is orientation for accreditation. I don't know how long it will last but the only suitable slot involves an 8am start. This means catching the 6:30 or 6:48am bus. And in winter. Go me! MOTH wasn't keen on an 8pm arrival home time or being left with Niece all day on the weekend. Ah, the sacrifices I make.

An ex work mate from ages ago is having a Norwex party. I can't make it but place an order. She offers to drop it off to me. Sure thing. She arrives and brings some limes from her tree. Over coffee she assures me they are Tahitian limes and sweeter than the regular ones. And actually they are. We chat over coffee for a while before she heads out. It was great to see her again.

A couple of weeks go by and I think I would like to grab some more limes. This time I think it's my turn to collect from her. I tell her that if I bring my driver *moth* then I will have to bring Niece. Or I can bring the GPS. Just let me know her preference. She opts for the GPS. Oh. Okay I guess. No problem. This shall be an adventure.... However, when I get there on the weekend, I'm grateful to have the time away by myself. We drank coffee, discussed life issues, and authors. It was really great to catch up and I hope we can do it again.

It's tax time. I really should look at that shouldn't I. I have tried to get a payment summary using the online self service but am not able. Dang it. I'll have to visit the office. I phone the tax agent to make and appointment; she suggests we visit an office that is quite a way out of our area. Oh. Never would have thought of that. Sure why not, and we'll take a quick peek at the shops while we are there.

My name is in the queue and we head for a seat. I look at a woman whose face reminds me of someone. She looks at me and suddenly smiles. Hello! As soon as she spoke I knew who she was. I worked with her many years ago! She chat while she waits for her daughter to do a change of address. It was great to catch up. After what feels like a while but really isn't we're seen and our request processed. The Customer Service Officer is a very pleasant chappy and provides the information I want on a piece of paper as the official documents will take at least a week to arrive.

That done, there's a little pocket money and we treat ourselves to a Sizzler lunch.

Tee takes Niece out for her Thursday outing. They get back and .... Niece doesn't have her bag. Uh oh. They look in the car, nope, not there. Oh dear.... I phone the shopping centre and report the loss. It contained her wallet. And a container. I remembered the container later. It hasn't been handed and and they will contact me if it is. That's all I can do. I can't convince MOTH to go back to the shops and look. Someone will find it and hand it in he says. I don't get a phone call, and still haven't. Tee assures me that it wasn't left in Target and Niece put her wallet in the bag as Tee carried the tray to the table. So. I guess Niece has good taste in bags right?

Now I get to sort out what cards were in the wallet and see if I can arrange replacements. One of them was my library card. I guess the only consolation is that I keep her keycard and just that morning I removed her pension card to take to Centrelink and hadn't yet put it back .... That's good, right?

Monday, July 07, 2014

Quick link update....

Supanova. Family oriented fun for a great day/weekend out or those who take their costuming *cosplay* seriously. Supanova Pop Culture Expo

Sunday, July 06, 2014

It's been four months now....

And it occurs to me that I've been very slack and not updated my blog. Not only have I not updated, I've also not been reading blogs. Even playing games has died off quite a bit. SHOCKING!

Mostly I can't remember what day it is. I think this sums it up.....

Things are progressing slowly in the garden. We've come to the conclusion that we will have to relocate at the end of the lease. It's too expensive to continue but I so love the location! The neighbour popped over for a quick visit. His house is up for sale but the council had a concern regarding possible access to his pool. Apparently a kid could climb over our fence and get to his pool. Hooookay. *thinks about this* They would have to climb a 6 foot vertical paling fence. Then over the top, drop several feet to their ground and then to the pool. We do have some trees close to the fence but the retaining wall on their side would bring them to a quick halt I think before they got to the pool. Still, it has to be done I guess.

Any work in the garden is stopped since MOTH had a bit of a tangle with the little chainsaw on their last outing together. I'm minding my own business *unusual, yes i know* and I hear him call. Hon, I need some help. I go to see and he has two fingers on his left hand held straight and pressed together. Plenty of blood and I get to see if I can dress them. Up to the hospital and he ends up with about three stitches in one, and some superglue on the other. He's very, very lucky.

Supanova Sydney crops up. The lineup looks great! I so want to volunteer! Yes, I think I will. Getting to the city? The venue? Naaaaah, burn that bridge when I cross it. I get accepted. Swwweeeeet! What now? Oh look! My frequent flyer rewards program says I have almost enough points to get very discounted flights. Both ways. But not quite. I've booked one way and hope I manage to accrue enough points to make the balance. I've sucked up to Froggy and she's agreed to house me for the week. MOTH is left home with Niece. Not a great pairing but hey! Supanova you know!

We have a couple things planned while I'm there. Visit The Rocks and Darling Harbour. Check out her local area. Visit her workplace. We must find that Lindt store.

Wednesday is a good day to check things out. We ride the train. Whoo! THEY HAVE DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS! No, I wasn't excited at all. And LOOK! THE BACK OF THE SEATS MOVE SO YOU CAN CHANGE THE DIRECTION YOU FACE! The inner child and geek are very much appeased.

In the city we didn't look at the Opera House up close. Everyone one does that. Sufficient I have a photo with it in the background. We rode the ferry and sat right at the front outside the cabin. The breeze was crisp but it wasn't icy. Everyone has a photo of the Bridge, but I'm more chuffed I have a photo of the underneath of the Bridge.

Somehow in the rush to find Lindt, we missed Darling Harbour. Maybe next time. We didn't find Lindt but another chocolate shop instead. We were impressed with this one as the counter assistant offered to charge Froggy's phone while we looked around the store. That's customer service! The shop was Josophan's.

I rode the trains solo into the venue for the event. I wasn't available on the previous day for the orientation briefing so I had no time table for my breaks and my team. That's ok, I can work with that. As long as I know my team. I found that out and just fit in with the rest. Whoo! Our team is allocated to line control for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. *that's jaime lannister from GoT* Envy of some of the other teams! I would have been just as happy to line control for John Barrowman. Bruisingly busy but oh yes indeedy!

Partway through the final day, Nikolaj had to cancel the rest of his appearance. I was on break when the news was delivered. A bit lost for the rest of the day I think! The volunteer PA apologised for sounding a bit abrupt when she delivered the news. I wasn't worried, I wasn't there. But, she said, she wasn't mad at me as I was doing a totally awesome job. Yay!

Dinner that night with the rest of the Volunteers. We had some great people at our table. A couple from our team, a woman who usually attends the Green Room, one who works with volunteers on the Floor *maybe front of house, not sure* and a ring in from a different area. Two of the blokes shared an $80 dish - 1 kilogram of steak, 1 kilogram of ribs and a whole pile of chips. They got trough it! I had to catch the train home that night after supper and that walk from the station to home was freezing! The coldest it had been all week.

The Niece is on school holidays. She finally has a companion for government funded visits for five hours a week. Tee is young, younger than the Teen. She's tall *she mentioned 6'3"* with piercings and purple/magenta hair. So bubbly and fun. She seems to also like some of the things that Niece does. Like Adventure Time and Black Milk Clothing. That one is new for Niece, she was gifted her first piece for her birthday. Loves them to bit.

School results have arrived for Niece. I had often wondered why she seemed to cope at work when at home she had difficulty staying on task. Ah, there you go. She has problem staying on task at work too. The overall results though were excellent per her teachers. That's all we can ask.

Teen and Elder have each just moved house. Funny they have done it within a couple of weeks of each other. Now I have two new addresses to remember.....