Thursday, April 26, 2007

Camera hogs. Or left on the cutting room floor

Wow, it's been a while since I last bothered to write here. Should rectify that. Like, immediately.

The title says it all. Or it would have. If it were accurate. But it did seem accurate at the time.

The Elder's bf has a bit of a hobby. Though he would probably be a little narked that I call it a hobby. He 'dances' in a popping and locking crew. Called Shift 1. And they are pretty good too. Or so I'm told. And she tells me. Often.

So she tells me, They're going to be on tv! On the Shak. On Monday! Tape it (or else). So I sat through the program and taped it. Nearly missed it, but thank goodness for the 11th hour. And there it was. Supposedly a segment with Picasso. A very brief flash of colour for about 3 seconds, she wearing the yellow jacket. And that was it. Whaa? We've been gyped. I felt outraged. What a rip off! They've been left on the cutting room floor!

Course, then I found out that it wasn't Monday after all. It was Tuesday. So, again with the 11th hour and set the tape and off we go. But this time, yay! The proper segment. And I have to admit, they did look good......

The Elder got home. We watched it together. She was happy. We all were happy. Then MOTH taped over it........ 2 hours later ......... Love that sentimental soppiness.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

End of fun. And back to normal....

Sigh. I've reached the end of my holidays.
And all is back to normal on Monday.
I'm soooo looking forward to that. Not.

And what have I managed to accomplish these holidays? Not a lot. Spoiled MOTH by doing the washing. ....... yep, that's about it.

Oh. I did manage to see a movie. Yes. I did. I managed to go see 300. I loved it. But I like movies like that. I have heard mixed comments. Reviewers seemed to like it. But a lot of viewers didn't.

You have to remember though, it IS based on a graphic novel. Any resemblance to historical fact could be accidental. The cgi is fantastic. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed. Suspend disbelief and you might enjoy it.

Saturday is half over, and again I doubt I have managed to accomplish much.
Except the washing. Again.
I have a dvd to watch. MI 3.
But I can't be bothered setting up the player.
I have a sketch book awaiting my pitiful ministrations, but I can't get motivated to get into that either.
I had been playing Primal, but got to a point where I could go no further. I decided to ditch the lot and start again. Hit a snag here too. A tree I need to push refuses to be pushed. And now, the controller has given up and gone on holiday.
I'm reading Wendy Harmer's 2nd novel. Love and Punishment. About a breakup and revenge. I'm enjoying it, but for me, I'm taking it slowly.
I haven't long finished volumes 1 and 2 of Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. I was saving them. I wasn't going to touch them yet. But I succumbed. The only problem with Manga. They're over so quickly. Much like a good dessert really........

I actually managed to sit through a game of league last night. And enjoyed it too. Now I usually hate sport in all it's many forms. Oh, except I'm willing to concede that there are some of the winter olympics I like. And no, figure skating is not necessarily one of them. More like ice hockey...... But I digress. I really enjoyed the game. Mind, the fact that the team I was barracking for won might have helped........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Timelords. Or getting my head around time zones...

Well, I've made it through Easter and out the other side. But I seem to have lost a day. If not, why does my Google calendar tell me it's Wednesday 11 April?

Ok, so. Here we are GMT +1o. Which suits me fine. And Google calendar tells me so too. But so many different time zones. And not just internationally. As I might have mentioned in a previous whinge, I organise staff travel. And most of that is international. Just as well I have World Time bookmarked! If you need to call anyone, heaven forbid, then you have to check the time first. China - 2 hours behind. New Zealand - 2 hours ahead. USA - all over the place.

And it doesn't get any better within Australia. Some states have daylight saving. Which, thank heaven has finished for the season. Things are back to normal. But some states don't have daylight saving. If I need to phone interstate, I have to pause. Not good, because any delay means I have to sort myself out all over again. So, is daylight saving finished yet? If not, the rest of the Easter Seaboard is 1 hour ahead. The middle of the country is now 1/2 hour ahead, and as for the rest of the country, I can never remember where they are at anyway.

But to add to the fun, the Powers That Be want to introduce daylight saving in part of the state. How would that work? It's short circuiting my little brain enough as it is.

They've tried, several times now, to get daylight saving introduced. Without success. But they'll keep pushing till everyone gets sick of it, and votes yes at the next referendum. And then I'll have another time consideration to contend with.......... Lucky me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday. Or limping along to the weekend.

Can't believe it's April already!!

Sometime last month, I wrote that I had reached the anniversary of my ankle bust up. And I have been doing well. And I had. But since making that note, I am noticing small things that aren't, well, quite right.

Cramps. I have been getting a lot of cramps in my calf muscle and my foot. Feels kinda strange to be doing a stretch and finding your toes just want something different. And refuse to return to normal positioning.

Pins and needles. That feel like your foot is just about to fall asleep. Only intermittent though. I am just waiting for the numb feeling that goes with it. The one that changes your gait completely and leaves your foot flopping about like a fish on a river bank.

Pain when you try to cross your ankles. Well, that one has made sure that I sit in a more ladylike position. No more manly crossing my right ankle over my left knee. Which makes for some interesting angles when you are trying to balance a book. On your knees while sitting in the couch and colouring in. (All right, I'll admit to that childish passtime.)

Pain. When moving after having been sitting at the desk for a while. It takes a while to get the joint somewhat functional again.

And today. It's swollen. Red. Hot to the touch. Which can't be a good sign really. But I have no other experience of broken bones to compare it to. Can I expect things like this to happen every so often?

And all so soon after my 12 month mark. Perhaps my warranty has expired?