Thursday, May 28, 2015

I think I blinked.

I don't know where the time has gone! I didn't realise my last post *listens for bugle* was so long ago.

The study keeps going. I know I should be working on one of my assignments right now but I keep putting it off. It's a multipage report for a risk assessment. Not the health and safety kind of risk but business risk. There are still some people I've seen on the group who say that the units aren't relevant to what they want to do, or are doing. But I think they are. They involve management, HR, risk, practical units, and role plays. I think I hate the role plays the most. Yes. Let me reevaluate that statement. I definitely hate the role plays the most.

And by multipage I mean about five. Including table of contents. Ha! Okay, so that's not many. For one of the other units, some people are submitting huge ones around 45 pages. I really don't know how. I have been putting quite an effort into my reports, working them like they are for work. I've tailored that back after realising that all I really need to do is demonstrate that I understand the concept. *lazy for the win*.

Elder has moved back in. Until she can get a job and funds for her own place. At least this time she hasn't brought all her things with her. We just don't have the space. Not in this house. And it's been about four weeks so far and I'm still enjoying her company.

Teen came to collect her car. It was only for a couple of days but the house certainly got louder. She seems to really like her car. She, Elder, and MOTH took it back home for an overnight stay. I tried to talk him into staying another night because that drive is tiring. He chose to come home the next day. They brought the old bluebird back. We're still not quite sure what to do with it yet. Probably keep it till the registration runs out then sell it as is.

Things haven't been going well with Niece at present. For some reason she's beginning to resort to the behaviours she exhibited while she was living with her mother. She does not do this while she is with me, but will misbehave for other adults. Two weeks ago I received a phone call from her teacher. Apparently she had kissed "quite passionately" a boy at her work place. I was so angry because she knows this is not acceptable behaviour. Her teacher was very less than impressed. I believe she waited for the bus to come in and spoke to Niece as soon as she got to school. She was supposed to eat her lunch in solitary and work in solitary at the workplace in future as "she can't be trusted". I removed access to her music and her favourite photos for a week. It was a long week and she sulked quite a bit over the weekend but at least I didn't have to listen to her singing.

I checked with her the following Tuesday but she told me that she didn't have to sit in solitary. I think I might follow this up with her teacher.

Niece has had a new support worker for the last four weeks. I think I've mentioned this before. But she doesn't behave well for this one. Two of the four weeks she's been out she has been badly behaved. Much as she used to do while she was living with her mother. And tonight she was bought home early as she was very badly behaved. Sulking. Wandering off. Poking tongues. So I have given the support worker the option of coming next week. She says she will but we have decided that they will go to the library. And Niece will not be purchasing supper or going shopping. I'm so very disappointed. I have again confiscated her music, her photos, and her makeup. Which was in her bag for her respite stay this weekend. And I'm not going to give it back in a hurry.

I really don't know where this behaviour is coming from and why on earth she thinks she can get away with it. And I don't know how to stop it either because she knows it's not appropriate. She well knows it.

At least though it goes toward the assessment the disability liaison officer and I worked on. We had a home visit a couple of weeks ago to establish behaviours and funding needs. Some of the behaviours we crossed off as to that point they hadn't occurred. And now possibly they may suddenly begin appearing. I'm a little worried about that.

MOTH wants her gone at the end of the year...

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Just when I think I've got it sorted....

I was out of bed earlier than usual today. I usually lie in till about 7am when I get up and check to make sure Niece is running to schedule. She's usually a little behind but the last couple of days she's been a little ahead. I just need her to be ready for school by 7:20am when she can put her shoes and socks on and head out to wait for the bus.

And she's been doing pretty well. I have noticed though that since I am not there to supervise, she's been sneaking things. Instead of her usual half a glass of milk *it's a tall glass* she's been pouring 3/4. Some mornings she's been mentioning no chocolate for breakfast which could mean that she's been sneaking a freddo. They're hers, but I've been trying to monitor the food intake. When making her lunch the night before I was actually watching and she's spreading a vegemite substitute *ozzymite, so not as salty* really, really thickly on the corn thin. This morning, she's trying to sneak TWO extra cracker/dip packs into her lunch.

Just when I think she's doing all right, she does this. It really is frustrating. MOTH isn't coping really well at present and is really looking forward to her leaving. I've still not sorted what will happen when she finishes school. That's only about six months away. I know that if I can't get her into somewhere she is going to be sitting around watching television all day. She used to spend all day in her room drawing, writing, listening to music but lately has been gravitating to the TV regardless of what we are watching. Or even if we are watching. It's on providing background noise for me but MOTH watches quite a few shows during the day. Most definitely something I am going to have to work at curbing. Again.

Jerome has been pretty good in the tummy department. Until two days ago. Right about when Elder arrived. Hmmm. Is that a coincidence? Heh. But it didn't last as long this time. And I just can't seem to pin the cause down. Might have to mention it next time he goes for a check up. I thought they would have called him in for his 6 month but they haven't. I shall have to keep an eye out for when he's due his annual checkup, just in case they've lost the address. Speaking of which, that postal redirect might run out soon. Hopefully I have notified everyone I need to!

Teen has bought herself a new car. I hope it goes well for her. It was a private sale, no nothing is really guaranteed. We went to pick it up for her yesterday. MOTH drove it home and I think he fell in love with it. He's always poo pooed them as a small car but I've travelled in one as a passenger. It reminded me of the Mazda 121 bubble I used to own. Looks really small on the outside but is very room and a good drive. So it is with this one. It's a Nissan Micra. It looks like the bluebird will be coming back here until MOTH decides what to do with it. Maybe he can sell it. I really don't know. He always did like it more than the BMW.

I'm still slogging away *slowly. very slowly* at my assignments. Nothing new there.

I'm not sure if I mentioned I had an appointment with the school in a previous post. I may not. The appointment was actually a job interview. And while I was really thrilled that I managed to get an interview, I was very disappointed that I didn't get the position. It was for a part time receptionist and the hours were perfect. I can do that job, and had the advantage of having worked with that employer and most of the systems before. I am worried about when I am no longer caring and will have to go back to work. The Newstart *unemployment* rate of pay is so small that I cannot envision being able to survive on it. MOTH would still get his pension but my portion of income would drop to less than half what I am receiving now and there would be no third income to supplement it. I've got plenty of experience but I'm reaching an "undesirable" age *i'm 50* for employers. They can say all they like about discrimination against age but it exists. I'd try selling MOTH but I'd have to pay them...

There is a card game. It's called Cards Against Humanity. It involves black cards with questions and white cards with answers. The aim is to ask the question then provide the funniest answer you can with the white cards you hold. Not sure how the winner is judged. I didn't get to that bit. BUT! Elder and I were looking at the cards last night, she holding the black, and I the white. And even without playing properly *you need more than 2 peeps* we were laughing so hard. I couldn't breathe and might have even wet myself a little... This game has promise.

And on another "up" note, Cadbury have released a new flavour. I think it's limited but it's salted caramel. It's dairy milk with little crunch pieces of caramel throughout. I like to let it melt in my mouth until the chocolate is gone and all that's left is little salty caramel flavoured crunchy bits. Love it. Shouldn't eat too much of it in case I get tired of it, right? ... nah ...