Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's take it from the top.

Monday the Tarago had to go back to campus. Dangit, I didn't get a photo. I told the Elder that I really liked it and wanted one of my own. She was aghast. Nooooo! You Can't! You Don't Fit the Profile! I laughed at her. Nevertheless, it was a smooth drive with plenty of room in the front. Getting used to an automatic shift that's on the console not the floor; push buttons everywhere and a foot operated 'hand brake'. Go figure. That took some getting used to.

Home from work that evening in a cab. That work paid for.

MOTH has been unwell since we returned from the Coast. Sniffles and coughs. Lots of coughs. And coughs all night. The asthma puffer offered some relief sometimes, but not each time. Tuesday I decided to stay home and make sure he was alright.

Off to work on Wednesday as he insisted he was alright. He drove me to work and as I wandered toward the office I met most of the department staff going the other way. Among them was Admin2 who told me there was no one left in the office. I followed them. It was an all staff meeting *compulsory of course* and it was starting very soon. Oops! I thought it started later.

So it seems the department is up for restructure. It means a lot of changes for a lot of people. Some will be moved to new teams. Some teams will be moved to new sections. Some sections will lose section heads. Some people will lose their jobs and others will have to reapply. There is a huge change proposed for our section, however it will affect only one person. The rest of us are 'safe'. For now. The whole process is up for review and comment and won't be set in stone until much later and several more reviews and approvals. I am curious to see how much will be passed without change.

Thursday and MOTH is worse. I stay home again and he makes an appointment to see the doctor. It seems he has an upper respiratory tract infection. A course of antibiotics should help. Well, we'll see.

The Teen and Skywalker arrive mid morning. She's come to visit to attend a concert on the weekend and will stay for her birthday. I can't believe she'll be 19. I feel so old!

Friday I'm home again. This time it's for me. I don't feel well at all. Some extras are staying for the weekend. They are going to the concert too. I cram all three of them into the one bedroom. But different beds. It's kinda cozy!

One of them is a large boy with a large presence and a large voice to match. But he's a very polite person, please thank you and hello. The volume of conversation on my patio is phenomenal. Luckily when I head off to bed I can close the door and don't hear them.

I've cooked dinner for everyone and oh no. It looks a lot until it's dish up time. There is only just enough and everyone looks like they could go seconds. I didn't expect the dish to be that popular. It's a filled pasta dish with a tomato pesto and cream sauce.

Saturday they head out around lunch time. The house is quiet. They aren't expected home till after dark. The concert finishes around 10pm and then they have to try to find a way home. Dangit. The last bus our way stops running at 10.10pm. They can't make that. The last train to our closest station leaves at 10.22pm. They can't make that - it will take too long to walk to the train station. Eventually I tell them to get a different train and I will have to pick them up from a different station. There is one too many in the car and I'm a little worried. I decide to chance it anyway.

On the way home I see blue and red flashing lights and die a little inside. My heart pops into my mouth. But they are occupied with booking some other bunny they have pinned on the side of the road and we all begin breathing again.

Sunday we went to a local shopping centre. One of the boys stayed at someone else's house so there was not problem with overloading. The Elder joined up with me later and we went to visit Sunny while he was working. He was very happy and chirpy.

Monday I'm back at work and the house clears out. Hopefully it will be a much quieter week.

Although judging from the amount of noise that the Teen is making, I could be hoping in vain.


Monday, May 23, 2011

The resumption of normal

I've been out of the house the last week. MOTH has treated conference week as one big holiday. As usual. Huh. Still a regular work week for some. *laughs*

Sunday always seems to be super busy. If I can get through Sunday then I can make the rest of the week. The day starts for me around 07:45 as I rush down to begin set up. People arrive to register before 08:30 when it opens and I'm not ready yet! Everyone arrives at once but Admin2 is there to help check off names. There isn't a laptop for the presentations. I had thought they would have one already, but apparently not. That's sorted and the day is underway.

Welcome reception that night. Drinks at the booth - a keg of Stone and Wood. Everyone circulates and it's a chance to catch up with people you only ever see once a year.

Monday the conference opens proper, and I make sure I catch Bennett Arron for the opening Keynote. He's very funny although the circumstances he's talking about were not. Bennett had his identity stolen back before it became a fashionable way to make money. I had earmarked a session to see in the afternoon as well, but I was busy working and missed that one.

Yes, we continue to do our normal jobs while the conference goes on around us.

Monday night sees Sponsor cocktail night. Some sponsors see premixed cocktail machines set up at their booths. We have beer at the booth again, along with glasses that people are allowed to keep. Food and drink circulates, but waitstaff seem to be few and far between tonight. You literally have to jump out and bag one if you want something to eat. It's usually the night the sponsors take their guests to dinner and they clear the place early; an Italian buffet for the ones left behind this year. Which seems to be almost everyone. I'm sorely disappointed with the buffet - it's not my fave cuisine and where is the lasagne???

Tuesday there was an invitation breakfast. I missed it. I avoided the booth and stayed in the workroom. Working. All day.

There's nothing on the program I want to see. The Gala dinner and awards is on tonight. The Elder and MOTH are coming with me this time. I've ordered special meals. The dinner is alternate drop and the choice is lamb or salmon. Again.

The show begins after introductions and a welcome speech hosted by Corinne Grant. The entertainment kicks off with Soul Mystique. The show is short but spectacular. More speeches and boring award presentations and they begin serving dinner. We wait. And we wait. Eventually I have to chase up one of the waitstaff who brings it to us. That's ok though, we have chicken and it's well worth the wait. Chicken breast, skin on with some sort of creamy sauces and some large slices of potato. It's tender, juicy and flavoursome.

Bennett does a short comedy segment and then more awards. Oh no! They've forgotten to ACTUALLY GET AWARDS for the recipients. Corinne makes do with items stolen from the hotel. *this gets a good laugh* More entertainment, this time from Tripod.

The Elder is deliriously happy. She sings along to most of the songs, and at the end as they lead in to do a particular number and hint for requests, she shouts SWEET CAROLINE! They agree to do it. To the uninitiated, it looks like they've taken the request but regular followers will know that she's merely asked for the song already on their set list.

The night ends well; the Elder has her menu signed by Corinne. She notices Tripod packing up and heads over to chat. They thank for for the lead in, chat for a while, sign her menu and give her the set list. They say they will likely be up in the bar later.

It's nearly 23:00 and MOTH calls it quits for the night. We head to the bar and end up joining Zman and some others who are sitting with Corinne. We're on the outer of the group so don't really end up chatting. I get to taste a glass of Moet. Not spectacular let me tell you....

Tired on Wednesday and not feeling my usual chirpy self. For lunch I ate a very small serve of calamari salad, rice and Thai chicken curry. I skipped dessert and MOTH was gobsmacked. It was wind down and relax night with a movie and social stuff. The movie was The Social Network. I bugged out not long after it started and was in bed by 21:00.

Thursday and everything to do with the exhibition is gone. Completely. Today and tomorrow are tutorial days. Regular work days for me; I'm not doing any of the tutes. I am attending the Executive Program this morning. And a nice lunch afterward. MOTH stays in the room. It's raining and there is nothing to do at the venue anyway. That night, MOTH and I go out for KFC for dinner and veg out in front of the tv.

Friday is the same and that evening we head home. It will be good to get home. I'm disappointed though. The week is gone and there is no thank you and appreciate your effort gift this year. Sometimes it's a bottle of wine but the last couple of times have been movie vouchers. This year, nothing.

It is good to get home. And do the washing. And catch up with housework. And all is back to normal...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pre-conference jitters

This week has been busy. The conference is almost upon us and it's flat out. I've been chased for so many things this time, things that I would have had done ages ago if it weren't for the certificates task that I have been doing lately.

I hadn't even started packing. I usually have some idea of what I want so that I can lay it out and make sure it's clean. Nup. No enthusiasm for the task.

I decided to treat MOTH to a haircut before the conference. Mostly because it was getting long and I didn't like the way he combed it. The appointment was made for Thursday.

He got it done and it looks much better. While we were out, we thought we would stock up on a couple of essentials for the trip. MOTH thought the mushrooms looked particularly good. Large, brown with crisp and clean looking edges on the caps. Elder says no, they're not nice at all. She grabs a couple and places them together. They are a mouth. The mouth moves, You're a bastard.... See, she says. They're not nice at all. MOTH and I collapse laughing.

Apparently MOTH can do a pretty decent Peter Griffin imitation (Family Guy). Butt scratcher! Butt scratcher! Get your butt scratcher here! *points finger in air* It left Elder, her guest and I rather gobsmacked.

There's a spider on the wall of the bedroom. WHERE'S SOMETHING TO SMASH IT WITH?! he yells. I'm in bed, just on the other side. And I'm not deaf. There's some shoes in the walk in robe? THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE BIG ENOUGH! He's indecisive. He scrabbles about and finds something. IT'S STILL ALIVE! I CAN'T GET IT! WHERE IS IT?! He finds it again. And smashes it flat. *sigh* It's still less than 1 centimetre across...

Saturday is the day we head for the conference. Due to a mix up at Fleet, I have to drive a 12 seater mini bus. MOTH cannot drive this one - it's a work vehicle. I can barely climb into the seat. It's easier to drive than I thought, but boy, is the view from up on high! Fleet assures me that I will be fine ... as long as I don't have to park in tight spaces. Great. Undercover parking and small spaces.

The drive is comfortable, and the parking a little easier than I thought.

Checked in and I'm getting ready for Sunday. Bummer. I've forgotten a couple of pairs of stockings, my jumper, and MOTH's hankies he asked me to include. Whoo. I've done well.

Sunday is long and tiring. Loud and exhausting. I arrive for set up for the day at 7.45am. I sit outside the conference room while the presentations go on and listen to the exhibition set up. I don't really find them interesting so I usually end up outside in case stragglers show up. I read. I walk. I chase things up if they need chasing. Set up is called 'bump in'. The conference lasts 3 days, followed by 2 days of tutorials. There are 1000 delegates. At the end of the day there are drinks for attendees, followed by more drinks for delegates who have just arrived, or have come in from the golf. That is followed by more drinks for our staff and some invited guests. It's too crowded and noisy and I'm tired.

Time for bed all, and I look at the clock. I have managed to last until ... 9pm. Party animal!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Stars in my eyes. Well, one anyway.

Australia's version of Dancing with the Stars started last night. I usually avoid that kind of show like the plague. But this year, Manu Feildel is one of the celebrities. I'm watching, watching, watching! He is amazing - French, funny, cooks and can dance. What more can a girl ask for??

It's been a hectic week and this one shows the promise of being much more so. Things are ramping up for the conference; only two weeks to go now. Of course I'm still expected to do that 'new' task I was assigned, the one I took under duress. And the conference preparation as well. They heap me with praise for the new task, but I'm not sure if it might mean more if I had volunteered for the job.

A return visit to the doctor this week revealed that the B12 has levelled out and is fine. The iron on the other hand, has not. Increased, but not to the levels the doctor would like. Another round of injections for me.

A visit to the conference venue loomed on Friday morning. I had to catch the bus as Zman couldn't guarantee that I would be on campus in time. As it turns out, C was late anyway. Silence in the car for a little while then we started chatting. Away down the coast and we debated which exit we needed. C knew the name of the road, I thought it was exit 71. I saw exit 66 and then ... I don't know what happened. Next thing I notice it's exit 75. Whoops!

We exited but weren't sure where we were. Thank heavens for iPhones. C has one and asked me to find out where we were. Uh oh. Every little bump meant that I missed the key I was aiming for on the keyboard. And it's so tiny!

We did get there, met up with the others and were ribbed mercilessly by the blokes. Would we have expected anything else?

Saturday I was going to go out with the Elder, but I bugged out. I was tired, Zman pulled out. She was out with her faves and was late home. She went anyway. And the next morning she was adamant that I had missed a good time.

I did not much of anything on Sunday. Mother's Day. The Elder presented me with my gift; a gift from both the Teen and the Elder. A lovely necklace of a heart, 3 pieces joined in a couple of places. Mum is in the middle, Big Sis on one side, Lil Sis the other. You break it into 3 necklaces. A very pretty little thing. MOTH insisted I do nothing for the day; I almost succeeded. Someone had to change the cat litter. Dinner was chicken kiev and Elder did the dishes.

A great week all round I think.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Tonight we're having fajitas *faj-hit-ahs mate!* for dinner. The Elder has stuffed her face and left. MOTH and I remain as I slowly eat the last of mine and he goes back for another.

We chatter. About nothing. We do that a lot.

The Elder announces from the other room that Lady Gaga is wearing pants in her new video. MOTH comments that he bets they have open legs.

It starts us laughing and my mind wanders back to something I said once that had a workmate in hysterics. An unfortunate off the cuff comment about the difference between hose and stockings. It's the gap in the middle that gives you all the trouble. MOTH laughs hard as he thinks about what Lindy might have found funny. Lindy found it funny enough to be sitting in the gutter laughing so hard she couldn't talk.

It made me think of another sojourn of ours to the local for lunch. Several of us this time. Mort leads the pack. We chatter incessantly as only a group of girls can do. I'm trailing toward the back of the pack. Mort and the postie on the other side of the building hit the corner at the same time.

Mort screams. The postie screams. The rest of us are in hysterics. Many sheepish grins and apologies later and we continue on our way, still laughing. We laughed about that for days.

Shame the postie was a girl....

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good luck

Good luck today Teen. Although the more I speak to you the more inclined I am to think that today is only the pre-op appointment and the surgery will be scheduled for another time.

Don't get lost in the hospital! It's a big place and if you didn't get a letter, you probably don't even know which building you are supposed to be in.

Love you. xxx


Well, ma called. You were only required to complete paperwork today, as suspected. But you will really have to make a note of your doctor's name and address! They'll ask again.

A month or more is a bit of a time to wait, especially if you are worried. Never mind, it will go quickly. At least the Doc thinks he won't have to take too much and you won't need a skin graft.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bruno Mars rocks!

I love the new song from Bruno Mars. The Lazy Song. *sings* Today I don't wanna do anything... Pretty much sums up my week. I'm still on holidays. Although MOTH has very generously allowed me to do the washing today. We'll see how that pans out...

So I've spent the week doing not much of anything. Wednesday was a little more productive. I spent some time cleaning the ensuite basin and surrounding tiles, washed a bedroom wall, and some kitchen cupboard and pantry doors. All I have to do now is convince the Elder that she really wants to do the kickboards.

Oh, and answered some work email. The iPad makes that soooo easy and I need to be careful that it doesn't become a habit.

Thursday The Elder decided to go out and pay some bills. I was forced to go along at gunpoint and while out we inflicted ourselves on Judah. We hadn't seen him for a while and haunted his workplace until he could join us for lunch.

Friday an invitation to visit Sunny on Saturday arrived but we declined as The Elder had a birthday party to attend.

Saturday afternoon The Elder began to stress as she didn't know anyone except the hostess. She wasn't keen for the idea of travelling on her own in the city after reading of a vicious rape that occurred a week or so ago. She decided to go and visit Sunny instead. We went after dinner. It turned out to be the same group who had been together Easter Saturday.

We arrived home around 1.30am.

I awoke at 6.15 am.

Nothing on the plate today. Subway for lunch courtesy of The Elder and a nanna nap beckons if Princess Mononoke doesn't keep me awake. Sleep tight...