Monday, August 27, 2012

Great start to the week...

A shock start to the week to come in to work and see an email arrive ... apparently one of the young blokes *and by young I mean mid 30s* working in the wider ITS community committed suicide on the weekend. Apparently he had been very sick. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

The rest of the week kinda pales by comparison.

So angry on the road this morning! It feels like every idiot is on the road and out to get me. Well, so maybe not all of them. But a goodly proportion. Well, maybe only four. But that's enough I reckon!

Traffic is a little heavier this morning. I think I've timed my run a bit later than usual. I'm nearing the high school on a busy section of road. It's near the railway station which has no parking beyond whatever you can find on the street. It's also a residential area. Some teenager is out on the roadside near the parked cars. He drops a skateboard and kicks off. I can see he is holding what appears to be a cup of coffee and his earbuds are firmly in. Suddenly he spots the tail end of a car attempting to reverse out of a driveway into the traffic and he swerves. RIGHT INTO MY PATH. I sound the horn *and begin swearing!* and the fool doesn't even turn his head...

And then it was a 4WD mummy who was doing 20km in a 40km school zone while she looked for a park that was close to the school. And outside the parking zone I might add. She finds one right at the top of the parking zone and as she pulls in, another mummy in a 4WD pulls right out in front of me. Lucky I made it to work that day!

The Teen suggests that she would like a new job. One where intelligence is appreciated. I laugh quietly to myself. One thing I've discovered is that how much intelligence you have depends very much on how secure you supervisor is in their own job. I tell her this. Mum she says, they're illiterate here, even the venue manager. The bistro menus have spelling mistakes and are you allowed to point that out?? Ooooh no no no. She sends an example of a closing procedure. All the nouns ending with "s" have an apostrophe. Tray's. Sheet's. Jigger's. *rolls eyes* She goes on. I want to have a conversation with someone who doesn't look at me blankly when I try to talk to them. I'm tired of feeling like I'm in Grade 6 again! *we moved to a new area. a straight A student moving into a lower socio-economic school. much bullying ensued* I wish her luck. Perhaps administration might suit better than barmaid? She seems to think so.

The Elder sends me a text. Her store manager tells her she's a fantastic team member, but isn't suited for 2IC. One of her faults is she stresses much too easily. Elder agrees. The manager would like to keep her as a team member. She's not sure if this means she will be staying on as part time or dropping to casual. Head Office advise she must take 2IC or they have nothing to offer her. She is devastated.

To add a cherry to her screwed up week, her live in landlord has advised that he would like to rent the house out and they have until October to leave.

Jeebus! Why can't my kids cop a break occasionally?!

I notice a friend has posted of the loss of her grandfather on Facebook. We've been out of contact for some time now as we no longer work in the same place. I send her a text to let her know I'm there if she needs anything. She texts me back with the funeral details. I take this to mean that she would like me to attend. I've known her for about ten years, met her grandfather, brother in law and her mother. She and her mother visited me in hospital. The only problem is, the funeral is at the same time as the other. I guess I should be there for her.

An email arrives from Bestie. Did I want to come and visit on 4pm Saturday? She's have a Norwex party. I've never heard of the product but apparently it's cleaning products. With a bit of skin care thrown in. I'm in two minds but decide to go anyway.

I've bitten the bullet and upgraded to Mountain Lion. There are supposed to be 200+ enhancements/changes. And I've found some, still looking for others. These are likely to be in apps that I don't use. I like the way I can now lock the screen! That may be useful in the future!

MOTH is off the leash while I stay home and do stuff. I don't know what I did beyond clean the ensuite vanity. He's off to upgrade his phone now that the contract has expired. He's back with a Galaxy 3. I think I can now see what some of the fuss between Samsung and Apple might be about. The phones look different but if you can work an iphone, you can work a Galaxy; the way the home screens, swipes, home button, volume, lock off, swipe to unlock etc are so similar!

I spend money I don't have on cleaning cloths that afternoon, but everyone is happy and enjoying themselves, the consultant is bubbly and relaxed and it turns out to be a great afternoon. She's asked MOTH and I to stay on for a bbq dinner. It's nearly 9pm by the time we leave. It's great to catch up and I can't believe how much her daughter had grown.

Rebleach the hair this morning. What a tedious job! And having to work with dry hair is the pits. *i think there are STILL bits that look missed* MOTH goes to visit the baby sitters club and I get to work on this uninterrupted. Yay!

I attend a perfume master class today. It's brief but interesting. We learn about the different types of perfume - floral, oriental, wood, fresh. What the notes are - top, heart or middle, base or dry down. We get to smell different examples. We get to ask questions. We get light refreshments. We get to take home a couple of samples. One of them is Marc Jacobs 'Dot' which isn't released till September. We get to buy at a discount. I purchase a body lotion to go with the perfume I am getting for Christmas. Retail is $63, but today with discount and the refund of the class booking fee, I pay $36. Money well spent I thought. And I've found a new second favourite perfume. Thierry Mulger 'Alien' *quiet froggy!!*...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Normalcy. I think....

Back to the grind today. Amazing how some weeks fly, isn't it.

I may have mentioned I was on holidays this week. If not, I apologise. I was on holidays this week! Whoo!

I had intended to do an awful lot of nothing, and I think I might even have managed to accomplish that too.

It was our wedding anniversary earlier this month while I was visiting with family for Mouse's 40th birthday. While I was there, Ma gave me a small monetary gift as an anniversary present. Unexpected, but wholly welcome. I added a little bit to it and thought MOTH and I could go out to dinner somewhere. He agreed. We just had to settle the day. Saturday? Maybe. Actually, I'm on holidays next week, we can go out any time. Good point he says and we left it at that.

We decide that lunch will work well. Into Southbank for Italian? He's happy with that. We hop a lunch time bus and off we go on our little adventure. It's been some considerable time since the two of us have ventured city-wise and we notice there have been some changes. Not all of them good. New buildings have gone up, one right in the middle of the *once* common areas and it well and truly spoils the view.

Wait! What's this? A churro house? We'll go there for dessert I say. We'll see, he replies.


I've done some research so I know where the Italian restaurants are. We stop at the first. It only does pizza. *crosses off list* We find the fully fledged proper Italian one. He's not happy. There's no cannelloni on the menu. We keep going. He walks past another. Wait! Don't you want to look? What? Oh. He stops and we ask to check the menu. It's touted as Itallian but pasta dishes make up only a small portion of the menu. He sees other possibilities and we stop there.

We sit, and I see this place has done away with salt and pepper shakers ...

I ended up with fish and chips, he had a steak. We also ordered a chorizo dish to share. When he'd finished his meal *steak and mash, no vegies* he remembered the chorizo. It hadn't come out. He was going to leave it, I told him to ask for it. He did, it came promptly with apologies for the kitchen and he had something else to scoff.

And I decide to be adventurous with my drink. The waitress asks if I'm sure. She's seen customers order it and walk away with it untouched. I'm game.

There's just enough room to go back for churros dessert.

On the way back to the bus stop I pause to look in the window of a little boutique that seems to have some interesting shoes occasionally. MOTH draws my attention to this pair.

I wonder what they would be like to wear as they seem to be made of plastic.

I have a whole week at home with MOTH dragging me along to the baby sitters club. Why not. It's an outing. Of sorts.

The Elder is in a huge panic. She as worked extra hours this week and is expecting a big pay. She is planning to use it for a visit. She gets only half *employer has stuffed up somewhere and has taxed her at a rate like 50%* She is well and truly upset. She checks with her boss who agrees that something has gone wrong. She tries to phone HR the next day buuuut....

Today is RNA Show Holiday. The Ekka is in full swing but I've decided not to go this year. I seem to have run out of funds. Never mind.

She tries again on Thursday and manages to get something sorted. Her fingers *and toes* are crossed. The same thing happened to Burrich but his employer said they couldn't fix it and he is to wait to tax time to claim it back.

It seems there is a new JB HiFi store opening locally. I'm sure the sign said today but research on their website indicates next week. MOTH decides he needs to get mower blades and we'll have to stop in the hardware place on the way throught. *rolls eyes*

We go to park around the back and the shop is definitely not open yet. Ah well. We drive round the front and MOTH and I wander through the hardware where he eventually selects mower blades. He's not sure if they are the right ones. Did you check before we left home? Nooooo.

I decide I want to visit a different JB HiFi store. Turns out not only have they got DVDs for $15.95, there is also a buy 2 get 1 free deal going. I end up with six DVDs and one extra MOTH chose. Which, oddly enough, wasn't part of the 2 4 1 deal.

The Elder and Burrich arrived just after midnight / Saturday morning. Up again next morning. She and I went shopping for a dress for a friend's wedding while Burrich stayed home and played WoW. We found a dress with promise very quickly but the size was wrong. Back home and she and Burrich head out to the Ekka.

The next day they are out and about again to check out that dress in a different store and a different size. She's still not happy with the fit. Dang. It had such possibilities.

They pack belongings and dogs *yes, they brought both the dogs with them* which proves to be more difficult that first thought. Freddy is fine but Heffe doesn't want to jump in the car. He sticks his head in and has to be manhandled in. *he's 10 months and is bigger than Freddy* We don't close the tailgate fast enough and he's back out. He's headed toward the neighbour' garden and suddenly he sees a bush turkey. The turkey's off! Followed by Heffe! Followed by Freddy! Followed by Burrich! While we stand and laugh. Eventually we get the dogs rounded up and in the car. The door is closed a bit quicker this time! They're in and headed off around 2.30pm. Fifteen minutes later I fall asleep in the recliner.

A busy week. Not bad considering I wasn't supposed to be doing anything!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So it occurs to me...

...that I haven't updated this week. Um ah!

Spose I should get on that. But the last week has been very quiet.

I've worked a short week this week; winding down for a holiday is why. Just a week off, but sometimes a week break is just what a person needs. I don't have anything planned, just log on occasionally so I can chat to Froggy.

And even though I've been working shorter days - that's what I meant by a short week - I still managed to get sick and take a day off.

Oh. I've not quite managed to finish my task today so it looks like I will have to check my email while on holiday to see if the travel agent sent the e-ticket and forward that on. Nicely.

I'm busy facebooking and a post pops up in my feed. It seems that Blizzard have released a note stating that some accounts on the American servers have been hacked. They aren't sure what has been taken, but it's a good idea to do a password change blah blah blah. Really people! Obviously some people have too much time on their hands, an over developed sense of entitlement and other people need to kick their arses all around the world. Sheesh! I'm so sick of reading about people's online accounts getting hacked!

So password reset *grumble* I haven't received any notification - yet - that my account was one of the ones affected...

And that was about the highlight of my week.

Oh, except 16:00 Friday afternoon. That was pretty darned good too!

Monday, August 06, 2012

What? Is the weekend over already?

*yaaawwwwnnn* I think today is going to be one of those days. I overslept. The garage door took about five attempts to close. It took longer than usual to get to work. The milk I set to heat overflowed the mug - AND it wasn't even as full as usual. The towel dispenser nearly came off the wall. *sigh*

There's an intersection just off the roundabout on the way home. Well, there are a couple of streets, possible points for u-turns and right turns on two lane traffic. All in the couple of hundred metres from the roudabout exit to the first set of traffic lights. I always do 60km there instead of the limit of 70km. You never know what some idiot is going to do. Today it looks like I've missed the idiocy. I can see two police vehicles, red and blue lights flashing. There is a blue vehicle parked between them. A group of blokes in yellow reflective trousers are gathered kerbside under the tree. A flatbed towtruck loiters. I don't see any other vehicles; no ambulance, no fire engine or recue vehicle. Looks like the action is over. Thankfully. The idea of being delayed on the HOMEWARD journey does not appeal. *workbound? different story*

The following morning you would never know an accident took place there.

I decide to take a trip into the city during my lunch. I want to get something but it's going to be a two hour round trip. It's to fetch a birthday present. *yeah. it was. i'm sure* I find the store. It's a store within a store, a cosmetic counter - kit - within Myers. The cosmetics at kit are not available at any of the other counters in Myers itself. I want some mascara for the weekend so haven't bought online. They don't have it in stock. I decide to have the sales assistant show me other products from the same line. They are so expensive here but kit is the only distributor in Queensland for Too Faced. I think I shall buy online next time. At least that way I don't get the 100% markup. I end up spending more than I orginally intended; a primer and concealer.

I get a facial from the experience. Like most, the makeup is nice but never applied the way I like it. Using my own products that night produces a reaction from senstive skin. I don't think I'll buy what she used instore!

Cruising down the city street. It's amazing what you see. I see a Caucasian man dressed in a neat business shirt and dress pants. His hair is pulled back in dreadlocks. Those locks almost touch the back of his thighs...

On the way back to work on the bus, dodging cars parked down narrow streets. Wait. What? There's a girl car. Or a gay car. Maybe the latter. It's wearing long eyelashes! *no time for photo!*

Friday drags and I'm nervous. I fly out today to join sibling Moose to help with her birthday. I'm leaving straight after work and I've allowed an hour and a half to get to the airport. We decide to use the airport tunnel but join from a different spot than when we did the dry run last weekend.

We're crusing and looking for the exit. Wait! There it is the signage, and there! We need to be in that lane ... back there. Right back there. Did you see it? Behind the truck? The one you didn't drop in behind, or follow the arrow to the left if you didn't want to change lanes? No? There was too much traffic and you didn't want to get stuck with the truck? *siiiiiigh. never mind*

Made it. Through security and sitting in the departure lounge. It's 4.30pm. Planned that well. Too well. Flight doesn't leave till 6.30pm...

Met a friend in the lounge. We're on the same flight and headed to the same house. Whoo! We arrive in good time and get settled in.

Out to get some stuff for the party. Uh oh. She's left her wallet at home. Luckily, I have mine so she can pay me back. Better still, you can buy me lunch. I manage to catch a quick glimpse of the Elder at her workplace. I thought afterward that I should have taken a photo. She's wearing leggings and a DRESS. She looks lovely and feminine.

We lunch at the Coffee Club. We get adventurous and order lime spiders. When it's time to settle the bill, the waitress asks how they were. No one was sure how to make them - lime softdrink isn't on the menu. They were perfect we chorus. She is relieved.

The night rolls on and Moose is getting nervous. We're running a little late for set up and she's beginning to panic. Breathe we tell her. Most people will be a bit late and those who turn up on time can help. No problems.

The evening seems to go well and the costumes look great! I didn't dress up but instead chose a colour that began with the letter B. Can you guess what it was? And I didn't even have to make any wardrobe changes.

Met the Teen and Harry for breakfast the next morning. They pick me up in Harry's mum's car. A Nissan Micra. I pooh pooh the car, but once inside... there's so much room! We get breakfast from Gloria Jean's. They've mucked up my order. A bacon and egg toastie isn't a chicken, cheese and avocado. Last time I compared, anyway. But the coffee *white chocolate mocha with cream* is good. And lo! While we were consuming breakfast one of the guests from the night before rocks up to use the ATM. I introduced him to Teen. He's a bit of a character, was her final assessment.

Moose has been gloating that she has been headache free for a while now. Today.... hmmmm. Ma is sure it's the alcohol but I don't think it is. I think it's sinus mixed with a dash of overtired and dehydration. The sniffles and sore face tells me this. Ma is not convinced. I pop a couple loads of washing through before heading out to visit with the olds. It's a pleasant couple of hours before heading back home to get ready to leave.

There's a few of them come to make sure I'm really leaving. I've already checked in but my baggage tag won't print. Off to the desk to get it done. An early call to proceed through security and I leave them waiting outside the departure lounge. I find out later they could have come through with me. Dammit.

Boarding call and I head to the desk. I have my phone with my boarding pass on it. It won't scan. They say they need a printed boarding pass. It won't print. The bloke on the desk recognises me from the problem with the baggage tag. He grins. It's your fault he says. Eventually there are four of us who need printed passes. Eventually we board the plane for our trip home. Gotta love technology ... !

Home again. Both the boys are happy to see me. I'm off to bed at 9.30pm. Visiting is such tiring work!