Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Social butterfly time...

So, Sunny went home today. The place is going to feel empty.

MOTH started cleaning up the house for the rental inspection last night. And was shocked to discover just how messy Chef is. He has been sleeping on the stretcher behind the couch. When MOTH went to tidy that area, he discovered clothes strewn about under the bed. Along with a veritable garbage dump. Which he was most upset about and claimed he was ready to ask Chef to move out. But when you think about it, it's hardly different to the state of the room being used - and abused - by the Elder.

Perhaps I'm making excuses, but it is nearly Christmas. I think that getting him thinking about moving on can wait till after, don't you?

On a lighter note, Sunny and I went to the movies last night. With the GTs. Apparently someone's gf groaned at the thought of Beowulf, so that made it highly recommended as viewing of choice. I really enjoyed it, and I think Sunny did too. He tells me he doesn't handle suspenseful movies well, but had calmed down a bit by the end of this one. At one point toward the beginning he jumped and grabbed my arm tight. I sat there grinning cause it was funny. Until I got a fright myself later on. Then it was his turn to laugh.

Y'know, I have just discovered that skittles and cold coffee don't really mix.......

But, back to the movie. It plays like a cut scene from a video game. And detailed enough to be able to recognise the actors behind the characters. F'rinstance, you couldn't miss Anthony Hopkins. In my most humble opinion - the only one that counts - this movie would have been stunning in 3D.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Old age. Or trying to manage late nights....

As some of my devoted readers may know, I've had a houseful of guests lately. And more on the way. And being young and relatively untrained, they all need some level of supervision.

Very tiring, it is.

Especially when you do silly things. Like, stay up watching telly. And get asked, when they get home from work, to stay up with them and watch a movie. Which you end up doing. What the heck, you're only young once, right?

So, in the last couple of weeks, I don't think I have been to bed much before 11pm. And a couple of those have been 1 or 2am.

Last night was close to 12 midnight I think. We kicked off the evening with Labyrinth. Accompanied by a healthy - or not - side of nachos. And, as an aside, I found out how to make good sour cream. None of this add lemon juice nonsense. I had a tub of cream and a tub of natural yoghurt. Worked a treat. Because I forgot to get some when we raided the supermarket. And I forgot the avocado too. Can never win sometimes. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Followed by Nightmare Before Christmas. I found out that Sunny can do a pretty good version of Jack's Lament. And throw a couple of tim tam slammers in there as well. With the double coated tim tams.

Chef came home halfway through Nightmare, and moaned. Of course. He hates that movie. But he laughed along, made comments and watched right along with the rest of us! Then we watched Beetlejuice, and indulged with triple caramel Pauls light icecream. Or was it Peters? I can't remember, but it was darned good.

But the upshot is that I am dragging today. I've had two cups of coffee, but it's just not happening. Not even the chocolate has salvaged my get-up-n-go. And that is truly, truly sad....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Changing of the Guard. Or is that just changes?

Seems to be the month for changes.

Well, the Teen had an interview today to change schools. Finally, after bugging me for the last couple of years, I have relented. She had to check things on the website and see if she really wanted to go.

She did and had the admission interview today. The prospective student must attend, accompanied by a care giver. MOTH and I both went.

In comparison, the current school is more aesthetically pleasing. The facilities are newer and the class structure is better. The new school is - in the words of the Guidance Officer - very 60s but well maintained. And true, it does remind me very much of the old primary schools I attended while growing up. Walkways under the buildings and the big stumps. Weatherboard walls. You know the style - the old Queenslanders have walls like that. We didn't get to see inside any of the classrooms, apart from a brief glance as we went past. Desks set up in rows. Nostalgic, really.

I hope she settles in well though. To the best of my knowledge, she doesn't know anyone who attends the new school. A couple of her friends from her current school were thinking of transferring over, but I have to say that at this late stage, it's not likely.

At the end of the intertview, the Guidance Officer told her: see you on 29 January. Looks like formal acceptance is a .......... formality. Sorry, couldn't help that.

Here's to new beginnings and I hope she settles in well. And achieves to her full potential. I'm hoping this school welcomes her penchant for debate. To put it nicely......

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Holidays are nearly over. Already. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was just leaving work. Now it's time to go back. Fair enough, it's only been two weeks, but a lot can happen in that time.

As you know, we have been settling in with a boarder. Whom I have christened the Chef. Because he is. We are still all getting used to each other, but even MOTH is getting used to having him there. I thought about it, and would have to say ... you know when a bunch of relatives you barely know land on your door to stay for a while? The ones that sort of take over and seem to be everywhere at once? The Chef is like that. All rolled into one person.

Funniest sight I have seen for a while happened the other day. MOTH was standing at the top of the hall in the lounge. Chef charged up the hall, grabbing MOTH on the shoulder with a yell. Truly, MOTH's feet actually left the floor. It left him standing and gasping, while shaking his shorts. It left me rolling helpless on the couch. I haven't had that much fun since MOTH got caught outside when lightning and thunder flashed at once, and left him dancing in the air.

See who is living at my house? And no comments about Mrs Claus either. The Teen and the Elder got into the spirit of the evening, even managing to drag one of their friends into decorating himself with tinsel and joining them. The recipients of the dress up and lolly distribution were the local NHW for the Carols by Torchlight. Apparently it was a roaring success. Santa was escorted to the part in a highway patrol car complete with sirens.

No pic of my pseduo-son in his decorations though. He's very camera shy. He calls me mum, and I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Wait, that's already taken. I will call him Sunny. For the purposes of this blog.

Sunny slept over the second weekend of my holidays. And again the following Friday and Saturday night. And maybe this weekend too. I don't mind. He's welcome any time.

Saturday I had another ring in. The Teen has a friend she's not sure if she's crushing on. He slept over Saturday night as well. I don't know where I manage to keep all these people. This lad is ok for a 15yo Skinny White Dude. Hereafter referred to SWD.

SWD is pleasant and polite. And, unfortunately, didn't seem altogether phased by me. Now that was a bit of a disappointment I can tell you.......

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yay, I finally get a turn!

Time is flying. Year-wise that is. I can't believe that it's Christmas month. Where did the year go?

So I mentioned last time that the Chef has moved in. I'm beginning to feel like the Christmas turkey. All fattened up and ready to go.

But this doesn't come cheap - I need to keep topping up the fridge and the pantry. A lot of what he cooks I don't have the ingredients for. I'm thinking that in future, I'll keep what he gives for board as a slush fund for more food. Hope that works!

Possibly emotionally costly. I get he's broken. His way of dealing though, is to lose his temper and take it out on other things. Slamming doors. Throwing things. And yet, when he's feeling 'stable' - for want of a better word - he's easy to get along with and usually quite funny. Oh, and he also has a foul, foul mouth. And bulimia, he tells me - although I've not seen him binge, I've heard him purge.

And I deal with this by ignoring this behaviour. MOTH, on the other hand, doesn't like the language, and can't deal with the temper tantrums. He tells me that yesterday, an episode made him feel depressed.

You know I thought that heart attacks were supposed to make you take stock and slow down. Not this one. It's made him more uptight, less tolerant, and now everything depresses him, or annoys him.

I'm beginning to think I can't wait to get back to work. And that's bad.