Monday, July 25, 2011

This is confusing!

I don't know what happens to the start of my week. It just happens, takes care of itself. It's almost like I don't wake up till Thursday.


The Elder drove me to the station this Thursday. Zman had been off sick and this was his first day back. I love driving with her. She gives me 'permission' to let the inner child loose and we dance in our seats to the music.

She's waving her arms about and pretends to punch me in the head. There is a motorcyclist behind us. He is grinning widely and Elder is pumped. I've made someone smile and now I'm complete.

We round the corner and change lanes. As he passes the motorcyclist looks hard at the car. I wave and smile. He waves back. Sweet!


It's just another boring day at the office and I'm umming and ahhhing about going out tonight. I'm tired and by Friday evening all I really want to do is crash on the couch. If I do decide to go out, will I have enough time to get home first? Or will I have to go out and take my backpack and stuff with me?

Elder tells me, oh yes, we will have time to eat before we go. Ah. Well, I haven't got anything out of the freezer because I wasn't sure if we would be home. MOTH takes it out in the afternoon.

It's not defrosted and we decide to have pea and ham soup. We feed Zman as well and dinner is bright and happy with lots of talk of laughter. He leaves and it's off to the station - hmmm Team Shitbox is leaking again and the temperature gauge is creeping a little high. We have water on board though so situation isn't that dire.

The train gets us to the nearest station as the gig is about to start. We are heading out to support JD's band, Battleaxe. Ah well, if we miss them we at least made an effort to turn up. We arrive at the venue but Elder isn't sure where they might be. She makes me ask the bouncers. Yeah, cause she's all shy and stuff. Sigh. Sometimes it's tough to be the grown up.

We find them and it's ok. They haven't started yet. When they do, the crowd is happy and they get into the music. Some of their regular supporters are there. Elder recognises one of them and goes to say hello. It's hella loud but I'm having a great time. They finish the set and I'm ready to keep going. Elder decides she want to go home and play WoW *rolls eyes* but it's half ten so I can't complain. She's bought the t-shirt and had it signed.


We're on tax time so MOTH and I head out to the tax agent. This year he had a small amount from his mother's estate so we don't get the full spouse rebate. But it's better than nothing. Mind, I could think of better ways to spend my Saturday morning.

I've got chicken lined up for dinner and since it involves a lot of garlic it's really only suitable for Saturdays. That gives a couple of days for the garlic smell to settle before work on Monday. Yay for clever planning!

I make steak sandwiches for lunch. I think they turned out alright.

There's a kid's movie on telly tonight and I let that run in the background.


The weather is lovely but I intend to laze around today. I'm not in a hurry to get dressed. The Elder has other plans and bugs me to walk up to the markets with her and Freddy. I relent. MOTH decides to come with us. Are you driving or walking? Walking. Off we go and the walk is slow and it's not too warm.

A red car goes past and a girl leans out the window yelling Hellloooooo. We laugh. It's Cupcake.

Elder and I wander around the stalls and MOTH heads inside for a drink. Freddy is destined for a hydrobath and the wait is about twenty minutes. It's getting popular. We come back a little later and still have to wait but at least we can sit in the shade. A woman is standing out in the sun and chatting to passers by. Her dog is HUGE. He must be a mastiff. Or something.

The walk home is relaxing and the afternoon is spent doing not much of anything.

I've bought a bbq chicken while out. Warm chicken sandwiches for lunch today. I'm walking around the bench and I step on something hard. Without looking down I take another couple steps and it hasn't dislodged. I rub the bottom of the foot across the top of the other. OUCH! That stung. I look. I've actually stepped on a flat shard of glass and cut the top of my foot. Clever!

Bones is back on tonight and it wins over Serial Killer Sunday. What a choice to have to make!

My foot still stings...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back! Back in the office groove

It's Monday again and I really don't know where the time goes.

This week I've been suffering a little with a stiff neck and shoulders. Nothing too drastic but possibly caused by not sitting straight at the keyboard and leaning on my desk.

Nothing really worth noting happened during the week, just the usual round of eat, sleep and work. I'm playing Words with Friends on facebook and even my opponents there have been quiet, taking ages to make their next move.

Thursday afternoon we drove Zman home. He had been away at a conference the previous day and brought the work car back that morning. He lives a fair way out so it was an interesting trip with new scenery. We did get lost at one point - he and MOTH were yapping in the front and missed the turn.

Friday the weather turned a little and showers appeared. The Elder had gone out to a Shortstack concert and we were home alone. MOTH stayed in the study and I watched a couple of movies on Foxtel and distracted myself at the same time reading, and playing Words with Friends. The first movie was Green Zone. I expected an action packed thriller much like the Bourne movies, but no. It was nothing like that at all. The second was Death Race 2. I had much more of an idea about that one!

Around 3am Saturday morning I went to roll over in bed and POW! The neck and shoulders thing hit properly. Either a muscle spasm or a pinched nerve. I decided it might be a pinched nerve - it felt like I'd hit my funny bone as well, with aching elbow and light pins and needles in my fingers.

Later that morning we had an appointment with the tax agent to do my return. I always get nervous before these appointments. I didn't get as much back this year as MOTH had received a small windfall which had an impact. But at least I can afford to send him north on his holiday. We just have to decide train or plane.

Off to the Village after the appointment to relax a little and I discovered I couldn't even tip my head back to have a drink of MOTH's coke. Dang.

That night, he cooked a beautiful roast pork dinner. One of those meals where everything you touch just works. The veg were good, cooked and not burned. The meat was moist and the crackling crackled and not salty.

Sunday we all headed out to catch the 10am screening of Harry Potter 7.2. I chose a 'local' cinema instead of the big name. Three tickets cost me $25.50. So with tickets, a drink and twisties to munch on it cost less than $40. A good outing!

On the way we passed a woman walking up the hill. Her hair was wild and fuzzy. Her cap was purple. Her backpack was purple. Her jacket and leggings were purple. Wonder what her favourite colour was??

I loved the movie. And I didn't cry anywhere near as much as I thought I might. I got sniffly when a character I liked died, a bit more when a man cried *i nearly ALWAYS do that!* I think a girl down the front of the theatre was crying too, and possibly sniffles from a woman at the end of our row. Glad I wasn't the only one!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out some washing and facebooking. Gosh, a fastlane life that!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Argh! Hamster Dance is stuck in my head!

My week didn't actually start until Thursday. Well, I'm sure it started before then, but I don't recall.

The Elder decided to drop me off at work on Thursday morning. I had to be at work for a training course and Zman couldn't guarantee he could manage that early. Yes *nods* I start work after 9am. We take Team Shitbox out for a run. The music cranked loud and we bounce around in the car at the lights while we sing along. Loudly. Badly. Who cares. It starts the day well. Almost there and it time to stop for traffic control while they are working on the road.

We're dancing and singing and I glance out the window. A very good looking young traffic fella is smiling and waving at us. I wave back and Elder ducks her head. Yes, who would want to be in the same car as a maniac mumma? She told me later that on the way back, he waved again.

Friday I spent the morning packing. Elder and I were headed off for an adventure that evening and timing meant I would have to leave straight from work. I'm a skirts only kinda girl and we were anticipating it would be freeze-em-off cold. What to wear?! What to wear?!

The day lasted a loooooong time.

Finally time to finish work and run to get changed. You know, I never realised how difficult it is to get long trousers over sandshoes when you can't be bothered taking them off. It might have been quicker to actually remove the shoes, don said trakky dacks and put the shoes back on.

The traffic on the way to the Coast wasn't too heavy and we sang and 'danced' along to the music. Suddenly the stereo cut out. Uh oh. It switched back on and the process was repeated several times over the course of the song. Ummmm. We stopped dancing. It occurred again. Oh no! Team Shitbox has a short somewhere! Elder thinks it might be the cold air making contact with the broken antenna. After a time, she notices it happens each time she brakes. Worrying. The headlights flicker. We are quiet for the rest of the trip. We're meeting up with Sunny and Sparks and hope they've bought the car so we can grab a lift home if we need to.

We're at Screamworld! Yay!!! *many exclamation marks* It's Dreamworld at night, from 6.30pm to 10pm. The entry is packed but it's fine when we all stream through the gates and disperse. We go in and meet up with the boys shortly after. Uh oh. They've come in the PedoVan. *sparks's work van. it's big and white with no markings. there are no back seats*

I have an absolute blast. I spend my time holding gear and talking to Sunny while Sparks and Elder do the rides thing. A bit of dancing in the street near the DJs. I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be until we get to the Giant Drop. Standing and waiting there I could see our breath pluming white and the cold began to seep through the jacket and jumper.

The night culminated in a dazzling laser light display and we headed out to the car. Turn the key and ...... nothing. Dead. As a dodo. Elder ends up head down bottom up checking fuses. Nope, they seem ok. Pop the bonnet and ... one of the leads has come adrift from the battery terminal. Fix that up and Team Shitbox is good to go.

We're on the way home and I get a text message. The Teen is heading home with the person she came down with and suddenly the person wants extra money to travel home. Earlier on in the week the agreed amount for BOTH her and Skywalker was $50. Now the girl wants $110 from 3 of them. They have managed to pool resources and scraped together $70 for their share. I was so angry! To have the rules changed like that and be expected to pay extra! Considering the girls were coming this way anyway and offered the Teen, Skywalker and Sharps a lift.

AND I HAD TO TRAVEL ALL THE WAY OVER TO THE NORTHSIDE to drop them off and collect the GPS (Karen) that MOTH was nice enough to lend them. And the girl wouldn't negotiate the price down.

I realised later there was some facebooking going on about this. I read the comments and changed my opinion. It wasn't the girl being the pushy cow, it was her friend, chiding Teen for spending all her money on shoes that this person didn't think were necessary. Why did you spend all your money on shoes, since when are shoes more important than paying your way. You've just used her. That kind of thing.

So Saturday saw us heading out to the northside, about 45 minutes away. And no Karen. Sooo ... we got lost. I had printed out some Google directions. MOTH and I discussed which way we would go. I was confused because I couldn't envision what he was talking about and let it go.

It cost us a toll too because we decided to cut a little time and go through the tunnel.

We reached the section MOTH had been talking about and he took the turn off. No! That wasn't the one we needed! Sigh. The directions were now useless. Dammit man! We exchanged some words *as you do* and he continued to drive. He kept asking about the road we have to look for. I dunno! I tried to say that the road name I had was only viable from the motorway and I never looked at the map to see what was on the other side. *note to me. it's now 2 days later and i think there is actually a street directory in the car door... duh*

MOTH gave me his phone but the daylight was too bright for the screen and I couldn't see a thing. Didn't help that I didn't have my glasses with me. The Teen rescued us with her blackberry from the back seat.

We dropped them off, took back Karen and headed out again. And got lost. But this time we weren't trying to meet a deadline so it didn't matter. Saw plenty of nice houses and the beach. It would have been nice to stop but it was too windy.

That afternoon Elder and I veged in front of the telly meeting Rango and applauding Pascal from Tangled.

Sunday lunch time Elder and I walked Freddy up to the shops to get some groceries. The weather was lovely. Freddy introduced himself to a couple of Boys in Blue before we dropped the DVDs back. Elder took him around the market while I went to the supermarket. The rest of the day was spent playing WoW till dinner time.

And now it's Monday all over again. Sigh.

Monday, July 04, 2011

July? What happened to January?

Yes. July. July 4 to be precise. I really don't know where the first half of this year has gone. I hope the rest of it doesn't go so fast! What do you think my chances are?

The Elder has been manic this week. She calls it her manic stage and I have to agree. She's been in a terrific mood, laughing and joking. It's been a couple of weeks now and she's leveling out a little. I'm not looking forward to the crash when it comes.

I seem to have forgotten notes for the week. I've been very slack with that lately. And I'm sure that this week there have been some funny things going on. At home, anyway.

Work hasn't improved much.

An appointment with the resident quack on the Friday. The check of my iron levels seems to reveal a slight improvement. Not as much as the doctor would would like, but an improvement just the same. I'm now to go back to taking the supplements along with Vitamin C to help absorption. There is no point continuing the injections. *my butt is happy with that*

Lunch today to farewell my other supervisor *i have two* as she heads off to her new project. We have lunch at the local fish and chippery. I have battered cod with crumbed calamari rings, chips and a crab claw. $12.50. Not a huge serve but filling none the less. It's been years since I've eaten crab. It was mudcrab and I recall being less than impressed. This was sweeter than I remember, but I'm still not impressed. *incidentally, it was a little piece of claw sticking out of a ball of white stuff which was crumbed* The fish is sweet, just cooked and the batter crisp.

I meet a friend there whom I've not seen for a time. He's been unwell too and as I explained about the iron, we laughed about becoming Magneto.

Saturday I had planned to clean the bathroom.

That evening while preparing dinner, the front doorbell rang. The Elder went to answer it - MOTH can never hear it - and a heap of people trooped in. Whaaa? The Teen, Skywalker and the girls who delivered them.

I am definitely surprised.

They tell me they are here for the week.Strap in everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Sunday night as I change into my jammies, I realise that I didn't clean the bathroom. Sigh.